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(SFI): Stakeholder Feedback Information) Steve Vogel, Geodetic Services Division NGS Convocation, May 2010 Challenges, Opportunities, and Plans for NGS.

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1 (SFI): Stakeholder Feedback Information) Steve Vogel, Geodetic Services Division NGS Convocation, May 2010 Challenges, Opportunities, and Plans for NGS Use of Stakeholder Feedback 1

2 Well look at: 1. NGS Stakeholder Feedback Plan: Its origin; how its being implemented 2.Challenges, opportunities, plans for using feedback. 2

3 3 SFP Timeline: 2009 Leadership Summit: Create stakeholder feedback communications plan, feedback process, incl. better ways to use feedback. July: Drafted SFP August - October: ESC discussions: recommendations to endorse. October - November: PSC discussions; SFP distributed to all NGS: top recommendations to PSC rep. Special PSC session: determine SFP elements for PSC charter directives. December – January: PSC presented recommendations to ESC. ESC endorsed top 4 vote-getting recommendations from this process.

4 ESC-endorsed these SFP recommendations: Advisors reports include information on constituent concerns. Use standardized format to capture constituent concerns. Establish policies governing where SFI should be kept. Commit staff resources reliably record SFI, follow-up actions. 4 Recommendations implemented by new committee; representation from each division, led by GSD employee assigned by Gilbert Mitchell.

5 5 February - March: Stakeholder feedback committee formed; its members recommended by division chiefs: Don Haw Bobbi Simmons Jim Tomlin * Gerry Mader Zelda Lecoat Steve Vogel Maryellen Sault Gilbert Mitchell, Chair * Meets bi-weekly; initial efforts directed toward: develop inventory of existing SFI, decide where SFI stored, who has access, categorize, analyze, prioritize SFI, report to ESC: leadership summit actions: strategic planning, annual guidance document, (help PSC obtain/use SFI).

6 1 Challenge: Volume, types of information Collecting stakeholder feedback for … decades Height mod forums, CORS user forums, State advisor monthly reports, Convocations, Corbin Training Center events, Website user survey results, County scorecard results, Process Action Teams, Conferences, meetings, NOS Constituent Forums, NOAA budgeting process, Info. center requests, Inter-program-office collaborations, 6

7 Hydrographic Survey Review Panel recommendations, Regional-spatial-reference-center activities, Software configuration control boards, Strategic Planning workshops, meetings, Leadership Summits, Directors staff meeting minutes, Succession planning workshops, meetings, Division Chiefs meetings, Branch Chiefs meetings, Products, Services Committee meetings, Executive Steering Committee meetings, Survey Feedback Action reports, NOS weekly reports, All-hands, brown-bags, … 1 In addition to: 7

8 8 1 One example: State Advisor Monthly Report (2-7 pages per report) x (20 reports) x (12 months) = 480 -1,680 pages / year General info. on stakeholder interactions, rather than specific constituents concerns. (Advisors now include stakeholders concerns).

9 1 You might say, … like looking for a needle in a haystack… Looking for a needle in many haystacks: SFI stored everywhere: Intranet, website, SharePoint sites, shared drives, email, … Current examples: PSC requested Ajit, Frank: collect SFI on LOCUS, SFI on CBLs (usefulness of program;) reside in email folders, I place website survey results on PSC SharePoint site; pertinent These are not accessible We should collect SFI, but whats best place, method to store, use this info.? 9

10 1 Another information challenge: Events to engage stakeholders: ht. mod., convocations, … Weve kept: our presentations, meeting agendas, what we have told stakeholders, rather than what stakeholders have told us Looking for a needle; finding a toothpick 10

11 How to gather needles from haystacks? What feedback is most useful? 2 Challenge: Effectiveness: providing useful SFI For this; other projects: Whats the purpose; am I on the right track, will our efforts be effective? Make sure were scratching the itch 11

12 Feedback most useful our divisions: best tools collect, store, deliver info. (J. Tomlin) 12 (Know what materials to buy…) - Versus - OPUS model: online form: name, org., text box (feedback); e-mail to POC; comment box: searchable … record actual stakeholder questions, issues. (G. Mader) Start with a model; modify if needed … 2 SFC effectiveness discussion:

13 13 2 Ordinarily, I agree w/Jim: Most useful info; scratch the itch. Rather than weighting stakeholder concerns we think most important, Gerrys approach appealing. The last year or so: Ive looked for; looked at a lot of stakeholder feedback.

14 14 Agencies often mistake: users, products, services; they seek until survey & see results. 1. Park Service: educators, students; researchers: how many parks; size of the parks 2. Veterans Admin: veterans: others they served with 1. Park Service: families planning vacations: nearby hotels, etc. 2. Veterans Admin: veterans families for counseling, drug rehab. other services vet reluctant to seek. 2 Surveying website users: Lesson: agencys constituents, information needs often differ from original expectations; Let Stakeholders tell us whats most important. - Versus -

15 15 2 NGS website: most prevalent users: 1.Land surveyor/engineer 2.? 3.GIS/mapping professional How likely are we to invite these stakeholders to event, or directly solicit their feedback? students, educators

16 2 BK French Toast Sticks, infused with breakfast syrup Hot breakfast on the move. Like drinks to long-distance runners. Where did this come from? AM Express, portable: more breakfast on the go. Cooked fresh each morning in restaurant. 16 BK stayed competitive, meeting customer need, otherwise, BK focus on what we do best (cheaper burgers)

17 Sure we collect stakeholder feedback, most times we dont do anything with it cause we know better. 3 Challenge: Ideology: Why we work for NGS 17 SFI-based decisions at odds with view of mission. Not unanimous or prevalent; not a bad thing: Rooted in core values: reputation for accuracy, NOAAs Ideology: its motto:"Science, service, and stewardship We excel at the science … we can improve service component (Pause to reflect on geospatial summit)

18 18 What was the theme of the last NGS Convocation? Becoming a Customer-Focused Organization 1-3 Last Convocation combines these challenges: 1 Information: our presentations 2 Effectiveness: surveying ourselves; 3 Ideology: feedback: least useful sessions: becoming customer-focused org. Invited stakeholders, Facilitated exercises: how to meet customers needs: now; 10 years …

19 19 Use SFI to turn challenges into opportunities… Precise positioning: large eng. projects. Users, applications growing immensely Almost everybodys got one … Increasing our contributions to these expanding applications of accurate shoreline, precise positioning … we stand to gain a lot.

20 C/R Conclusions / Recommendations: 20 2. For which NGS products, services, programs is SFI most valuable? 1. What types feedback will SFC prioritize? 3. What tools will SFC choose to assist NGS decision making? I dont know. Addressing actual concerns more useful than our own ranking (presuming) whats most important to them.

21 21 We should use our understanding of NGS mission; let users tell us where the itch is.

22 22 C/R Conclusions and Recommendations: Conclusions and (One) Recommendation: Create incentives for obtaining; addressing constituents concerns.

23 Branch and Division Chiefs Groups C/R Putting the Pieces Together Leadership Development Efforts Succession Planning Workforce/ Outsourcing Plan NGS 10 Year Plan Geodesy What Lies Ahead Weve been putting the pieces together and building on past efforts for over a decade Workforce Management Team PSC NGS Decision Making Structure NGS Decision Making Model Strategic Plan Annual Guidance Document Annual Operating Plan ESC Convocations and Leadership Summits Customer Focused Integrated and Collaborative Organization = Cultural Change One Piece Missing! 23

24 24 Culture change = behavior change; To change behavior, we use incentives. How do we implement a culture change? At home: If you want video game system, Keep your grades up. These incentives communicate that our family culture values school as a priority.

25 Nationally: Weve got to use less energy … break our dependence on foreign oil. 25 Cash for clunkers (for energy-saving cars) Cash for clinkers (for energy-saving appliances) Cash for caulkers (for energy-saving homes) Recent progress due to tax incentives: Incentives communicate that our national culture values conserving energy.

26 26 NOS Safety Pro of the Quarter, NOS Peer Rafting Award. When NGS communicates that its organizational culture values addressing stakeholders needs,... NOS: communicates that its organizational culture values safety, cooperation NOAAs ideals: science, service, stewardship.

27 27 End of presentation. Thank you for listening.

28 28 Stakeholder input in context:

29 29 PSC Top Recommendations: State advisors monthly reports should include information on constituents concerns. (5) NGS should establish policies governing where SFI, other important information should be kept. (3) NGS should commit the staff resources needed to reliably record stakeholder feedback and follow-up actions (3) NGS should use a standardized format to capture constituents concerns (3) PSC should be provided with annual summary of SFI from website suggestion box. (2) PSC should increase its use of SFI. (2) NGS personnel should be encouraged to prepare trip reports. (2)

30 30 Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as networkingmicro-blogging Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as followers.text-basedcharacters Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends or, by default, allow open access. users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, Short Message Service (SMS), or external applicationsShort Message Service Many of us are all a-twitter

31 Convocation Follow up CBLs Other equipment - 3D scanners air-group Use for GPS antennas OPUS-CBL Should these be in the IDB? Look into PAT 20 design flaw? Perhaps policy statement on GPS on CBL Online PowerPoint on how to use a CBL #2 - Look beyond NGS for feedback Focus group to plow through adjustment backlog Low-hanging fruit, short-term Look at issues of competing accuracies Two documents from Snay. Get these out. Emails to stakeholders. Not just internal opt-in (monthly, quarterly?) or just when something is significant.

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