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Competency-Based Performance Management

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1 Competency-Based Performance Management
Training Refresher Module: Constructive Feedback

2 Constructive feedback?
What is….. Constructive feedback? Pause to discuss in groups, document answers of overall group on flip charts, then proceed to next slide to illustrate

3 Constructive feedback
Constructive feedback is: Useful Meaningful Impactful Easy to understand

4 Communicating feedback
Give: Constructive Based on observed behaviour Objective Specific Short and concise On the issue, not the person Timely Receive: Listen Ask questions for clarification Don’t get defensive Don’t argue Reflect Take suggestions to heart Handle feedback with care

5 Examples – Feedback to be improved
DHR Examples – Feedback to be improved “You get irritated with Bob so quickly. You need to be more patient” “Well done!” “You never listen to me” “You handle difficult situations well” DHR

6 Examples – Improving feedback
DHR Examples – Improving feedback “You get irritated with Bob so quickly. You need to be more patient.” “When we were in the meeting just now, I observed that you interrupted Bob twice when he was sharing his thoughts. The impact was that he stopped contributing to the meeting.” “Well done!” “Well done! You managed that meeting very effectively. I observed that you gave everyone room to contribute while also managing the conflict that came up very smoothly.” DHR

7 Examples – Improving feedback
DHR Examples – Improving feedback “You never listen to me.” “I appreciate that you ask me for input when developing your plans. However the last two times the document you have produced hasn’t reflected any of my feedback. The impact for me is that I wonder if my input has really been heard.” “You handle difficult situations well.” “Thank you for your facilitation in that stakeholder meeting. When the conflict arose, I really noticed how effective you were at bringing everyone back to the topic at hand, without them feeling like they were shut down.” DHR

8 Principles of constructive feedback
For feedback to be constructive… The individual should understand it The Individual should be able to accept it The individual should be able to do something with it

9 Types of feedback “You did not formulate objectives” “You give friendly & dedicated service to our customers” “This is completely wrong” (judgement) “It looks lovely” (empty compliment) specific not specific negative positive

10 How to develop constructive feedback skills
Plan conversations carefully Use the one-pager as a memory-jogger Write it down, say it out loud Test messages on a peer Practice until it comes naturally Point out the one pager on constructive feedback for them to use as they do this exercise (and keep as a reference)

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