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ANNUAL REPORT 2012 AOSII AGM 2012 CHY Number: 19499 15/12/2012.

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1 ANNUAL REPORT 2012 AOSII AGM 2012 CHY Number: 19499 15/12/2012

2 PRESIDENT REPORT AOSII want to achieve excellence in BIG things that is why we develop the habit in little matters. We know that excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude. Attitude? Special thanks to all that gives this prevailing attitude- those who have sincerely volunteered their time, resources and money to nurture this great organization. Our effort as an association is focusing on balancing the impact of inequality in our communities even though we all know that inequality is a natural phenomenon. However, our mission is to bridge this gap of inequality. A vivid and deep understanding of our objectives revolves around bridging the gap of INEQUALITY by creating and encouraging access to valuable information. 15/12/2012

3 PRESIDENT REPORT Managing the outcome of inequality require both effort of privileged and less-privileged in our community. We belief that things can only but continue to get better if people are well-inform, and improved on awareness of this larger community we live in. AOSII brand is cutting across communities in Ireland- fulfilling our integration objectives. A lot was done in 2012 to improve this awareness. We need to consolidate and maintain the pace as a pacesetter. AOSII brand is becoming internationalized, and we are working towards formalization of the process required. In the next 12 months, we want to strategically collaborate effectively and efficiently with relevant organizations, networks, agencies and authorities to achieve our objectives. 15/12/2012

4 PRESIDENT REPORT AOSII want to continue with creation of circumstances conducive to achieving our objectives by maintaining an optimistic outlook and make effort to harbor only positive thoughts. However, staying positive does not mean that we ignore difficulties or disregard limitations. Instead, it means spending time focusing only on the thoughts that are conducive to our well-being and progress. 15/12/2012

5 PRESIDENT REPORT AOSII, an organisation with Root from Gateway state Ogun state Nigeria belief in Excellence, and all our effort will be channel towards this with assistance and support of ALL stakeholders, collaborators, and those who shared our objectives. The year 2012 was a year of reference, in 2013 – we plan to explore untapped avenues: benefiting from corporate social responsibilities of businesses home and away, as partner in executing up-coming major projects. 15/12/2012

6 PRESIDENT REPORT Internally, we want to work on our strength- our members profession cut- across 17 group type, and I belief it is high time this organization benefit from wealth of talented/well educated membership endowment- time waits for no one, age is not on our side. What legacy do we want to leave behind those coming after us? Thank you. 15/12/2012

7 FINANCIAL REPORT Financial Report 2012 Internal income Projected Income – January to December: 6460.00 Actual Income – January to December: 2160.00 33.34% realised External income: Grants- Nil Others- 1405.00 (fundraising night and Diary sales) Balance Sheet: Current Assets - 4920 Current Liabilities - 2640 Total Net-Current Assets - 2280 15/12/2012

8 FINANCIAL REPORT Remarks 33.34% actual income generated from members subscription Our external funding is a reflection of current economy down-turn in Ireland Impede the speedy growth of this great association Urgent need to overhaul our funding system to meet up with administrative cost of running AOSII. Effectively and efficiently utilise the benefits associated with charity status. We need INCOME to generate INCOME 15/12/2012

9 SOCIAL –ACTIVITIES REPORT EVENTS 2012 Successful holding of monthly meetings – January to December Social Night-Out: laughter lounge fundraising night – June 2012 Ogun-Day Dublin 2012- September 2012: following objectives achieved engaging with the public (our objectives stakeholders): African-Irish communities, other communities groups and relevant NGOs Promote awareness of AOSII Strong educational focus as well as the promotion of cultural heritage Hosting of Dignitaries from Ogun State government Nigeria 15/12/2012

10 SOCIAL –ACTIVITIES REPORT 2013 Our children- Our Heritage- Childrens Day 2013 – March AOSII Subscribers (weekend) RETREAT at holiday Resort- April HEALTH week – June Fundraising Week - July Ogun-Day 2013 – September AGM & Inauguration ceremony 2013 15/12/2012

11 PUBLIC RELATIONS REPORT AOSII S PERCEPTION AOSII as a brand: Continuous improvement We have become a role model for other association in the ethnic minority community. AOSII networking and publications- awareness We have, inspite of our financial bounds break grounds with metro, african voice, classmates and 93 fm. Public relation tools Effective use of Websites and facebook!! Correction/Neutralisation of negative publicity 15/12/2012

12 PROJECT REPORT This year we have not being able to do capital project as planned due to financial hiccups of our expected source of funding. We have make effort to secure funding for our outstanding project by looking outside the organisation for support. All outstanding projects will be executed within early 1 st Quarter of 2013 We are plan to raise at least 5000.00 (N2million) for new project in 2013 15/12/2012

13 SECRETARIAT REPORT 2012 Secretariat Landmark Communication & Correspondence Prepare agenda & Scheduling of Meetings -Taking Notes & Minutes Maintaining Archives Manage Memberships and Subscriptions Compliance with statutory requirements and Handling difficult situations- managerial or administration problems 15/12/2012

14 SECRETARIAT REPORT 2013 Secretariat Future Plan Improved Membership Drive Mechanism Completeness of AOSII record Unified database Application Procurement of Member ID card Creation of an Historian committee 15/12/2012

15 SECRETARIAT REPORT Remark Need for up-grade from virtual to physical secretariat- improve dealings with external stakeholders Support from members in terms of prompt response to information required- feed-backs Members not availing of training/job opportunities email sent out 15/12/2012


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