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5 Q & A: What is TPT? How does it work? It is a website that enables you to sell your worksheets and lessons,in addition to your other educational products, being goods or digital. You create a free account, and start filling you store with your items. You choose the proper method of payment according to your country.

6 Q & A: What makes a good product? Good products are the ones that fulfil the aim for which they are created. Saying that the students will learn such and such by the end of using this kit, means they should learn what was mentioned.

7 Q & A: Where from to get ideas for the products? From your daily life as a teacher, inside or outside your classroom.

8 Games Flash cards Bulletin boards Work sheets Quizzes and exams Models Stores Books Decoration items Practice sheets And the list goes on........

9 Q & A: How to test for the proper functioning of the product? By trying it yourself with your students, and/or may be let a colleague doing so.

10 Q & A: What are the components of the digital kit? Ready to use students materials Instructions for teachers on how to use them Preview file (optional-link to your store) Thumbnail images(can be created for you) Description of the product

11 How much should I charge for my products? for-TpT-Sellers-536514

12 Q & A: How to get paid? There are several methods to do so, the most popular of which is the paypal one. Create a free account and start accepting money. You can then transfer this money to your bank account. You need a visa for that.

13 Blogging Social media ( facebook,twitter,u-tube,linkedIn,.........etc) Throw a sale Banners on your website






19 Activity 1.Imagine you have a store, what theme are you going to use? 2.What about your first free product? 3.Idea of one product

20 Congrats. You have a business plan Idea Product Store Customers Promotion tools Way to get paid


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