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ONLINE COURSE DEVELOPMENT. WELCOME o Facilitator name Position at University Contact info.

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2 WELCOME o Facilitator name Position at University Contact info

3 LEARNING OUTCOMES By the end of this module, you should be able to: o Explain the importance of the course planning process o Explain the stages in online course development o Identify roles and responsibilities of different team members in online course development o Develop a lesson plan (storyboard) for one module (week, unit) of your future online course

4 AGENDA o Planning to teach online The importance of planning How and where to start? o Process of online course development Institutional procedures and resources Instructional design team members’ roles o Lesson plan (storyboard) Purpose Main elements


6 PLANNING AN ONLINE COURSE Video o “Planning your online class” (Video 5:25 minutes)

7 GROUP ACTIVITY o According to this video, what are the most important considerations in planning an online course? o Is pedagogy really more important than technology in developing an online course? Why/Why not? o What is your understanding of constructive alignment and its importance?

8 LESSONS LEARNED Video o “Eight Lessons Learned from Teaching Online” (Video 4:12 minutes) U

9 DISCUSSION o What advice from the video did you find useful? o What tips or suggestions would you like to implement in your online course?

10 GROUP ACTIVITY o Your task is to identify undesirable online course features to be avoided. In your group, list as many ways as you can think of to ruin an online course.

11 DESIRABLE ONLINE COURSE FEATURES o Clarity (navigation, instructions, expectations) o Responsiveness o Course design o Feeling comfortable with technology


13 COURSE DEVELOPMENT Video o The Course Development Process

14 INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN TEAM o Instructional Designer o Other team members: educational technologist graphic designer media production specialist


16 PROCESS 1 st Meeting with ID team 1 st Lesson plan (storyboard) 1 st Module prototype

17 PROCESS 1 st meeting Your goals, motivation… Your vision, wants and needs… Lesson plan (storyboard) #1 Start with learning outcomes and assessment Add learning activities Consultations, decisions, emails… Module prototype Adjustments, approval…lesson plan (storyboard) #2…


19 ELEMENTS OF LESSON PLAN o A short introduction (description) to your module/week/unit o Learning outcomes (usually 2-3) o Topics and subtopics o Assessment strategies o Learning activities o Material needed (texts, videos, lecture segments)

20 ACTIVITY: LESSON PLAN o Use the provided template to fill in elements of one of your module/week/unit for your future online course. o After you fill in all elements, discuss your work with a colleague sitting next to you and provide feedback to each other.

21 GUEST PANEL o Names of panel participants/guests

22 SUMMARY o The importance of planning your course and where to start o Institutional procedures and resources for online course development o The purpose and main elements of a lesson plan (storyboard)

23 THANK YOU o Questions? o Comments? o Help? Contact information – facilitator’s and departmental

24 REFERENCES 1. Kaplan, D., Rodger, G. (2008). The development of online courses. In Terry. Anderson (Ed.) The Theory and Practice of Online Learning. Available at index.php/books/120146. 2. Vai, M., Sosulski, K. (2011). Essentials of Online Course Design: A Standards-Based Guide. New York, NY, Routledge Press.

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