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Preparing Students for the “College Success Skills”

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1 Preparing Students for the “College Success Skills”
Real World through Participation in “College Success Skills” Presenter: Bonnie Gardner-Wannett, M.S. Northern Virginia Community College

2 Virginia Community Colleges Career Coaches are community college employees who are based in local high schools to: Help high school students define their career aspirations Recognize community college and other postsecondary programs, including apprenticeships and workforce training, that can help students achieve their educational and financial goals

3 Through the VCCS Career Coaching program, coaches at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), are able to offer students the opportunity to enroll in Student Development (SDV) 100. This valuable course helps high school students: learn college success skills earn required credit make successful transitions to postsecondary life

4 Student Development (SDV) - College Success Skills is designed to:
Assist students in making a successful transition to college Provide students with the academic tools for success Teach the skills of self-management and self-responsibility that relate to being a successful student Learn how to make responsible choices about their academic, personal, and career goals Provide information about the College and community resources, the College’s policies and procedures, and the processes of moving effectively through the educational system

5 Student Learning Outcomes
Students will develop an understanding about the college and campus community as well as the policies and procedures of the college. Students will demonstrate an understanding of: A. College policies and procedures B. The college resources that support academic and student success including: Student Services, Learning Resource Services, Faculty Advising and Student Activities C. The processes for academic/career planning using counseling and advising services and college technology D. How to acclimate to a multicultural and diverse learning environment

6 Student Learning Outcomes
Students will develop skills for academic success. Students will learn how to: A. Develop note-taking, test-taking and study skills B. Improve reading, writing and listening skills C. Develop critical thinking skills D. Identify their learning style and things they can do to assure understanding

7 Student Learning Outcomes
Students will develop self-management techniques as they relate to being a successful college student. Students will learn how to: A. Develop skills necessary for effective time management B. Explain the concepts of prioritizing and planning C. Identify effective strategies for stress management

8 Student Learning Outcomes
Students will develop the skills that will encourage responsible decision-making in their academic, personal and career plans Students will learn how to: A. Identify the steps in the goal setting process B. Research information for career exploration and transfer planning C. Identify effective strategies for effective personal financial management

9 Aligning College Success Skills with Workplace Readiness Skills
A 3-½ year research study at the University of Virginia detailed the views of 500 employers regarding skill needs for entry-level jobs requiring less than a four-year college degree. The results of that study were summarized in Virginia's Changing Workplace and provided the foundation for the Virginia's Workplace Readiness Skills Curriculum. *Derived from Virginia’s Changing Workplace: Employers Speak, 1997. Martin, Julia H; Carrier, Achsah H; and Hill, Elizabeth A. Virginia's Changing Workplace: Employers Speak. Charlottesville, VA: Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service The 13 Virginia's Workplace Readiness Skills include: Reading Math Writing Speaking Computer Problem-solving skills Understanding the "big picture" Work ethic A positive attitude Independence and initiative Self-presentation skills Attendance Teamwork

10 Transferring SDV 100 to 4 Year Universities

11 Benefits of the Class… The Career Coaches say…
“The best and “consistent” thing I saw and heard back from the “at-risk” students who completed SDV 100 while in HS was a new found confidence, in general, AND a specific confidence that made them believe that they CAN BE a college student. Wow! I have witnessed how this new confidence has lead them to a place they never thought they would be… a success in school!”

12 Benefits of the Class… The Students say…
“What I liked most about the class was that it showed all of us the importance of going to college and that not only the smartest kids could get in and make it, but us average and under average kids could too. We can all make a difference, it showed us the value and importance of a good education.”

13 Welcome to My Class Celebrate and Embrace Diversity
Follow your ACTION Plan Always be the LEADER in your own education!

14 Sandwich Personality Test/ Icebreaker
Egg Salad Club Tuna Salad Ham & Cheese Chicken Salad Seafood Salad BLT Turkey

15 Complete the activity attached in your handout, you have 5 minutes!!
Diversity Exercises CONNECT THE DOTS Complete the activity attached in your handout, you have 5 minutes!!

16 Diversity Participants will experience the fact that we often subconsciously limit our perspectives and alternative.

17 Action Plan Create a plan for your educational experience. Include how you will utilize your ACTION Plan to ensure that you are a successful student. A = Attendance C = Career Focused T = Task Oriented I = Get Involved O = Opportunities N = Network

18 Always be a LEADER in your Education!

19 THANK YOU! On the table you will find a couple different diversity activities that I use in the classroom as well as an example syllabus. Please help yourself. If you have ANY questions or would like a copy of anything that I have covered today, please me:

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