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Overall Class Expectation Mr. Fuas Technology Class at PREP Academy.

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1 Overall Class Expectation Mr. Fuas Technology Class at PREP Academy

2 Agenda Watch a Video Discuss Video Overall Expectations Class Syllabus Pre-Assessment on Tech Apps

3 From the Video What are some tid-bits of information you picked up? How will this affect you in the future? What does this mean to your education now?

4 Changing Your Learning Style In the Past: You learned the WHAT For the Future: You will learn the WHY and HOW – especially the HOW you think Critical Thinking is where its at!!!

5 Critical Thinking First, what is Critical Thinking? From the video why is Critical Thinking critical? Our Focus: How you think No Longer: Just What

6 High School, College and Beyond Middle School Blooms Taxonomy Elementary SchoolCreatingEvaluating Analyzing Applying Understanding Remembering Critical Thinking Where is your thinking ability on this pyramid?

7 Overall Class Expectations Critical Thinkers – Analyzing – Synthesizing – Evaluating Think for yourself Apply yourself

8 Other Class Expectations Golden Rule: Respect another and you will be respected back! – Definition of Respect: to show or feel high regards and esteem; to avoid violation of or interfering with. – Activity: Students idea of respectWhat does it look like to you? Discovery Protocols apply!

9 Discovery Protocols We will be using the following: The 6 Ps Attending Skills Tribal Rules

10 Discovery Protocols: The 6 Ps Prompt Prepared Polite PMA Participate Produce

11 Discovery Protocols: Attending Skills B: Being in the Moment E: Eye Contact F: Appropriate Feedback A: Ask Questions B: Appropriate Body Language

12 Discovery Protocols: Tribal Rules Desks Touch Introduce Self Use Names Attending Skills Wah/Space

13 Discovery Protocols: Redirects 3 Redirects – Hows your attending skills? – Can you fix it? – How many is that? 4 th Redirect – Hallway conversation – Adult Mode – Its to help you, not punish you.

14 Syllabaus Take a look at the handout Lets go over the entire syllabus

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