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Mrs. Galus and Mrs. Law Reading For College Success VDL 3 rd Block.

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1 Mrs. Galus and Mrs. Law Reading For College Success VDL 3 rd Block

2 Mrs. Law My Family

3 Where I’m From....

4 My Education....

5 Mrs. Galus: My Family

6 Where I’m From I grew up in Loveland, Ohio. I attended Loveland High School.

7 My Education and Activities! I attended Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky for my undergraduate and graduate studies. I played Rugby in college!

8 Arrival To Class Enter the room promptly- Do Not Be Tardy Gather supplies – Pencil- please don’t pick the erasers off – Folder- each student will have a binder Choose a seat Look to the board for our daily learning targets and schedule of activities Begin your opener activity which will be listed on the board

9 Procedures for Whole Group Instruction When we say, “I need your attending skills,” we expect quite voices and appropriate eye contact. EYES ON YOUR TEACHER When asking questions to clarify and validate, please raise your hand. Following the 6 P’s is required. 1. prompt 2. prepared 3. polite 4. PMA 5. participate 6. produce

10 Rules for Small Group Instruction Treat each other with dignity and respect Maintain Wah space Stay on task Raise your hand to ask questions to clarify or validate When we ask for attending skills, we expect your voices quiet eyes on us Participate in small group to the best of your ability giving 110%

11 Requesting A Focus Room Student shall respectfully request a focus room from staff person, at appropriate time and place. Have a hallway conference if necessary. Wait patiently and quietly for staff to call Focus Room coordinator for availability. When directed by staff, report directly to the Focus Room with signed points. When unavailable, student and staff will have a hallway conference to problem solve next steps.

12 Focus Room Continued Students may only have ONE voluntary focus rooms a day. No points are deducted.

13 Restroom Breaks Restroom breaks are to be taken between classes. There will be a male supervisor in the boys restroom and a female supervisor in the girls. If a restroom break is requested from that point on, a break that is taken will prevent you from earning points. The points will not be earned because you are not in class present, participating and producing.

14 Requesting to See a Counselor or Administrator A sign up sheet will be available to students to request a meeting time with a counselor or an Administrator. You may do this first thing in the morning, or when given permission to sign up at an appropriate time-between classes, teacher directed

15 Circle Up Procedures When circling up, we will: Move our chairs into a circle facing in Clap in to indicate the beginning of discussions Assign a Facilitator to read the prompt and lead our circle up Each student will discuss the prompt, or politely decline giving good attending skills to the others that are participating Practice good listening skills Clap out to indicate the close of discussions As a reminder, what is discussed in circle up, stays in the circle!

16 Dismissal The last 10 minutes of each class period will be used for closing activities. Wrapping up/reflecting on classroom assignments Filling out our process sheets Reflecting on individual goals and objectives Returning pencils, putting away folders and notebooks Cleaning up the room-trash goes in the can, and all supplies are put away


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