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MyOutcomes A fast, easy and relevant tool for tracking and improving outcomes from behavioral health services.

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1 MyOutcomes A fast, easy and relevant tool for tracking and improving outcomes from behavioral health services

2 What is MyOutcomes? MyOutcomes is the only interactive, web-based clinical tool that improves outcomes from behavioral health services by promoting partnership between providers and clients. Current customers include Magellan Health Services, US Navy and Workplace Options.

3 Implements the Partners for Change Outcome Management System
What Is MyOutcomes? Implements the Partners for Change Outcome Management System Developed by Dr. Barry Duncan, Psy.D. and Dr. Scott Miller, Ph.D. Over seven years of development, research and publication in peer-reviewed journals Proven valid and reliable

4 The Theory of MyOutcomes
“The general trajectory of change in successful therapy is predictable”1 Measures of client progress and experience of the therapeutic alliance can be used to “determine the appropriateness of the current therapy … [and] the need for further treatment … [and to] prompt a clinical consultation for patients who [are] not progressing at expected levels.”2 “Clients … quickly tire of measures that lack obvious face validity, require more than a few minutes to complete, or use time spent with the clinician.”3

5 What is MyOutcomes? Administers two brief, four-item measures at each session of service Outcome Ratings Scale (ORS) or Child Outcome Ratings Scale (CORS) Session Ratings Scale (SRS) or Session Ratings Scale (CSRS) Provides outcomes reporting at all levels of an organization, identifies cases at risk for service failure, and provides empirically-based feedback messages.

6 Benefits of MyOutcomes
Improves service outcomes Boosts revenues and efficiencies by reducing no-shows, dropouts, length of stay, and overutilization Gets provider participation because client feedback process is fast, easy and relevant Provides automated, quantifiable results to validate performance Empowers client with a voice in the service process

7 Improves Service Outcomes
More than doubles the effectiveness of services, according to published, peer-reviewed research. In a study with over 6,000 clients of a Texas Employee Assistance Program, effect size increased 65% from baseline levels.4 A Minnesota alcohol and drug treatment center improved client completion rates from 50% to 82%, achieving the state’s best rate.

8 Boosts Revenue and Efficiencies
Boosts revenue by reducing no shows and cancellations. Boosts efficiencies by reducing dropouts, length-of-stay, and overutilization. In a three year Florida study of 2130 cases, average number of sessions dropped by 40%, cancellations by 40%, no shows by 25% and long-term cases with no improvement by 80%. Created savings of $489,600.

9 Gets Provider Participation
Providers participate because the system is fast, easy and relevant Real-time results and empirically-based feedback messages enhance service delivery Studies demonstrate over 80% provider participation and minimal complaints from providers or clients.5

10 Validates Performance
Provides quantifiable evidence of benefits of service delivered for managers, administrators and payers Identifies reliably outstanding clinicians and those in need of further training

11 Empowers Clients Empowers clients to have a voice in services, shaping the goals, methods and measurement of their progress. Implements President’s New Freedom Commission mandates for recovery-driven services and consumer partnership.

12 Benefits of MyOutcomes
For Clients Gives clients a voice in services. Boosts client satisfaction and service outcomes. For Clinicians Identifies in real time clients who are at-risk for negative or null outcomes Provides empirically-based suggestions that enable adjustments when services are at risk-for a negative or null outcomes. For Agencies, Managed Care Entities & EAPs Improves revenue and efficiencies Enables clinical supervision that improves provider performance Provides quantitative measures of success

13 Reliability & Validity
Reliability and validity of measures used have been demonstrated in published, peer-reviewed research.6-9 ORS: Concurrent validity with Outcome Questionnaire – 45. 2 SRS: Concurrent validity with Helping Alliance Questionnaire II.

14 Platform On-demand service delivered over the internet using a software-as-a-service model. Windows Server 2003, Microsoft .NET 2.0, and Microsoft C#, and SQL Server 2005 platform. Customization and implementation services are available, including development of custom functionality, reporting, and interfaces for front and back-end integration.

15 Privacy and Security Robust protection for privacy and security of clients’ data Controlling authorities HIPAA Business Associate Agreements Privacy User roles De-identification of aggregated data Hidden directory Data Security Physical protection, enterprise-class firewall, network security Secure transfer with 128-bit encryption Automatic logout User logging and audit trails

16 How MyOutcomes Works Tree view allows for fast and easy navigation among records User roles provide providers, supervisors, and administrators with access to appropriate records

17 How MyOutcomes Works For each new client, data is collected on the client’s demographics and planned services Data collection can be customized to develop norms for specific populations or service programs

18 How MyOutcomes Works At each session, clients complete the Outcome Rating Scale A four-item self-report instrument Takes less than one minute to complete Assesses client’s subjective assessment of change

19 How MyOutcomes Works Clients also complete the Session Rating Scale
Assesses the strength of the therapeutic alliance Four items measure the quality of the relational bond and agreement between therapist and client on goals, methods and approach of therapy

20 How MyOutcomes Works Clients and therapists receive real-time, empirically-based feedback Feedback messages flag at-risk cases and promote constructive dialogue

21 How MyOutcomes Works ORS scores are plotted in relation to an expected trajectory of change based on the client’s intake score SRS scores are plotted in relation to the lower limit of established norms

22 How MyOutcomes Works ORS scores are aggregated for providers, programs, sites, and agencies Supervisors, administrators, and payors can assess relative effectiveness

23 MyOutcomes, LLC MyOutcomes is a product of MyOutcomes, LLC, a joint venture from between the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) and Danya International, Inc. (Danya) PCOMS Extensive experience in clinical practice, publications, training, seminars, and consultations related to the delivery of client-directed, outcome-informed therapy Danya Founded in 1997 Service areas include research and evaluation, information technology, education and training, program management support, and health product development U.S. federal agency clients include Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, National Institute for Mental Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the US Navy.

24 Pricing, Sales & Information
For a customized price quote or general information, please contact: Jonathan Hunt-Glassman Product Manager, MyOutcomes t: (301) c: (917) e:

25 References Works Cited
Miller S., Duncan, B., Sorrell, R., & Brown, J. (2005). The Partners for Change Outcome Management System. Journal of Clinical Psychology: In Session, 61, Ibid. Miller S., Duncan B. Brown, J., Sorrell, R., & Chalk, M. (2007). Using formal client feedback to improve outcome and retention. Journal of Brief Therapy, 5, Miller, S., Duncan B., Brown J., Sparks J., & Claud D. (2003). The Outcome Rating Scale: A Preliminary Study of the Reliability, Validity, and Feasibility of a Brief Visual Analog Measure. Journal of Brief Therapy, 2, Bringhurst D., Waston C., Miller S., Duncan B. (2006). The Reliability and Validity of the Outcome Rating Scale: A Replication of a Brief Clinical Measure. Journal of Brief Therapy, 5, Duncan, B.L., Miller, S.D., Reynolds, L., Sparks, J., Claud, D., Brown, J., et al. (2004). The session rating scale: Psychometric properties of a “working” alliance scale. Journal of Brief Therapy, 3 (1). Duncan, B., Sparks, J., Miller, S., Bohanske, R., & Claud, D. (in press). Giving Youth a Voice: A Preliminary Study of the Reliability and Validity of a Brief Outcome Measure for Children, Adolescents, and Caretakers. Journal of Brief Therapy.

26 Thank you! Thank You Jonathan Hunt-Glassman
Product Manager, MyOutcomes t: (301) c: (917) e:

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