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Fix Care Plan Orientation Restoring your spine to as near normal as possible.

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1 Fix Care Plan Orientation Restoring your spine to as near normal as possible

2 Goals The program you have started is designed to make Structural Improvements to your spine. This is a difficult program, but it will improve your health for years to come.

3 Spinal Structure – The Key to Lasting Health The human body stands on a complex assembly of some 200 bones. Your skeleton supports its own weight, along with your tissues and organs. Your skeleton gives you strength, motion and flexibility. The core of your skeleton is your spine... 24 vertebrae which protect your spinal cord. All functions, from motion to growth and repair are controlled by the spinal cord and nervous system. Your spine is a delicate instrument, and can misalign due to injury, abuse or disease.

4 4 The Human Spine Your spine consists of 24 movable vertebrae. From the front or back view, your spine should be straight.

5 5 The Curves From the side your spine should have three curves, each approximating 60 degrees. 60 0

6 Structure, NOT Function We are concerned with adjustments, exercises and traction to help your spine return to its optimal configuration, like putting braces on your teeth to improve your smile. There may be periods of discomfort and stress as we retrain your spinal bones, ligaments and discs to change position.

7 Permanent Change Takes Time

8 8 Focus on making small improvements between each exam.

9 9 These improvements will be permanent, and will benefit you the rest of your life.

10 After your care is completed you MUST maintain your correction. One or two visits a month are typically all that is needed. Correcting your spine but not maintaining this correction is a waste of your time, effort and money. Treatment Correction Maintenance

11 The program consists of 1.Posture exercises or stretches 2.Corrective spinal adjustments 3.Remodeling traction 4.Neck or Back Denneroll orthotics 5.Walk-Fit of SoleSupports foot orthotics. The FIX Correction Program

12 1. Exercises and Stretches The type of exercise or stretch you need is based upon your posture, and the areas of your spine which need to be stretched for easier adjusting.

13 2. Specific Adjustments Your adjustments are designed to restore lost movement, improve spinal position, and relieve pressure or tension from the nerves.

14 3. Remodeling Traction The type of traction you need is based upon two x-ray images (cervical lateral and extension), and your posture.

15 4. Denneroll Home Cervical/Lumbar Pillow The size and placement of the home pillow is determined by your size, posture and x-ray.

16 5. Walk-Fit or SoleSupports foot orthotics These orthotics are designed to maximize your foot arch. This helps you get the most from your Spinal Correction Program. Walk-Fit

17 Summary of Health Benefits Improved Spinal Function Improved Spinal Structure Improved Nervous System Function

18 Balance Improvement

19 Nervous System Improvement

20 X-Ray Improvement

21 Posture Improvement

22 22 What is the CBP ® technique? CBP ® stands for Chiropractic BioPhysics, an advanced technique which focuses on Spinal Remodeling. There are only about 100 certified CBP ® doctors in the US. Dr. Feier is one of them. He is the first and only doctor certified in Washington, DC. CBP ® certification means predictable, reliable and consistent correction results.

23 Doctor Doctor GoodBack says, Correct your spine, then maintain it for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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