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Hagvura st. 6/12. Qiriat-Gat 82000.Israel. Cell: 972-54-7985218 BRUS Technologies Dr. Zinovi.

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1 Hagvura st. 6/12. Qiriat-Gat 82000.Israel. Cell: 972-54-7985218 BRUS Technologies Dr. Zinovi Brusilovsky Confidential BRUS Technologies ENERGY-SAVING WHITE AND VARIABLE-COLOR LIGHTING LAMPS

2 General description of the project The project relates to energy-saving white and variable-color lamps with point light radiators intended for lighting apartments, public and industrial buildings, and also for advertisements, color music devices, motor cars and instrumentation. Confidential BRUS Technologies For the first time, series of energy-saving white (with different shades) and variable-color lighting lamps have been developed. These lamps use LEDs, have small dimensions and allow creating uniform spatial scattering of high intensity light flux. Our energy-saving lamps could be the alternative for incandescent lamps of 100W, 150W and more, which are forbidden in Europe and the USA, and of the still permitted 40W and 60W incandescent lamps. Information about the prototype of these lamps could be found at:

3 Its important that the lamps being offered save a significant amount of energy. They are capable of creating luminous flux of any power using only LEDs as light sources. Such a lamp converts the beams emitted by LEDs into uniformly distributed spatial light. This lamp can be used instead of old- fashioned incandescent lamps or compact fluorescent lamps which are harmful for human health, as it was determined by the World Health Organization. Confidential BRUS Technologies The problem and how this invention solves it

4 All of the point luminaries on the present- day market may be divided into many types: pendant, floor-type, desk-type, and those built into the ceiling, walls, floor or furniture. However, they all have a common feature – they emit light of almost the same color – white or slightly yellowish. They are not color luminaries. Confidential BRUS Technologies Another color, constant and invariable, may only be obtained by using colored bulbs, caps, filters or shades. LED luminaries also allow the emission of light of a single preset color. It should also be noted that LED luminaries are not point-type, and their power is dependent on their area.

5 Distinctive features of the LEDs lamps according to this project are as follows: 1.The size of the light radiator completely corresponds to that of an incandescent lamp (40W, 60W, 100W, 200W). 2.Viewing Angle – 180-300 degrees. 3. The lamp can change its color 4. The range of colors is practically unlimited Confidential BRUS Technologies 5. The color is absolutely uniform 6. Any color can be set by using an operating control in real time 7. The color can be varied automatically following a preset program. 8. The lamp provides uniform spatial distribution of light. 9. Solar energy is effective for illumination with these lamps. Thus, the invention offers ample scope for progress in lighting systems (patent pending).

6 The market. What is the total world addressable market of this invention? The list of applications for the products is endless. - Apartment lighting (Mass production) 1.White light lamp ( instead of incandescent lamps or compact fluorescent lamps) Confidential BRUS Technologies 2.White and variable-light lamps 1.White light spots (instead of incandescent lamps) 2.White and variable-light

7 Table Lamps Ceiling Lamps Wall Lamps Chandeliers Confidential BRUS Technologies 1. White light lamps (instead of incandescent lamps or compact fluorescent lamps) - Apartment lighting (Serial production) 2.White and variable-light Despite their high cost now (taking into account their price in 2009), the efficiency of LED lamps for 5 years of operation is ten times as high as that of cheap incandescent lamps. The calculated annual saving in electric energy for lighting an area of 200 sq. meters with LED lamps reaches 34776 kWh. This amount corresponds to about 4173 USD.

8 Confidential BRUS Technologies For motor cars Instead of using several light sources, direction indicator lamps, stop signal, brake lamps and rear light may employ only one light source changing it color. whiteyellowred

9 UV Spot Curing Systems The new light sources may be used in various electro-optic devices for colored or non-colored lighting or as signal lamps. Instead of separate signal lamps (red, green, yellow, etc.), it will be sufficient to have only one changing its color. Lighting of advertisements and the interior of buildings The color of advertisements and the interior of buildings can also be varied in time. Confidential BRUS Technologies The developed lamps make it possible to vary the color and intensity of lighting at any instant, and thereby to create multiple color combinations changeable at will. This allows the simultaneous solution of functional, aesthetic and emotional problems according to the purpose of one or another room and to the time of day. Now everyone can choose and change lighting colors in compliance with his or her character and mood at the moment. Thus, the invention offers ample scope for progress in the lighting and color pattern of rooms.

10 Competitors, present-day and future Possible competitors are companies manufacturing multi-purpose electric lighting equipment. Analogues of the proposed lighting systems – high intensity LED lighting - have not been found. Confidential BRUS Technologies Until now, experimental research has been conducted, and tens of prototypes have been made. Each prototype allowed the development of a more perfect model. Provisional patent pending. Status of the project

11 Comparison of the Efficiency of Lamps with Different Light Sources (for general lighting of an area of 200 sq. meters at a ceiling height of 3 meters) Light sourcesIncandescent lampsHalogen lamps Compact Fluorescent lamps LED devices Lamp power, W100502060 Typical efficiency, lm/W102070100 Luminous flux, lm1000 14006000 Illuminance at floor level, lx400 Required number of lamps80 6014 Power consumption, kW841.20.84 Dissipated heat power, kW7. Conditioning system power, kW2.51.2–– Total power consumption, kW10. Annual (300 working days, 12 hours per day) electric energy consumption, kWh 378001872043203024 Annual cost of electric energy (at 0.12 USD/kWh)45362246518363 Light source service life, h1000400016000100000 Required number of light sources for 5 years of operation (18000 hours) 144036010814 Cost of one light source in USD1.554.550 Cost of all light sources for 5 years of operation in USD21601800486700 Total expenditures on light sources and electric energy for 5 years, USD 248401303030762515 Confidential BRUS Technologies

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