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IDEA Course Evaluations New Faculty Academy Spring, 2013 1.

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1 IDEA Course Evaluations New Faculty Academy Spring, 2013 1

2 Purpose/Uses Administrative Measure Effectiveness Improvement The most crucial use of [course evaluation results] is for the improvement of instruction. Only your careful study of your evaluation results and student comments can accomplish that goal. -RSCC Faculty Handbook 2

3 Process: At a Glance Faculty Information Form (FIF) Instruction Period Evaluation Period Post-Evaluation Interpretation Improvement Strategies Re-evaluate 3

4 Faculty Information Form (FIF) Online FIF Objectives Contact Dean or department secretary for guidance on selecting Objectives Essential (1-2) Important (2-3) Additional Items (directions and sample items on OIER webpage) 4

5 Instruction IDEA objectives on syllabus Link course activities/lessons to IDEA objectives, and explain to students Prep students for providing feedback Consider supplementing IDEA with your own evaluations throughout semester 5

6 Online EvaluationsEvaluations Student reminders Student Raider Net email accounts Reiterate importance of their feedback Extra credit In-class administration procedures 6

7 Results Summary Report Definitions Unreliable Representative Converted scores Raw vs. adjusted scores IDEA results are adjusted for: Student effort/work habits (#13) Student desire to take course, or motivation (#15) Class size 7

8 Results (cont.) Faculty are encouraged to go over evaluation results with peers or a faculty mentor Colleagues can help by interpreting results (including open-ended comments) in a less biased way. 8

9 Using Evaluation Results: Course Improvement Handout: Possible course changes resulting from assessment (of any type) IDEA Center Suggestions: papers/pod-idea-center-notes-learning papers/pod-idea-center-notes-learning 9

10 Using Evaluation Results: Course Improvement (cont.) Strategies for improving teaching include: Helping students answer their own questions. Explaining how each topic fits into the course. Relating course material to real life situations. Scheduling course work in ways which encourage students to stay up-to-date with their work. Forming teams or discussion groups to facilitate learning. Involving students in hands-on projects such as research, case studies, or real-life activities. 10

11 Re-Evaluate to Measure the Effect of Changes Close the loop! Were your changes effective? If not, back to the drawing board…. 11

12 For Help OIER Webpage: Resources-for-Faculty-Evaluations Resources-for-Faculty-Evaluations IDEA Center Research and Papers: papers papers Shelley Esquivel,, ext. 4822 12

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