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Adjetivos posesivos página 162

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1 Adjetivos posesivos página 162

2 Possessive Adjectives
Say what belongs to whom My cat is ugly. His dog is spunky.

3 Adjetivos posesivos en inglés
My Your (informal) His Her Your (formal) Our Your (plural, informal) Their Your (plural, formal)

4 Adjetivos posesivos en español
Mi Tu (informal) Su Su (formal) Nuestro Vuestro (plural, informal) Su Su (plural, formal)

5 Mi(s), Tu(s), Su(s) Agree in number.
They change between singular and plural depending upon what comes after. Mi gato. Mis gatos.

6 Nuestro, Vuestro Agree in number and gender to object Nuestro Nuestra
Nuestros Nuestras Agree in number and gender to object Vuestro Vuestra Vuestros Vuestras

7 Ejemplos Our grandma is old. My parents are nice. His cats are fat.
Nuestra abuela es vieja. My parents are nice. Mis padres son simpáticos. His cats are fat. Sus gatos son gordos.

8 ¿Preguntas?

9 Práctica His grandma Their grandma Our grandma

10 Práctica My father Your father Our father

11 Práctica My cousins Her cousins Our cousins

12 Práctica His sister Our sister Your (plural, formal) sister

13 Práctica Her sisters Our sisters My sisters

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