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Los adjetivos posesivos (and using “de” to show possession)

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1 Los adjetivos posesivos (and using “de” to show possession)
Possessive adjectives must agree with the word/noun being possessed, NOT the possessor!

2 Los adjetivos posesivos
Inglés: sing. pl. my- mi mis your (fam)- tu tus his her- su sus your (for) Inglés: sing. pl. our- nuestro nuestros nuestra nuestras their (m) their (f)- su sus your (for/pl)

3 Los adjetivos posesivos
1. my boring parents- 2. our old, red car- 3. their lazy cat- 4. your ugly sisters- 5. his 13 big dogs- 6. your(for) blue shirt- 7. our small class- 8. her relatives- 9. my pretty, long, yellow dress- 10. y’alls nice cousin- mis padres aburridos Nuestro coche viejo y rojo Su gato perezoso Tus hermanas feas Sus trece perros grandes Su camiza azul Nuestra clase pequeña Sus parientes Mi vestido bonito, largo, y amarillo Su primo simpático

4 Using “de” to show possession
There is no ‘ in español. Therefore, one must reword in English to get rid of the ‘. To do this, use the word “de” meaning “of”. The girl’s shoes = the shoes of the girl =los zapatos de la chica His cousins’ dad= the dad of his cousins = el padre de sus primos

5 Using “de” to show possession
1. His friend’s birthday- The birthday of his friend = el cumpleaños de su amigo 2. The man’s wife- The wife of the man = la esposa del hombre 3. The boys’ mother- The mother of the boys = la madre de los niños 4. Your relatives’ car- The car of your relatives = el coche de tus parientes

6 Using “de” to show possession
Sometimes in Spanish “de” is needed even when there is no ‘ to replace. The rule is: If a word that is usually a noun is acting as an adjective, use “de”. 1. A birthday gift- Un regalo de cumpleaños 2. our English class- Nuestra clase de inglés 3. the Spanish students- Los alumnos de español

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