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Making HR Easy iWorkwell, Inc. 1420 Walnut Street, Suite 1212, Philadelphia, PA 19102 215-875-1230

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1 Making HR Easy iWorkwell, Inc. 1420 Walnut Street, Suite 1212, Philadelphia, PA 19102 215-875-1230

2 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 2 Overview: iWorkwell, Inc. iWorkwell is a web-based resource with everything necessary to do HR cost- effectively yourself. iWorkwell is NOT: –an HR outsourcer. –an ASP, software, or IT (HRIS) system. –a consulting firm. iWorkwell provides: –the tools and knowledge you need to do HR correctly. –immediate access to top HR experts.

3 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 3 iWorkwell - Expertise In All HR Disciplines Benefits Compensation Employee Relations Leadership, Management & Communication Legal/Legislative Issues Performance Management Safety & Security Staffing/Onboarding Technology & HRIS

4 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 4 More than 20 HR Experts including: Aon Consulting is among the world's top global human capital and management consulting firms, providing a complete array of advisory, outsourcing, and insurance brokerage services through 6,500 consultants to clients of all sizes in over 110 countries. The nation's largest business insurance broker, Aon is named by the readers of Business Insurance magazine the "Best Employee Benefits Consulting Firm." Hay Group is one of the top global HR and organizational consulting firms. With a global consulting network of 86 offices across 47 countries, in- house researchers, and partnerships with Harvard and Dartmouth, Hay solves the most challenging issues for over 7,000 clients. Hay partners with Fortune magazine on the "World's Most Admired Companies." Morgan Lewis LLP is ranked among the top 4 best law firms in the country for its expertise in the field of HR, employment law and labor relations. The nationally renowned firm has hundreds of labor & employment law attorneys covering every geographic region of the globe, and has briefed and argued a number of US Supreme Court cases. Shawn Farrell, J.D., is a partner in the Labor & Employment practice of Cohen Seglias. He advises on OSHA violations, ERISA, and how to investi- gate hostile workplace claims, and has litigated wrongful discharge, discrimination and sexual harassment actions.

5 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 5 More than 20 HR Experts Scott Behson, Ph.D., chaired the Department of Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University and is a professor and member of the Center for HR Management Studies, a business & academic partnership involving 22 corporations and hundreds of executives & managers. Karen Ench, J.D., was a NY state employment law prosecutor before joining the HR consulting practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Melissa Johnson, J.D., Psy.D., listed in Who's Who in American Law, combines expertise in both HR, and in labor and employment law. She practices at McCausland, Keen & Buckman, and MJ Consulting. Deborah Shapiro, J.D., MBA, is an attorney experienced in domestic and international employment law, litigating in federal and state courts, and mediating for the United States EEOC. Wayne Tarken, MBA, SPHR, is widely recognized as a leader in the HR profession and served on the Advisory Board of SHRM. Christopher Wright, Ph.D., a published expert in employee development, industrial/organizational psychology, and survey research methodology, is the founder of Reliant Live, whose clients include GM, KPMG, Phillip Morris, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Wyeth and the YMCA.

6 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 6 HR is NOT an Optional Activity. It is a required function. HR Activities You must: follow federal and state regulations keep up to date with employment laws attract & retain quality employees pay competitive salaries offer benefits (e.g., health insurance & 401K plans) train and incentivize staff file the proper forms process payroll and many other activities… People are what make or break a business. You cannot run a successful company without doing HR effectively.

7 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 7 Annual HR Costs iWorkwell Gives You More For The Money Sources: * HR Outsourcing for a typical company of 30 to 100 employees, includes: On-site Technician, Payroll/HRIS, Benefits, and HR (The Outsource Group, June 5, 2001). ** In-House HR for a typical company of 30 to 100 employees, includes: HR Manager, HR Generalist/Benefits Support/Payroll Person, Legal/Consulting Support, and Training Support (The Outsource Group, June 5, 2001).

8 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 8 So, How Economical Is iWorkwell? Only pennies per working hour from a high of 26 cents per person/hour in a 5 person company, down to 1/10 th of a cent per person/hour in a 50,000 employee organization. Less than 1/20 th the cost of hiring or outsourcing to someone capable in HR. Less than minimum wage, by orders of magnitude.

9 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 9 How Can Bad HR Practices Cost Your Company What percentage of applicants, do you suppose, lie to their employers? Organizations face staggering statistics: –57% lie about their duration of previous employment. –35% lie about having higher education. –23% have used other names. –9% lie about criminal convictions. –6% supply false Social Security Numbers. * * DeMey, D. & Flowers, J. Jr. (eds.) (2001) Dont Hire A Crook Austin, TX: Thomas Investigative Publications, Inc.

10 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 10 How Can Bad HR Practices Cost Your Company According to Jury Verdict Research, the odds of an employee winning a discrimination case are as high as 65%. If a firm that conducted ethics training is sued for discrimination: –Settlement cost: $85,000. –Litigation cost * : $155,000. How much, on average, do you suppose it would cost a firm that did not conduct ethics training? –Settlement cost: $304,000. –Litigation cost * : $960,750. * Legal fees included.

11 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 11 How Can Bad HR Practices Cost Your Company A survey conducted for LexisNexis by Harris Interactive found that 35% of female workers and 17% of male workers claimed to have been harassed at work. How much do you think harassment cases cost on average? According to statistics compiled by the EEOC and FEHA: –Pre-trial settlements: $300,000. –Litigation judgments: $1.8 Million.

12 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 12 Typical HR Practices Organizations generally cannot afford (or don't want) to build and maintain large HR departments staffed with experts in every HR discipline. Whether or not they have a dedicated HR manager in each location, most firms don't have enough hours in the day to handle all the HR issues that they face. All too often, firms have a limited professionally trained, knowledgeable and experienced HR staff. Therefore, they're also utilizing department heads, supervisors, secretaries, office managers or finance staff people with regular full-time jobs who now have HR responsibilities piled on. Yet with literally hundreds of critical HR topics and with the field changing daily even an HR pro simply cannot stay on top of everything you need to know and do.

13 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 13 iWorkwell Augments Your Current Practices iWorkwell supplements a firm's internal HR resources (whatever they are) with in-depth, up-to-date knowledge round-the- clock on the gamut of HR disciplines. Expertise from an entire department of HR experts. A comprehensive set of the best tools for the best price: Thousands of tools from hundreds of vendors are on the market. Which ones are valid and reliable, which ones should you use? iWorkwell has done the research and due diligence, vetted them, and negotiated a better deal than you can get on your own. iWorkwell is an economical, total HR advisory system that: –Improves productivity. –Increases security. –Saves money.

14 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 14 Research & Feedback iSurvey Employee Relations Policy Wizard Record Keeping Briefcase Upgrading Skills Training / Development iWorkwell Meets Your HR Needs Compliance Regulations & Forms Crisis Management Ask An Expert What to do? HR Navigator Paperwork Payroll Outsourcing Staffing Assessment Tools Competitive Salaries Jobs & Salaries Risk Management Background Check HR Activities iWorkwell

15 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 15 iWorkwell Features HR Navigator Best Practices Rely on this large and growing library of instructional articles for everything you need to know and do in HR. Unlike the opinion pieces, narratives and hard-to-read white papers elsewhere in magazines, newsletters or the web, iWorkwell articles are succinct and to the point; they're action oriented, include checklists, and help you complete the task. Think of HR Navigator as a comprehensive cookbook: when you need to do X, you only need that recipe you don't read all of the other recipes from A to Z, and you don't have to be a master chef. The instructions are easy to digest, so that no matter who you are, you'll keep up with changes in the field, save time, and consistently follow best practices.

16 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 16 iWorkwell Features Regulations & Forms Get up-to-date legal information all of the federal and state forms, posters, notices, regulations and instructions you require about management, health & safety, staffing/employment and tax & payroll. Many forms are "smart" which can be completed electronic- ally (and emailed to employees). Save time and hassle searching your office or the Internet for the right information. Stop paying $1,000 per year for quarterly subscriptions of cumbersome booklets or CDs which may already be out of date by the time they are printed, packaged, addressed, shipped and arrive on your desk. On iWorkwell, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips within seconds.

17 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 17 iWorkwell Features Training / Development Access the best * online courses money can buy, and ensure that employees are trained following federal & state regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, which requires that all U.S. organizations not just publicly traded companies provide extensive compliance training. Increase productivity, satisfaction and retention by upgrading employees' skills with thousands of courses covering major business and technical topics. As an iWorkwell member, you'll save thousands of training dollars per employee each year. Receive individualized advice fast, when you need it: submit a question, and an expert in that specific HR topic area will get back to you. Ask An Expert * Again awarded "Best of Elearning!" Hypothetical example: If you trained only 5 employees, you'd save $10,000-15,000 per year. Translate that to 100 employees … or 1,000.

18 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 18 iWorkwell Features Coming soon. Create the employee handbook you need to communicate company policies to employees. Follow this step-by-step guide which illustrates typical types and terms of policies, then customize it to suit your workforce, culture, size, industry and location. Instead of paying lawyers by the hour to write or update your handbook, you'll save $3,000-$10,000 in legal fees. Policy Wizard Want to know what your customers really think? How about your suppliers... or your staff? Conduct surveys for market research or collect feedback from various stakeholders. Analyze this data responses, complaints, ideas and make improvements: boost employee morale and retention; improve product quality and service; increase customer satisfaction; spark product innovation. iSurvey

19 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 19 iWorkwell Features Assessment Tools Coming soon. Gather quantifiable data about the personalities, skills and abilities of current employees and applicants. Learn who is wrong for the position, who lacks the knowledge or understanding to do the job, and who has the emotional traits to perform well within your existing workplace culture. Hundreds of vendors and thousands of tools are on the market; which ones are valid, reliable, predictive, and useful? iWorkwell has done the research and due diligence, vetted them, and compiled a comprehensive set of the best tools for the best price.

20 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 20 iWorkwell Features Background Check Verify criminal, credit, driving, educational and employment history. Easily and economically reduce your risks associated with hiring mistakes (e.g., unqualified staff, violence, theft, harassment) and make informed decisions using this service that's #1 in accuracy and client satisfaction. Jobs & Salaries Attract and retain employees at the appropriate pay level. If you're paying too little, your good employees will leave. If you're paying too much, you're wasting limited resources which could be better used elsewhere. Instead, get the facts to get it right: enter geographic location and job title for the latest monthly compensation data.

21 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 21 iWorkwell Features Personalized Daily News Think of this as your personal news-clipping service. Search for your competitors and other topics of interest; stay current in your field. Choose up to 3 industries or occupations, and receive an array of press releases and articles, updated daily, from such leading publications as The Associated Press, Bloomberg, CNN, The McKinsey Quarterly, The NY Times, Reuters, The Washington Post, Wharton and over 3,000 others. Save your favorite or frequently-used articles, forms, etc. in this organized storage space and work area. Briefcase

22 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 22 Recap iWorkwell Gives You More For The Money Sources: * HR Outsourcing for a typical company of 30 to 100 employees, includes: On-site Technician, Payroll/HRIS, Benefits, and HR (The Outsource Group, June 5, 2001). ** In-House HR for a typical company of 30 to 100 employees, includes: HR Manager, HR Generalist/Benefits Support/Payroll Person, Legal/Consulting Support, and Training Support (The Outsource Group, June 5, 2001).

23 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 23 iWorkwell Benefits Your Organization By introducing HR best practices, improving employee productivity, minimizing administrative headaches and facilitating compliance with the law. By helping to avoid common HR pitfalls that can be costly and land your company and you in court. By providing an entire team of HR experts for less than 1/20 th the cost of hiring even one.

24 © 2001-2008 iWorkwell, Inc. 24 iWorkwell Benefits Your Organization Only pennies per working hour for round-the- clock service. Drives & standardizes HR best practices throughout the corporation, and streamlines operations in all US locations. A corporate iWorkwell membership quickly pays for itself. Its the best HR investment your organization can make.

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