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LED Revolution in Lighting

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1 LED Revolution in Lighting
ACON LED Revolution in Lighting - Kartik Bakeri Suveg Electronics SYNERGY FOR ENERGY 2012

2 Company Profile ACON Suveg Electronics, part of Bakeri Group is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, established in 1985 We deliver market-leading products with improved energy conservation, distinctive styling & accustomed to hostile environmental conditions Many of our innovations are patented & designed to give maximum light output along with enhanced energy saving Testing carried out at UL, & ERDA, as per International Standards

3 LED Revolution in Lighting
-This presentation endeavors to give a fundamental outlook on why, where, where not and what’s of LED in the world of lighting. - LED lighting for general illumination - Where to use LED - Efficiency, cost economics and maintenance required - How to select the right LED luminaire? - Knowledge of LM 79, LM 80 EMI/EMC standards and certain thermal aspects - Verification after installation whether the luminary has been delivered as per the specifications promised

4 Application Efficacy, Cost, Cost of Electricity generation, Life, Maintenance, warrantee as compared to other efficient light sources such as T5, CFL, sodium vapour, induction lamp, etc. Use of lenses increases the usable efficiency So, application in street lights, industrial high bay, solar, table lamps, work bench, sign boards/hoardings, and other task lighting

5 Main Contents of LED fixture
LED/s MPCB for the LED/s Heat Sinking Housing Optics and/or toughened glass cover Driver/s (Electronic circuit) – the heart

6 Standards & Compliance
Apart from the general standards like Ingress protection, etc. Specially applicable to LED luminaries : IS 1610X/LM79 and EMC standards LM79 : Luminous characteristics EMC : Compliance to electromagnetic standards

7 IESNA –LM-79-2008 Power consumption Luminous Flux (Lumen)
System Efficacy : Lumen/Watt : lm/W is practical at present Power Factor : Preferably greater than 0.98 Field angle and Beam angle CCT & CRI Photometry

8 Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) & Colour Rendering Index (CRI)
CCT : to preferable for general illumination CRI : preferably > 70

9 Asymmetric batwing pattern – Street Light
An ideal Polar Curve for the street light

10 Corresponding Light Intensity Data
Source: UL Report No ACON SL_90W

11 Road with Angular diagram
¥ = 60° C = 0° ¥ = 30° ¥ = 60° C = 90° ¥ = 60° C = 70°

12 IES file : whether matching IS1944

13 9 Point Method : A practical approach
B C G D F J H Avg Lux= (A+B+C+D)/ (E+F+G+H)/8 + J/4

14 Case Study 9 Point Calculation
ACON 65W LED Street Light Road Width: 15m, Height: 8.5m, Spacing: 30m, Angle: 15 Deg Points A B C 1 24 15 2 18 3 13 8 Avg Lux 16 Uo 0.51 Min/ Max > 33% 150W HPSV Road Width: 15m, Height: 8.5m, Spacing: 30m, Angle: 15 Deg Points A B C 1 30 5 2 25 3 11 4 Avg Lux < 15 Uo < 0.4 Min / Max < 33%

15 EMC Harmonics Emission Immunity Conducted Radiated

16 EMC : Supply Current THD < 10%
Supply Current total Harmonics Distortion should be < 10% THD < 10% with low conducted Emission THD < 30% with high conducted Emission Supply Current Waveforms

17 EMC Emission : EN 55015 limits
Quasi-peak & Average Limits and obtained Average at mains terminals

18 Immunity as per IEC 61547 Injected current (common mode radio frequency) Fast transient (5/50 ns pulses) Radio frequency Electromagnetic field Surge Test (1.2/50 µsec) ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)

19 IESNA-LM-80 V/s Tj=85º C LED tested @ Tj=25º C

20 Summary Test Reports Physical Verification LM 79 for photometric data
THD < 10% Conducted & Radiated Emission as per EN 55015 Immunity as per IEC 61547 LM 80 test for LEDs at Tj =85º C Physical Verification Supply Current Waveform for THD & Conducted Emission Consumption & Power Factor 9 Point Avg Lux measurement

21 ACON Thank You! ACON LED SL powered by G.E.B. & DG Sets

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