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Sustainability at Sarah’s Oasis! E. Who are we? E.

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1 Sustainability at Sarah’s Oasis! E

2 Who are we? E

3 Where does trash go after I throw it into the trash bin? Dumpster Garbage Truck Landfill E


5 E

6 University of Minnesota sorting video Students at the U of M put together a video about separating trash and recycling video here M

7 What is sustainability? Sustainability is maintaining the world we live in. Recycling: collecting materials to be reused Composting: collecting organics to enrich soil M How can you be sustainable at Sarah’s Oasis?

8 Recycling N

9 Composting N

10 Recycling NO bag How to line the bins Compost Green bag A

11 Reusable grocery bags ●Using reusable bags decreases waste produced from plastic or paper grocery bags ●Take a bag when you go shopping to save money and materials! A

12 NEW signs! Forgot your hand towel? You can use a paper towel, but take only what you need Don’t forget to compost it! M

13 Why is living sustainably important ? Why do you consider recycling and composting important? E

14 Benefits of Living Sustainably ●Health Benefits Compost Richer soil Healthier food Healthier you! N

15 N

16 ●Saves money The money could be used in other important areas COMPOST BIN N

17 ●Contribution to maintaining the earth for future generations N




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