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Beginning Internet Welcome!

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1 Beginning Internet Welcome!
This class is a beginner’s level look at the Internet, the World Wide Web, and how to access resources on the Web.

2 Beginning Internet If you have a question, please ask.
There will also be time for questions after the class.

3 Beginning Internet Please turn off your cell phone or set it to silent mode for the duration of the class. If you must use your cell phone, please step outside the class while you are on the phone.

4 Beginning Internet The Internet and World Wide Web
Internet Service Providers Web Browsers

5 The Internet A network is created when two or more computers are connected to each other to share information.

6 The Internet Networks can be also be connected together to share information and computing power.

7 The Internet Just as phone networks connect to each other so we can talk to people across the country and around the world, computer networks can connect to each other so computers can “talk” to each other.

8 The Internet The Internet is the global network of networks, connecting computer networks across the country and around the world.

9 The Internet Computers in a network that is connected to the Internet can communicate with other networks and computers that are also connected to the Internet.

10 The World Wide Web The World Wide Web is the part of the Internet which presents electronic information in an interactive format.

11 The World Wide Web The World Wide Web is made up of web sites. Each web site has one or more web pages.

12 Anyone can have a web site:
The World Wide Web Anyone can have a web site:

13 The World Wide Web Web pages contain special areas called hyperlinks. These links can appear as underlined words. Pictures or images on the page can also be hyperlinks. Clicking on a hyperlink will take you to another web page.

14 The World Wide Web Everything on the World Wide Web has a unique location. You can go directly to a web page by typing in its exact web address. Web addresses look like this:

15 The World Wide Web Web pages are stored on special computers called web servers. While the Internet and World Wide Web are always available, sometimes individual web servers experience technical problems.

16 The World Wide Web When there is a problem with a web server, web pages stored on it may be temporarily unavailable.

17 Beginning Internet The Internet and World Wide Web
Internet Service Providers Web Browsers

18 Internet Service Providers
Before you can visit a web site, you must be connected to the Internet.

19 Internet Service Providers
If you are at the Library, you may access the Internet through the Library’s WiFi service, or by using the Library’s computers.

20 Internet Service Providers
To access the Internet from home, you must use an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

21 Internet Service Providers
Internet Service Providers charge a fee for providing Internet access. Prices vary depending on the service package and the type of connection.

22 Internet Service Providers
The fee charged by the ISP for Internet access will vary depending on: Type of connection Speed of the connection Length of time (on the Web)

23 Internet Service Providers
The typical choices for home users are: Dial up access, using a telephone line. High speed access, using either Cable or telephone lines. Wireless access, using a cellphone service.

24 Internet Service Providers
Dial up access uses a telephone modem to convert signals to and from the computer. Most computers today have telephone modems built in.

25 Internet Service Providers
High speed Internet access through DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) or Cable require a special modem, usually supplied by the ISP.

26 Internet Service Providers
A dial up connection to the Internet requires the computer “dial” into the ISP’s network through the modem. The connection lasts only as long as the modem’s telephone connection is active.

27 Internet Service Providers
A high speed connection to the Internet typically maintains the connection as long as the cable or phone line is plugged into the modem. With this type of service, the Internet is “always on.”

28 Internet Service Providers
Internet service through an ISP usually includes: Multiple accounts Space to post personal web pages

29 Internet Service Providers
If you do not have, or want, Internet access at home, one option is to use computers at your local Library. Libraries do not provide accounts, however, or space for personal web pages.

30 Beginning Internet The Internet and World Wide Web
Internet Service Providers Web Browsers

31 Web Browsers Once you have an Internet connection, you need a Web “browser” to retrieve content on the Web, and display it for you.

32 Web Browsers There are several browsers available to choose from.

33 Web Browsers Browsers allow you to view web pages as well as the many different types of content available on the web, such as: Movies Music Instant Messaging

34 Web Browsers Let’s try it out.
To open the web browser, click on its icon shortcut on the desktop and press the Enter key (or double click the icon).

35 Web Browsers The browser will open a pre-set home page.

36 Web Browsers Links on the page will turn the arrow cursor into a pointing hand. Clicking on a link will take you to another web page, or other content.

37 Web Browsers
Click inside the address bar. This will highlight the address already there. Now type the new address and press the “Enter” key on the keyboard.

38 Beginning Internet Thank you for attending this class!
If you have questions, please see the instructor.

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