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Student Organization Circuit Training Jason Heiserman & Rachel Navarre Department of Student Life Johns Hopkins University.

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1 Student Organization Circuit Training Jason Heiserman & Rachel Navarre Department of Student Life Johns Hopkins University

2 Overview of Training Requirements Policies and Procedures Finances and Funding Event Planning Promotion and Publicity

3 Online Resources Undergraduate Student Organization Handbook Undergraduate Student Organization Handbook Financial Services For Student Organizations Financial Services For Student Organizations Programs and Trainings for Student Organization Leaders Programs and Trainings for Student Organization Leaders Student Event Planning Guide Student Event Planning Guide Information for Student Organization Advisors Information for Student Organization Advisors

4 Expectations for Student Organizations Open to all (Title IX exception) Accurate records Constitution on file Not for profit or personal gain Affiliated with SGA, CSC, GRO or university office/department

5 Officer Requirements Full-time undergraduate student Krieger or Whiting 2.0 or higher GPA Traditionally President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary May have unique titles as long as Primary Contact exists

6 Member Requirements Full-time or Part-time Affiliated with any JHU school Organizations may have GPA higher standards Early graduates (p. 8 of handbook) Membership dues and fees (p. 8 of handbook)

7 Advisor Requirements May self select advisor unless written in a job description Full-time or Part-time faculty/staff and graduate students are eligible Alumni and community members may co-advise with on-campus employee University employees may not be paid to advise Advisors should assist with transitioning, networking, training, policy comprehension, mediating, etc. Expectations between group and advisor should be discussed in advance

8 Privileges of Registered Student Organizations Listed in publications and websites Use of JHU name and logo Room reservations Hosting events and fundraisers Publicizing/promoting On-campus bank accounts Mailbox space

9 Registering Your Student Organization Registration occurs annually Done through Each group must have a Primary Contact All distribution lists generated through this site You may update group profile throughout year

10 Emails and Websites E-mail alias – Website alias- Mailing list- Details on p. 7 of handbook

11 Policies and Procedures

12 Accessibility Please make arrangements prior to your events with Office of Disability Support Services Student Life will assist with costs Make sure your meeting space is accessible

13 Hazing ILLEGAL DONT DO IT Hazing is not just about alcohol. It includes a variety of non-voluntary acts that may seem harmless, but can make students uncomfortable Details on p. 14 of handbook

14 Logo and Name Use Registered groups may use JHU or Hopkins branding Never distort the logo or seal It is recommended to put JHU or Hopkins at the END OF YOUR GROUP NAME so you will be easier to search

15 Risk Management Waivers Protect your group from lawsuits Recreational activities, travel, sports competitions, anything deemed risky Office of Risk Management

16 Room Reservations Request meeting time and special event at the end of each semester 410-516-8209, homewoodscheduleevents homewoodscheduleevents Tables and Breezeway banners, Academic space- – Before 6pm: html html – After 6pm:

17 Solicitation Do not conduct fundraisers or recruit members without table space No solicitation in residence halls and university-owned apartments

18 Travel and Vans Must have an on- campus account to reserve Must be van certified, No more than 300 miles roundtrip for ground travel Your own vehicle = your own insurance

19 Finances Attend a Financial Training Workshop for many more details

20 Student Activities Commission (SAC) Funding board of the Student Government Does fund cultural, performing arts, publications and journals, religious, special interest/hobby, and sports clubs Does not fund academic, honor/professional societies, Greek life, advocacy and service, student support services, and graduate student groups Annual allocations in April/May, funding grants monthly during school year

21 Grant Opportunities Student Life Programming Grants for community builders, new initiatives and unique collaborations Alumni Association Student Group Grants Homewood Arts Grants and Arts Innovation Grants Credit Union T-Shirt Grants Pepsi Refresh Project ntlife/funding/other.html ntlife/funding/other.html

22 Financial Officers Each group should have two, such as President and Treasurer Only financial officers can initiate financial requests

23 Paying Vendors Attach original invoice or bill to Financial Transaction Request (orange form) Allow time for new vendors to be added For Independent Contractors, attach contract to Financial Transaction Request Independent Contractor = Social Security Number Vendor Payment = Federal ID

24 Reimbursing Members Attach ITEMIZED receipts to Financial Transaction Request Over $100 = check mailed to you Under $100 = petty cash in Garland Hall Please keep requests to $10 or more Reimbursements for JHU students only Two signatures on form

25 Depositing Money Dues, ticket sales, donations Bring cash or checks to Office of Student Activities during normal business hours Please try not to keep money overnight Make copies of your checks

26 Transferring Money Complete funding transfer request form in Office of Student Activities You will need to have both account numbers

27 Donations Should be submitted through Development Donations of $100 or more receive tax credit Checks made out to JHU with student group name written in Memo section

28 Fundraising IMPORTANT way to make money for your organization Fundraised money stays in your account Can assist with non-essential items like t- shirts, awards, social events, food at meetings, etc.

29 Gift Cards Gift cards may be given as prizes but should be for $25 or less to avoid taxable income

30 Copy Cards For use of the copier in Office of Student Activities Prices range from $3.50- $70 Must have an on-campus account Only financial officer can be reimbursed FedEx Kinkos is a good alternative – save your receipts

31 Tax Exempt Status Bring a tax exempt card with you when you go shoppingtax exempt card You cannot be reimbursed for sales tax in Maryland

32 Event Planning

33 Steps to Event Planning Brainstorm Ideas Draft a Plan Pick a Date Find a Location Plan your Event Follow a Budget Market the Event Evaluate the Event

34 Contracts Confirm date and location FIRST Contracts must be signed by an authorized university official – Usually Jason Heiserman! – Allow 2 business days for review Be careful – Dont burn bridges for others

35 Parking Parking garage permits for guests: $8 Service permits for vendors: $10 Send e-mail to with budget information to purchase permits

36 Security May be required for events: Involving alcohol Open to non-JHU students/general public Involving large cash transactions With no clear boundaries (dance party, concert) With a precedence or potential of liability or security risks to Johns Hopkins students, faculty, staff, guests, or property Must be reserved 2 weeks prior Contact Homewood Scheduling for more information

37 Events with Alcohol Must use a 3 rd party vendor Beer and wine only on- campus No student organization money towards alcohol No open bars – cash bar only Must get pre-approval Must have security and staff present

38 Film Screenings Under the Federal Copyright Act, no film can be shown in public spaces, including residence hall lounges, without first obtaining film rights Federal crime with maximum sentence of 5 years and/or $250,000 fine Film rights can be purchased from companies, like Swank motion pictures Price varies from $200 to $800

39 Gaming Permits State of Maryland Gaming Permit is required for raffles or gambling events where there is an exchange of money

40 Open Flames Baltimore City law – no open flames in public indoor spaces No open flames for indoor induction ceremonies Open flames for outdoor use must be approved by Levering Student Life office

41 Crowd Control Trainings Watch the training video and take the test – Takes about 20 minutes Crowd control manager required for events with 50-250 people. One additional manager required for additional 250 – Must make announcement at beginning to inform patrons of emergency exits

42 Social Event Registration Off-campus social events should be registered with the Office of Student Activities We are here to help you in being proactive!

43 Promotion and Publicity

44 Our Survey Says Top ways to advertise are: 1.Todays Announcements 2.Facebook 3.Word of Mouth

45 Advertising Policies and Procedures Advertising must not contain material that: – Is pornographic – Harasses an individual or group – Contains a message of hate or violence – Promotes hate speech or events – Promotes free alcohol – Promotes unhealthy alcohol practices (drinking games) – Violates university policies Dorm storming is prohibited Do not tape posters to painted or glass surfaces

46 Submit announcements Submit announcements by noon for the them to appear the following day (Friday @ noon to appear the following Monday) Be as specific as possible with your content No teasers, no ALL CAPS Click students only unless you really expect faculty to read

47 University events calendar: Easy submission tool, plus bulk submissions You can be a group admin and post events on behalf of your organization Events are sent out as part of an email newsletter

48 Sent out on Fridays (usually) from Jason Heiserman, Content generated from Todays Announcements and requests sent directly to Jason

49 Mural Boards Now reserved through OSA

50 Flash Ads Contact Keep your ads simple, less is more! Submit at least 2 weeks prior

51 Table Talkers Four-sided plastic napkin holders in dining halls Submit copy to Kelly Davis in Wolman Dining office for approval

52 Chalking Permitted in designated areas around campus – See Event Planning Guide for listing Do not chalk on marble, on walls, or under breezeways

53 Banners Mattin Center: Eric Beatty Breezeway: Syreeta Hubbard at Residence halls: Hannah Von Krause MSE Library: Betty Cook

54 Tabling Breezeway: Syreeta Hubbard at Outside residence halls: Hannah Von Krause Q Level: Betty Cook

55 Social Media Facebook Twitter Four Square You Tube Others?

56 Youve Got Questions? Weve Got Answers (hopefully)

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