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Binjomah For Digital Services 11:11 11-11-11.

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1 Binjomah For Digital Services 11:11 11-11-11

2 What Are The Digital Services ? Everyone of us needs for some sort of services. There are variety of them; medical, financial, logistic, consultation, …etc. They can be provided by different ways. They might be provided by organizations, groups, persons or self-service. They could be chargeable or free of charge. One type of these services which could be provided these days, in the communication and internet revolutions time, is the digital services. Its similar to the services weve mentioned above but they are provided electronically; through personal CDs programs, or through the internet.

3 Why To Use The Digital Services ? Digital services can spread faster and wider than regular services. It could reach almost every one whos using the computer or any other latest- technology means which can be connected to the internet in the world. It creates competitions which lead to reduce the cost and raise the quality of the services. More options with different features will be available for the users.

4 BinjomahThe Digital Services ? We looked for the most valued services needed by the majority of people in the world. Then we made a website that includes them. We tried to make it as simple as we can, so it can be used by low computer knowledge person as well as the one who is computer pro. We also put in our consideration to make it nice looking so user would not feel pored while using it. All of these services are provided for 100% free.

5 For Hire Service For Hire For Hire service: this service is provided specially for those whos looking for a job or a worker. Its simply displays a brief resume about the job seeker. There is a list of all the resumes, so the work owners can filter this list up to their needs. Any one with any background can use this service, by jus subscribing and filling his or her information. Also pictures for the user can be attached with the resume.

6 For Sale Service For Sale For Sale service: This service assists anyone who would like to sell any item; houses, cars, equipments …etc. For instance it helps also students to sell their used books. Also its provided for those whos looking for something to buy. There is a list of all the items for sale so it can be filtered up to their needs. Full information, with pictures attached, for each item can be seen when selected.

7 For Rent Service For Rent For Rent service: If you have apartments, cars, boats or any other things for rent, then this service will help you. You can add the item for rent information to be included in the main for rent items list. So they can be exposed to people in all over the world. Also if you are looking for a house, an apartment, a car, a boat or anything for rent just go to the list and search for the item youre looking for.

8 For You Service For You For You service: If youre celebrating marriage, graduation, getting new baby, wining … etc, then you are welcome to use this service. You can add your celebration information with pictures so people you know or you dont know from all over the world can share you the happy moments and congratulate you through the website. You can add, if you like, information regard the celebration timing and location so the people who you invited can come easily to the celebration place.

9 Wanted Service Wanted Wanted service: Sometimes we look for something with specific features which cannot be found any where easily. This service helps to identify exactly what youre looking for. It increases the chance of finding it any where in the world.

10 Welcome To Our Site You can go to the website now and try it your self. If you have comments or questions in mind please use our email or Speed Mail in the web and send us. If you like the website please tell your friends about it. It may reach someone whos really looking for. If you dont like it please tell us and also tell us why you tell us why, so we can improve it.

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