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Reuse on Campus The University of Vermont Solid Waste & Recycling Physical Plant Department.

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1 Reuse on Campus The University of Vermont Solid Waste & Recycling Physical Plant Department

2 Reuse Can Be Simple Inter-office mailing envelopes

3 Dont Forget the Small Stuff Reusable CUPPS = Cant Use Paper, Plastic or Styrofoam Cups

4 Two Reuse Programs at UVM Office Supply Collection And Reuse (OSCAR) Student Move-Out Week

5 Setting Up an Office Supply Exchange Program Location Name for Program Organization & Upkeep Marketing Feedback & Measuring Results Elements for a Successful Program:

6 Find a convenient location. e.g., OSCAR room at UVM is centrally located in Campus Student Center. Easy walk for most staff.

7 A name for the program. e.g., OSCAR is catchy; easy to remember.

8 Organization and upkeep OSCAR is a self-serve operation. Staff can drop off or pick up free items.

9 Marketing the program Initial postcard sent to clerical and administrative staff. Periodic e-mail reminders to business managers list. Staff newsletter. Word of mouth. Table at Purchasing supplies expo. Link off recycling website.

10 Feedback & Measuring Results Did you Drop Off or Pick Up Items? What Items? Approximate Value of Items? How did you hear about OSCAR? Will you use OSCAR again? OSCAR users are asked to fill out a log book.

11 Results 150 staff members, departments and offices have used OSCAR. $2,500- $3,000 saved in office supply purchases in two years. Tangible way to promote reuse ethic on campus.

12 Student Move-Out Week An effort to collect reusable items that students would have thrown away, and donate them directly to local non-profit organizations.

13 3 Categories of reusables are collected from inside each hall Clothing Food & Toiletries Small Household Items.

14 325 bags were collected by UVM Recycling Staff over the course of a week.

15 Bagged items were taken to a central location


17 Non-profit groups picked up items from central location.

18 12 area non-profits participated.

19 Working With Local Non-Profits Contact them way in advance. Be clear about expectations. Written agreement or commitment. Provide them with a good map of your campus. Have them pick up from one location, if possible.

20 Working with Residential Life Staff Get collection areas set up early. Agree on roles and expectations, put in writing. Agree on rules for staff scavenging. Frequent collection to minimize mess.

21 The Bigger Challenge: Bulky Waste


23 Scavenging of loft wood is most successful.

24 But, unfortunately, recycling staff must pickup all by end of each day.

25 Promoting the Program to Students Clear labels and signs: tie shoes together no perishables no opened packages Posters, table tents in dining halls, RA newsletters, bulletin boards Collection boxes in prominent locations.



28 In One Week…. Items were given directly to 12 non-profit groups in the area. 3 tons of clothing 2 tons of food & toiletries 1 ton of small household items 6.5 tons of loft wood recycled 4 tons of furniture reused BUT….. 27 tons of couches still got trashed

29 Challenges Additional labor needed for the week. We are expected to clear outdoor sites 24 hrs/day. Arson Most couches are in very poor condition; no reuse value.

30 For more info: University of Vermont Recycling & Solid Waste Erica Spiegel (802) 656-4191

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