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1 QA Reports & PPS Reimbursement Worksheet Provided by OCS Education E-learning Network Provided by OCS Education E-learning Network

2 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 2 Connection Series I – User Management and PMBS II – Inbox, Report Folio and Report Builder-How to Access On-line Reports III – QA Reports & PPS Reimbursement Worksheet IV – PatientView V – Advanced Training & Roadmaps - Report Interpretation and Analysis

3 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 3 Agenda OCS e-Learning Network Understanding data transfer Performance Improvement Process QA & PPS Reimbursement Report Review Process for implementation Q&A

4 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 4 Our Mission To contribute to client success by providing information that improves organizational performance and patient outcomes.

5 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 5 Data Transfer OCS Smartlink® Automatic transfer of data to OCS Daily or when the OASIS Export file is created Data transferred for QA & PPS Reimbursement Worksheet OASIS data

6 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 6 Performance Improvement Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement

7 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 7 Tips For Success Utilize the OCS Roadmap Tools Have a well established process flow to utilize OCS reports Know who is responsible for data elements Track and trend your information Involve all staff!

8 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 8 Tools To Help You! OCS Roadmaps Help you navigate OCS Connection Provide a template for specific working projects Determine key elements of focus

9 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 9 OCS Connection Roadmap 9 INBOXREPORT FOLIOS REPORT BUILDER Connection ( Disease Management* QA Reports # & PPS Reimbursement Worksheet # Executive Summary (Qtrly) Heads Up Display (All)* + P4P Preparedness++ Financial Management Benchmark Process Management Benchmark Executive Summary Bubble Graph OASIS Availability Quarterly or YTD Case Mix+ PPS Case Mix** PPS Statistics** PPS Utilization** Quality Tracking+ Select Clinical Indicator+ Joint Commission Indicators Utilization Data Summary+ LOGIN KEY * Denotes Risk Adjusted Reports ** Denotes PPS Data ONLY # Real-Time Reports + All Payors that agency has submitted ++ Calculations based from CMS P4P Demonstration Project PatientView #

10 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 10 Process Flow Making the information work for you! Embed in agency process flow Who, what, when, why What are your priorities? What do you want to do with the information? Track & Trending your data Involve the entire organization

11 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 11 QA Reports

12 © 2008 OCS, Inc Log into Log into

13 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 13 Access OCS Connection

14 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 14 Adding A User (cont.)

15 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 15 Access To QA Reports

16 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 16 Quality Assurance Folio Provides real-time patient-level information Data verifications Patient outcome status Organized and graphical format Available Reports: Patient-level Verification Report Adverse Events Report Transfer Report Recertification Report Discharge Report PPS Reimbursement Worksheet

17 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 17 QA Folio - Patient-Level Verification

18 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 18 QA Folio – Adverse Events

19 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 19 QA Folio – Transfer

20 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 20 QA Folio – Recertification

21 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 21 QA Folio – Discharge

22 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 22 PPS Reimbursement Worksheet Real-time episodic financial insight showing what reimbursement you can expect and why

23 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 23 Back to that Back to that process flow! process flow!

24 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 24 QA Reports *Pt. Level Verification *PPS Reimbursement Worksheet *Adverse Event *Transfer *Discharge *Recertification Process Flow Chart Daily Review Weekly Review Who/When? Daily Review Suggested Process Flow

25 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 25 QA Reports Step One priority Are any of the QA reports a priority for your review? How often How often do you want to review? Who Who will look at reports? Example: Example: QA Adverse Event Do you want to review daily/weekly? Example: Example: Pt. Level Verification Report Review warnings daily?

26 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 26 Summary Use your roadmaps! Prioritize your work! Establish a good solid process flow for OCS reports! Utilize the OCS e-Learning Forum on eDGE for further assistance!

27 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 27 Resources OCS OCS e-Learning Network Anytime! Anywhere! Self-Paced On-line trainings Recorded WebEx presentations Access Training Calendar Group WebEx Presentations OCS eDGE (electronic Discussion Group & Education)

28 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 28 Additional Resources The OCS-PPS Reimbursement Worksheet RIG OCS Connection Report Description Guide OCS Report Builder Data Guide OCS Client Services Call TECH (8324) Live Chat The OCS-Website: Additional training courses and educational seminars Important information Software updates

29 © 2008 OCS, Inc. 29 OCS Education Sue Blockberger-Miller RN BSN OCS Director of Education Leslie Knudsen-Wells, RN BS Performance Improvement Educator For More Information

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