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Giving and Receiving Feedback

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1 Giving and Receiving Feedback
COS 4880 Productive Work Teams

2 Introduction Feedback is a critical part of working with others.
Training Supervision Management to employee vs. peer to peer Giving and receiving feedback are core skills for those who work in teams.

3 Introduction Feedback is a TWO way street. For feedback to be effective, both the giver and the receiver must value the process, have basic feedback skills, and be willing participants.

4 Questions Before giving feedback ask yourself What is my goal?
How can I best communicate my thoughts? Is this the right time and place?

5 Giving Feedback, Guidelines
Give feedback when the receiver is ready. Be descriptive not interpretive “I thought we agreed you would ice the cake” not “you don’t care about birthdays”!

6 Giving Feedback, Guidelines
Keep it current Give feedback immediately Don’t dredge up ancient history Don’t collect stamps! Appropriate time and place Who is present Is there time to really have a discussion

7 Giving Feedback, Guidelines
Provide feedback that is useful to the receiver A report of the obvious may not be as helpful as new information. USE I STATEMENTS !!!

8 Giving Feedback, Guidelines
Give feedback ONLY about changeable things. Feedback is NOT a demand for change. Don’t overload the receiver What is really important Use Fritz’s “one damned thing at a time rule”

9 Giving Feedback, Guidelines
Provide balance Avoid a one up position Self disclose Own your part of a conflict Be specific not general “yesterday, when we were in a meeting you said” NOT “you always say ….”

10 Questions When receiving feedback ask yourself these questions.
Is there something I can learn here? What is the giver trying to tell me? Are there changes I can make to improve this situation/relationship?

11 Receiving Feedback, Guidelines
Ask for feedback in areas where it will be most useful to you! Use listening skills. Attending Reflection Empathy

12 Receiving Feedback, Guidelines
Remember, feedback is a gift! Share your reactions to feedback. Feedback is a gift! Sincerely, thank the giver.

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