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The topic of this message is about the Three Types of Care provided at Wellness First Family Chiropractic. Hi! The staff at Wellness First is sending you.

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1 The topic of this message is about the Three Types of Care provided at Wellness First Family Chiropractic. Hi! The staff at Wellness First is sending you an educational message from your chiropractor, Dr. Mike Dr. Mike Note: To watch this show just keep pressing your mouse button or press page down or arrow key. Press escape (ESC) to exit anytime. Enjoy!

2 Your First Stop to a Healthier Lifestyle !

3 There are three types of care provided at WFFC: 1.Relief care 2.Corrective care 3.Wellness care

4 Relief care is the first stage of care for most patients. The primary goal during this initial stage is to provide the individual with symptomatic relief.

5 Treatments focus on those techniques and therapies which most quickly and effectively reduce pain and other discomforts. This will allow the majority of individuals to continue their activities of daily living. Patients are generally recommended to take it easy but are encouraged to stay mobile and functional so long as there is not a risk of further injury or tissue damage.

6 Each relief care visit includes the following for all patients: Stretching and range of motion exercises Spinal &/or extremity adjustments Soft tissue therapy Pain Control Machine (if necessary) Stretching, ice and heat therapy advice Acute care nutrition advice Stress management advice Other relief care techniques maybe offered that Dr. Mike performs including acupuncture and sports injury therapy (ART).

7 The second stage of care consists of correcting the problems which caused and contributed to the condition. This stage involves healing and rehabilitating the injured tissues. Unless these events take place, a favorable outcome is unlikely and future recurrences of the problem are likely.

8 It is extremely important that the patient comply with and follow the instructions given by the doctor during this stage of care. Tissues and structures that are not fully healed and rehabilitated are prone to future problems.

9 Sticking to appointments, complying with home exercises and following instructions and all other recommendations will help ensure this occurs. Patients should also be aware that once pain and discomfort have subsided, tissue healing and functional correction is many times still incomplete and will often require additional adjustments. The pictures to the right are different scans of a person diagnosed to live only 6 more months starting from February. However, Chiropractic care reduced the stress (long color bars) and provided wellness (short or no bars). The person stayed alive long after 6 months had passed.

10 Dr. Whitleys corrective procedures will allow you to see before and after changes (outcome measurements) on x-rays, computer posture and nervous system analysis and many other tests. Each visit under corrective care includes: Stretching, range of motion exercises and stabilization exercises Mirror image adjusting Traction Spinal weighting Posture & balance exercises Spinal molding and fulcrum exercises Corrective nutrition advice Stress management advice Specific corrective care recommendations

11 Once the spinal tissues are healed and spinal postural biomechanics and nervous system have normalized, the patient will be recommended to continue with periodic spinal checkups. For some, this might mean once per month or more.

12 Chiropractic spinal checkups provide similar benefits to the spine that dental checkups provide to the teeth. Namely, catching minor problems and disturbances before they have the opportunity to cause pain, discomfort and irreversible cell, tissue and organ changes. Just like with cavities and heart attacks, irreversible tissue damage has generally occurred before the symptoms of spinal pain and discomfort become apparent.

13 Sincerely, Dr. Mike and the Wellness First Team 7315 Woodbine Ave. Markham, Ontario L3R 3V7 (905) 477-6578 (416) 318-5939 Note: If interested, extra slides about WFFC and Dr. Mike follow this educational show.

14 Available at Comprehensive Chiropractic Exam and Care for all ages Spinal Rehabilitation Spinal Decompression Therapy (DTS) Sports and Work Injuries Active Release Therapy (ART) Acupuncture Nutritional Consulting and Computer Testing X-rays, Computer Posture Exams and Nerve Scans Stress Counseling and Hypotherapy Discovery Workshops Wellness Talks and Company Lunch and Learns Registered Massage Therapy Foot and Gait Assessments

15 Available at Nutrition Supplements and Raw Foods Exercise & Spinal Equipment Orthotics and Orthopedic Shoes Wellness DVDs including Spinal Rehab, Detox, Stress, Disorders, etc.. Wellness Guide on CD Supports, Motion Seats, Pillows and Braces Monthly Newsletters

16 About the Doctor D.C – Doctor of Chiropractic Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (1998) C.C.Ac - Certified Clinical Acupuncturist (1999) B.Sc., B.Ed. – University of Toronto (1984- 1989) –Neuroscience & Certified Teacher C.B.P. (Clinical Biomechanics of Posture) Certified A.R.T. ( Active Release Therapy) Certified Pediatrics & Pregnancy Certified Member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Member of the Canadian Chiropractic Association Member of the Ontario Chiropractic Association Diplomat of the American National Boards Nutritional Consultant Ontario Teachers Certificate (O.T.C) Certified Tennis, Golf Fitness, and Ski Coach Dr. Michael Whitley

17 Delivering Results Dr. Michael Whitley practices up-to-date research-based chiropractic. Specifically, his additional 4 year U.S. certification in pediatrics, pregnancy & posture and spinal correction provides patients with a comprehensive proven analysis & treatment protocol. This means that research supports its effectiveness and safety in optimizing posture, spine and nervous system health for all ages. Dr. Whitley helps all kinds of health complaints such as headaches, asthma, digestive problems, fatigue, depression, allergies, scoliosis, spinal and extremity pains and many more. His primary focus goes beyond symptom relief or patch work. His goal is to restore spinal function to maximize nerve integrity in the shortest amount of time without drugs or surgery. This is done through a spinal rehabilitation program of postural adjustments, traction, spinal weights, spinal molding, exercises, etc.. and lifestyle recommendations like nutrition and stress.

18 Before & After Nerve and Muscle Study (EMG) Before After Before & After Computerized Postural Analysis After Before

19 A Revolutionary Technology: Spinal Decompression Therapy Several studies show over 70% of patients report good to excellent relief of their symptoms! In fact, 86% of patients experienced complete elimination of pain even after numerous other types of treatment had failed, including surgery! (sourced from the Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain)

20 Chiropractic has proven itself to be among the safest of all healing arts: Just How Safe is Safe? A study in the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association (Oct. 2001) found the risk of a stroke from a Chiropractic neck adjustment is only 1 in 5.85 million. Whereas the probability of death from stroke caused by 1 aspirin a day is 7000 per million. A 7- year international multidisciplinary study published Feb. 15, 2008 in the medical journal Spine provides further evidence that chiropractic care is extremely safe. The study concluded that when patients see a medical doctor or a chiropractor for neck problems or headaches, they found that …stroke is a very rare event and the risk of stroke associated with a visit to the chiropractors office appears to be no different from the risk of stroke following a visit to a family physicians office. This study also found that adjustments are among the short list of effective treatments for the most common types of neck pain and headaches. By choosing Chiropractic care, you have chosen one of the safest, most effective modes of health- care delivery available today. Just ask the millions of people who receive chiropractic care every day around the world how safe and beneficial it is!

21 WELLNESSFIRST.CA What to expect on the 1 st & 2 nd visits Health Tips Anti-inflammatory Guidelines Newsletter Recipes Stress Tips Talks & Events Schedules Breathing Favourite Links

22 Our Patients Speak Since being under chiropractic care, my 8 years of shoulder pain has completely disappeared. Anna M.patient Thanks to chiropractic care I no longer suffer with neck pain and headaches and my family and daily life is back to normal! Lisa P.patient My years of back pain and wrist pain has improved due to chiropractic adjustments and health advice. My x-ray changes are impressive! Paul S.patient I have more energy and take less medication Jill H.patient

23 Half Hour To Optimal Health Dr Whitley conducts a FREE Half Hour to Optimal Health seminar every second Wednesday Evening at 6:30pm and every second Thursday at 12 noon The seminar covers: How to increase your energy by 300% Build your immune system The secret cause of illness and how to stay well naturally The dangers of modern medicine Home and clinic exercises designed to restore proper posture and nervous system function are demonstrated The latest techniques on correcting posture,spine and nervous system demonstrated with before and after x-rays Why the healthiest people on the planet are under regular chiropractic care

24 Dr. Whitley also offers a complimentary Lunch & Learn wellness workshop. This is a fun, fast and informative FREE workshop that will educate you and your company/church/organization on how to get well, stay well and save time and money ….during your lunch break! Biomechanics at work: Proper Ergonomics Blast Stress – Increase your energy by 300% Arthritis Spinal Health: Safety and Prevention Power Stretching and ergonomics The Truth about Fibromyalgia Freedom from Headaches and Stress Protecting yourself from heart disease Other The ADHD controversy Advanced Nutrition and Wellness Sitting on the job How to stay fit while you sit. Standing on the job Your Back to the Future. Asthma, Allergies and Immune Boosting Chronic Ear Infection Repetitive Strain injuries at Work Health Quest: 5 Secrets to Optimal Health & Healing Optimize Digestion and Detoxification Topics of the Workshop : To book workshops call our Special Events Coordinator at: (905) 477-6578 (416) 318-5939

25 Ask about our Family Gift Certificate! Have a spinetastic day!

26 Weve Helped Many People with the Following Problems: Arm Pain and/or Numbness Arthritis Asthma Attention Deficit Disorder Auto Injuries Back Pain Bedwetting Blood Pressure Problems Bursitis Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Digestive Disorders Disc Problems Dizziness Epilepsy Fatigue/Lack Energy Female Disorders Foot Pain Frequent Colds Frequent Ear Infections Hand & Wrist Pain Hip Pain Joint Pains Knee Pains Leg Pain and/or Numbness Lifting Injuries Lower Resistance Migraine Headaches Neck Pain/Stiffness Nervousness On-the-job Injuries Pinched Nerve Poor Circulation Pre-Menstrual Syndrome Sciatica Shingles Shoulder Pain Sinusitis Spinal Curvatures Sport Injuries Stiffness Stomach Ulcers Stress/Tension Headaches Tingling and Numbness Turned-in Feet Whiplash Injuries Work Injuries Allergies

27 Take the First Step to Wellness! Visit Wellness First Family Chiropractic Today!

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