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Worksite Wellness Program Toolkit Health Education and Wellness Health Plan of Nevada 130802(1004)

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1 Worksite Wellness Program Toolkit Health Education and Wellness Health Plan of Nevada 130802(1004)

2 Worksite Wellness Program Toolkit This is your guide to starting an on-site wellness program at your worksite from start to finish. You will be provided with the templates and tools needed for success: CEO Engagement Letter Example Establishing a Wellness Committee and Wellness Champion(s) Employee Pledge and Disclaimer Forms Needs Assessment, Health Risk Assessment, Online Learning Modules and Tools, Health Communications, Health Challenge Program and Health Fairs = click the image for additional documentation

3 1. CEO Engagement Letter Every wellness program starts with the support from senior level management. Effective communication is important and inspires employees to improve their health in order to have the most engagement. Provided example letter can be tailored to fit your needs. Send to employees prior to launching your worksite wellness program or initiative.

4 2.Establish Wellness Committee Important for maintaining and planning a worksite wellness program effectively. One wellness champion can be chosen from each department and meet on a weekly to monthly basis. Size determined by number of employees. Fewer than 300 employees2 to 4 champions 300 to 1,000 employees4 to 6 champions 1,000 employees or more6 to 12 champions

5 3. Utilize HEW Core Components Needs Assessment Health Communications and National Health Observance Calendar Health Risk Assessment/Online Learning Modules and Tools On-Site Employee Health Challenges Health Fairs

6 4. Assess Employees Needs A needs assessment survey is designed to assess the target needs of a population to design a wellness program or initiative. Survey link and aggregate reporting is provided to management. Give employees 2 weeks to complete survey in order to provide aggregate reporting. Submit a request through HEWOnline using this formform

7 5. Send Health Communications HEW Marketing materials – click herehere Health education materials on popular national health observances calendar – click herehere Article, health tip, e-mail blast and recipes These can be customized and sent to employees on a monthly basis.

8 6. Request MyHEWOnline Login A personalized website for employees to access the health risk assessment (HRA), online learning modules, resources, tools and webisodes. Submit a request through HEWOnline using this form form

9 Pledge and Disclaimer Form The employee pledge form is for employees to acknowledge the requirements of the wellness program. It is important to assign specific timeframes for employees to complete wellness tasks. The employee disclaimer form gives HEW permission to distribute their wellness activities to the employer group. Employee needs to acknowledge and complete this form on MyHEWOnline before HEW can release any information. The wellness initiatives on both the pledge and disclaimer form need to match for compliancy.

10 7. Have Employees Complete HRA Online tool to assess health risks. Results from the HRA flag health risk factors that require additional attention by the employee. This can be used with a wellness campaign. Employees receive a personalized profile report. Aggregate results provided for management. Note: Give employees a timeframe of 3 weeks to complete survey. This is required in order to provide aggregate reporting.

11 8. Have Employees Complete Online Learning Modules Learning modules on the following topics: Weight Management Diabetes Heart health Pregnancy Preventive healthcare Stop smoking Certificate of completion provided for employees if they attain a passing score of 80% or above.

12 7. Provide an Employee Health Challenge Program Lose and Win 8-week employee health challenge program: Electronic materials to print and facilitate the program on-site. HEW health educator will train a designated employee(s) to become a facilitator of the program. Submit a request through HEWOnline using this form at least 6 weeks prior to your desired start date. form

13 8. Schedule a Health Fair Health fairs are available for employers with 500 or more employees. All organization, set-up and clean-up will be provided. Submit a request through HEWOnline using this form at least 30 days prior to your desired date. form

14 What is included: CEO Engagement Letter Example Establishing a Wellness Committee Instructions Employee Pledge and Disclaimer Forms HEW Marketing Materials - HEW OnlineHEW Online Health Observance Calendar Materials - HEWOnlineHEWOnline Request these through HEWOnline: Needs Assessment Survey Link MyHEWOnline Login and Reporting Request Lose and Win Program Training Request Health Fair Request

15 Wellness Strategy Determine the following: Start and end date of the wellness program Are incentives included? Marketing campaign timeline Wellness Committee and Wellness Champions If aggregate reporting is desired for tracking face-to- face and/or telephonic health education consults and/or classes, a unique identifier code needs to be assigned to employer group. Please contact Rebecca Eve at: 702-242-7261 to set up this identifier code.

16 The Role of Incentives It is recommend employers spend at least 5 percent of their total health and productivity cost on prevention and health promotion. Budgets for the most successful worksite wellness programs range from $300 - $600 per employee per year. ROI typically is between ($1.50 to $3.00 saved for every $1.00 spent). It usually takes about three years for positive ROIs to be seen.

17 The Role of Incentives Best practice for incentives is for the participant to engage in the program, complete the program and improve health results. Types of incentives: Gift cards Gym discount Contribution to Health Savings Account (HSA) Contribution to Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) Cost share to Health Plan Premium

18 Congratulations! By following the steps provided you are on your way to a successful worksite wellness program. If you have any additional questions about worksite wellness, please contact Kristen Race at

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