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GE Health Care Resources

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1 GE Health Care Resources
Diabetes Prevention Program

2 If the Current Trend Continues….
UHG BOB indicates increased treatment costs: $6,663 PMPY average cost increase for diabetes $889 PMPY average cost increase for prediabetes Costs are directly related to progression in severity A non-compliant individual with diabetes and related complications has potential to cost 9Xs more than a non-diabetic individual1 Progressive Cost of Diabetes Per Member Per Year2 No diabetes Diabetes / no complications Diabetes non-compliant w/hypertension Diabetes non-compliant w/CVD Prediabetes Diabetes compliant w/hypertension Diabetes compliant w/CVD 1. UnitedHealth Group’s commercial book of business, UnitedHealthcare 2008 analysis for Diabetes Health Plan for several large employers; Medical only (no Rx)

3 GE’s Risk Profile based on Predictive Modeling
Profile included approximately 30,000 GE members in DPCA markets Confidential – Internal Use Only Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance – United HealthCare Services, Inc Based on GE population in seven DPCA markets: Minneapolis, Phoenix, Cincinnati, Dayton, Dallas, Milwaukee, Jacksonville

4 GE’s Employee Engagement Process
1 DPCA collects eligibility and claim data Capture data; obtain electronic eligibility file 2 DPCA Deploys OptumInsight Impact analytics Uses data to identify eligible participants 3 Touch 1: Outreach to eligible participants Letter sent & invites sent to attend on-site events 4a Touch 2: Outreach by DPCA call center Follow up calls to enroll in DPP 5 DPCA sends welcome kits Welcome letter & program overview 4b 6 Touch 2: GE promotes & hosts screenings Onsite events… staffed with Y Coaches…ability to enroll at event “Welcome aboard” calls to enrollees YMCA Coach confirms first session at the Y or at work 7 DPP weekly sessions The 16-sessions cover weight loss, healthy eating, risk reduction, lifestyle change & behavior modification 8 Report program results Provide reports on participation and outcomes

5 GE’s Onsite Screening Events
Employees Screened Tested in Normal Range (below 5.7) Tested in Prediabetes Range (5.7 – 6.4) Enrolled in DPP at screening “Interested” & enrolled later Total Enrolled 1000 50% 40% 10% DPP program is ongoing at several GE locations 150 employees currently in program 80% of GE employees who attend the first session go on to complete the program 50% of participants achieved desired weight loss goal within 20 weeks: 30% lost 5% - 9% of their body weight 20% lost greater than 9%

6 GE screening experience
Instant screening results and ability to enroll on the spot The risk quiz lets employees self-select Allowed for “teachable moments” Many did not know they were at risk…thought “everything was fine” Semi-Truck encouraged participation

7 Communications

8 DPCA Model and Benefits to GE
DPP participation and testing events are claim-based (no admin fees, start up costs or invoices) Turn-key A1c testing event administration Pay for performance reimbursement schedule No payment for failure Positioned as a provider in GE’s network Growing network of DPP vendor partners DPP at the worksite Addition of virtual DPP which will increase program reach

9 Next Steps…..pilot virtual program
1 2 3 Enroll Online Access Tools (Shipped To Participant) Participate Virtually Months 1 – 5: View Episodes & use Online Support Months 6-12: Online Support Available Welcome Kit & Instructions Electronic Scale online episodes Online Support & Social Network Enrollment begins on March 25th!

10 Communications/Promotion of virtual program
Promotion began on 3/21: Posters Table Tents Brochures E-Cards (3/21, 3/25 & 4/16) Postcard mailing (3/25 & 4/1) Onsite Screenings (week of 4/1 & 4/8) Digital videos


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