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Tennessee Outcomes Measurement System (TOMS) v.1.3

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1 Tennessee Outcomes Measurement System (TOMS) v.1.3
Tracking and Improving Behavioral Health Care Throughout Tennessee

2 What is TOMS? The Tennessee Outcomes Measurement System is a data gathering and analysis system that Tennessee providers will use to collect self-report outcomes data and obtain consumer progress reports. It is sponsored by the state of Tennessee and the Tennessee Association of Mental Health Organizations (TAMHO), and has been developed jointly with TeleSage, Inc.

3 What are Consumer Outcomes?
Consumer outcomes are indicators of quality of life that measure domains, such as symptom severity and social functioning, as well as recovery. Outcomes must by definition measure change over time, so taking the survey at regular intervals is necessary.

4 What are the Benefits of Outcomes Tracking?
Consumer: Empowerment in recovery process; treatment planning with clinician Clinician: Identify consumer strengths and areas to work on in treatment; monitor changes over time Agencies: Quality improvement; meet requirements of certification, accreditation and/or payor organizations TAMHO: planning and quality improvement; identify best practices State: planning and quality improvement; develop best practices and state benchmarks; demonstrate accountability for resources

5 Guiding Principles Minimal burden on consumers and providers
User-friendly technology No dedicated hardware or additional software needed onsite Actionable reports for clinicians and agencies Flexibility and ability to incorporate feedback from stakeholders

6 Estimated Consumer Completion Parent/Guardian Survey
The TOMS Instruments Estimated Consumer Completion Time: 6-12 minutes Adult Survey Total: 51 items Youth Survey Total: 59 items Parent/Guardian Survey Total: 55 items

7 Survey Domains Adult Depression Anxiety Hostility Psychoticism
Physical Impairment Social Functioning (Peer) Social Functioning (Spouse) Social Functioning (Family) Recovery Core Functioning Medication Compliance Medication Side Effects Substance Use Housing Transportation Safety Legal Work Functioning Service Utilization

8 Survey Domains Youth and Parent/Guardian
Problem Severity Internalizing Externalizing Delinquency Hopefulness Functioning Inclusion in Mental Health Services Medication Legal Service Utilization School Self-Harm Housing Substance Abuse (youth only)

9 Sample Items Adult Survey
In the past 7 days … Never Rarely Some- times Often Almost Always 1. I felt sad. 1 2 3 4 5 5. I felt nervous. 18. I heard voices when I was alone.

10 Survey Intervals New Clients
Intake, +3 months, +6 months, +12 months, +24 months, +36 months, etc. Existing Clients* (phase in at patient review) Intake, +12 months, +24 months, +36 months, etc. *Existing clients are those who have been receiving services at your agency for at least one month.

11 Technology Options for Survey Administration
Immediate Reports PHONE PC WEB ODBC Database PAPER* Export in any format *Rapid Data Entry

12 The TOMS Website

13 The TOMS Website Features available as of March 15, 2007:
Adult, Youth and Parent/Guardian paper, online & phone surveys Rapid Data Entry Adult, Youth and Parent/Guardian clinic reports Assessments Due page Edit Clinician page Preferences page Help features such as detailed staff instructions, Frequently Asked Questions page, and video training modules

14 Paper Survey Administration

15 Phone Survey Administration

16 Online Survey Administration



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