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Groundwater Data on WaterConnect

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1 Groundwater Data on WaterConnect

2 Session Outline Introduction to Groundwater Data Demonstration showing: – Map features – Search methods and filters – Viewing well details – Downloads and print options – Help tools What you should know, incl. contacting us

3 What is Groundwater Data? States groundwater database Over 240,000 registered wells Wide range of search options Water, mineral and petroleum wells Observation networks of monitored wells Identify aquifers from well logs Download and print data

4 Who uses Groundwater Data? Local, State and Federal Governments General public and industry specialists: – Landowners, farmers and irrigators – Property investors and developers – Well drillers – Mining companies – Real Estate agents and consultants – Research organisations, academics, students

5 Key Features Search for wells by property address, title reference, permit number, unit number, coordinates Refine search results by selecting for example: aquifer, well class, well status, PWA, NRM region View spatial layers (map layers) Download results to CSV, XML or TXT Print search results, the map and the well details Compatible with popular browsers (recent versions)

6 Key Features Search options Download and print data Well symbols Results summary Refine Search (filter results)

7 Well Details

8 Where to find Groundwater Data Hosted on WaterConnect, a State Government website ( Accessible from other sites, including: – Environment Conservation Portfolio ( – Other water information sites

9 Where do I find more information? Online resources: Getting Started How to videos Frequently Asked Questions Code Definitions Well Details descriptions GD/Pages/Help.aspx

10 What you should know: Internal Users Limited spatial layers for pre-assessments, e.g. PWAs, but more to come later Intended to reduce well related general enquiries from external parties (self serve) Enquiries, feedback and fault reporting should be sent to Contact UsContact Us

11 What you should know A search can retrieve up to 10,000 results only Refine Search, Download Data and Print Data are available only: – if wells are found – on the relevant search tab and the Details view Well Labels map layer is visible only for map scales up to 5km

12 What you should know Designed for most types of general enquiries For privacy reasons property/parcel ownership information is not available Historical data may be incomplete/inaccurate, e.g. well location pre-lat/long records. Tell us about it!

13 What you should know Contact UsContact Us to: Correct well information Obtain well related information that is not provided in Groundwater Data Provide feedback and suggestions Need assistance with using Groundwater Data Report a fault with Groundwater Data Choose Groundwater Data as the Subject

14 Promoting Groundwater Data Flyer for inserts into correspondence and other distribution Letters/emails to external parties Workshops and seminars In the field; face-to-face Tell them about it!


16 Promoting WaterConnect Flyer for inserts into correspondence and other distribution Letters/emails to external parties In the field; face-to-face Tell them about it!


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