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How to Use Income/Expense Analysis Data in Ways You Never Thought Possible?

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1 How to Use Income/Expense Analysis Data in Ways You Never Thought Possible?

2 Income/Expense Analysis ® Reports Reports Residential Office Retail Benchmarking Trends & Historical Data Case Studies by Ingo Kraus and Nick Schwendeman I/E Labs

3 Income/Expense Analysis Program

4 Data is King Evaluate properties and investment options Monitor property performance Stay on top of market trends Prepare budgets and loan applications Negotiate beneficial leases

5 Users Who uses the data? Property Managers Appraisers Assessors Financial Institutions Lenders Real Estate Consultants & Advisors Academia Developers

6 Five Annual Studies to Aid in Assessing your Property Income/Expense Analysis ® Publications More than 58 years of publishing data Conventional Apartments Federally Assisted Apartments Condominiums, Cooperatives, and Planned Unit Developments Office Buildings Shopping Centers

7 Conventional Apartments 3,400 multi-family properties Presented in: Dollars per square foot Percentage of gross possible income Dollars per unit Breakdowns by age, size and range Historical trends Section 42 properties

8 Conventional Apartments Trends: NOI

9 Conventional Apartments Trends: Rents

10 Conventional Apartments Trends: Expenses

11 Federally Assisted Apartments 1,000 apartment buildings Data on federally assisted programs HUD sections 202, 221(d) 3, 236 Section 8 Rural Development section 515 Tenant turnover and operating ratios

12 FAA Trends: Net Operating Income

13 FAA Trends: Operating Ratios and Turnover

14 FAA Trends: Total Expenses

15 Condos, Coops, & PUDS 2,100 community associations nationwide Grouped by association type and building type Tracks: Utilities Maintenance Insurance Taxes Amenities

16 CCP Trends: Total Operating Expenses

17 CCP Trends: Replacement Reserves & Assessments

18 Office Buildings 2,400 private sector office buildings Downtown and suburban markets Presented in dollars per square foot Breakdowns by building size, height, age and rental range Capital Expenditures Green Buildings Medical Office Buildings

19 Office Buildings Trends: Subtotals

20 Office Buildings Trends: Net Operating Costs

21 Shopping Centers Nearly 500 Open Shopping Centers Income based on types of leases and anchors Data by age of center, size, regional areas and national statistics Tracks non-enclosed common areas Special reports Leasing fees Expansion Tenant turnover Type of ownership Gross sales analysis

22 Shopping Centers Trends: Income

23 Shopping Centers Trends: Expenses

24 Benchmarking To gauge or measure A standard point of reference in measuring or judging quality, value, cost, etc.

25 Benchmarking As it relates to buildings, we can benchmark: Building performance Income, Expenses, NOI, etc. Tenant turnover Energy usage Historical trends Comparative data

26 Benchmarking: How? 1.Record building data and operating expense 2.Calculate per square foot costs 3.Select comparative data 4.Calculate dollar and percentage variances 5.Compare data and determine reasons/justifications for variances 6.Set goals, prioritize and implement expense reduction efforts 7.Monitor and document results

27 Case Study Ingo Kraus, CPM ® Regional Manager, Altman Management Company, AMO ®

28 Case Study Nick Schwendeman, CPM ® Senior Vice-President, Asset Management The Webb Companies

29 I/E Labs

30 I/E Labs--Reports

31 I/E Labs--Criteria

32 I/E Labs--Results

33 Summary Five Income/Expenses Analysis ® are available from IREM Highlighted trend data can be meaningful and provide comparison Benchmark and Compare your data I/E Labs…for trending historical data Visit our website: IREM.ORG

34 Matthew OHara Income/Expense Analysis ® Manager (312) 329-6025 Questions? Comments? We are happy to help you!

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