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Using Psychometrics :: Your Facet5 Journey

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1 Using Psychometrics :: Your Facet5 Journey

2 Consulting Tools and MetaSkill
is a specialist provider and developer of innovative assessment tools and customised solutions designed for consultants (external and internal) working with individuals, teams and organisations to improve performance Tools distributed through global network of trusted partners. In the Middle East CTL is represented by

3 Quality Assurance Our tools and related services are reinforced by the following quality accreditation and assurance:

4 People who do find value in our tools


6 Your Facet5 Journey Facet5 has been designed to give you a comprehensive account of your underlying psychometric propensities, how you moat naturally are and what are your most natural challenges. Unless you are comparing to an predetermined ideal model, there are no good or bad profiles, every profile has its strengths and challenges. Your Facet5 Journey will take you through the Big 5 Factors, Will, Energy, Affection, Control and Emotionality, and then dig down into more detailed sub factors. That information is then presented in the categories that are of most use to modern professionals, such as professional competencies including Leadership Interpersonal Communication Analysis & Decision Making Initiative and Effort Planning & Organisation Tells you what to expect and what to look out for

7 Facet5 Questionnaire Mandarin German Greek English
106 questions presented one at a time The language is natural, no jargon. German Available in multiple languages including Greek English

8 The Facet5 Profile Chart
The visual presentation ensures that your profile will be easily understood and memorable – you will always remember your profile and can easily gain facility in predicting and adapting to the profile of others.

9 Will Hi Lo Benefits Flexible Adaptable Accommodating Agreeable
Facet5 – Main Factor Example Will Hi Benefits Flexible Adaptable Accommodating Agreeable Benefits Determined Assertive Decisive Independent Lo Risks Unassertive Submissive Indecisive Timid Risks Domineering Stubborn Argumentative Opinionated

10 The Facet5 Sub-Factors allow a detailed and immediately applicable self understanding
Will Determination Confrontation Independence Energy Vitality Sociability Adaptability Affection Altruism Support Trust Control Discipline Responsibility Emotionality Tension Apprehension

11 Your Family Profile Profile
Facet5 – Families: Matching your Profile within a family of profiles gives insight to your generalised psychometrics, and the ability to relate your family to other structures Your Family Profile Profile

12 High Affection & Energy + Low Control & Will = “Facilitator”
Interpreting Families of profiles Individual’s Facet5 profile is compared to 17 reference profiles and the “profile similarity” is calculated Individual is assigned to family where “fit” is closest High Affection & Energy + Low Control & Will = “Facilitator”

13 The 17 Facet5 Families

14 Facet5 takes information about you
How can your Facet5 Profile be utilised in your self understanding and self development? Understanding and developing your professional competencies Facet5 takes information about you How you fit with other individuals and teams Identify your personal and professional development pathway The keys to your most effective self management Processes it And then tells you how to use it for:

15 Searchlight Module: Your professional competencies – strengths and challenges
Searchlight – uses core professional competencies Leadership Interpersonal Communication Analysis & Decision Making Initiative and Effort Planning & Organisation Tells you what to expect and what to look out for

16 Searchlight Feedback – accurate, targeted and immediately applicable to personal and professional self development

17 Leading Edge – Guide to Leading
Based on Bass’s model of Transformational and Transactional Leaders This is the information that would be most useful to your manager or yourself to ensure that your strengths are greatly utilised and your challenges acknowledged and integrated into your work planning. Focuses on the 7 core elements of leadership Creating a Vision Monitoring Performance Stimulating the Environment Providing feedback Treating People as Individuals Developing Careers Goal Setting

18 Leading Edge – An example report

19 Work Preferences – what are your motivating and de-motivating factors?
Looks at the individuals preferences for job elements

20 Work Preferences Motivating factors De-motivating factors

21 Teamscape is the Facet5 module that shows how you will integrate with a team that has also completed the profile. Overview of team

22 Contact Ascent to take your next step.
Whether you are a HR professional, a coach or an individual looking for insight and direction, contact Ascent for more information on how Facet5 and psychometrics can assist you and your team.

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