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Libraries in Knowledge Society – Strategies for the Future The project Libraries in Knowledge Society – Strategies for the Future is funded by the Cultural.

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1 Libraries in Knowledge Society – Strategies for the Future The project Libraries in Knowledge Society – Strategies for the Future is funded by the Cultural Exchange Fund within the EEA Financial Mechanism and Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

2 Day 2: Session 1 Presentation of participants and workshops program Libraries in Knowledge Society – Strategies for the Future

3 3 Suggestion for presentations of each librarys team Please write characteristics common for all team members Please write characteristics that only person B has Please write characteristics that only person A has Please write characteristics that only person C has Please draw on a big piece of paper. All team should take part in the presentation.

4 4 Examples of some characteristics Regarding ones professional work – education, obtained degrees, years of work, position, membership in different organisations, number of work places, the topic of ones dissertation, etc. Regarding ones interests and hobbies – favorite season of the year, music, cuisine, dish, ice-cream flavor, favorite sport, favorite color, the way one spends Friday nights, favorite holiday, time of the day, favorite car Inne – special skills, hobby, pets These are only examples, we encourage you to think of your own ideas

5 5 Workshops Framework April 28th – 30th – SWOT analysis, definition of strategic and detailed goals July 7th – 9th – projects definitions for years 2011 – 2012, timeline and budget, needs assesments regarding a study visit in Norway October 20th – 22nd – monitoring and evaluation, strategy implementation, rules of introducing changes, analysis of necessary changes in libraries while implementing strategies, social consultations, forming project teams, PR, fundrising, ICT tools needed in strategy development In between workshops groups will be required to work individually and collect data necessary for work at next stages of the project.

6 6 March 10-12 April 28 – 30 July 7 – 9 October 20 – 22 Workshops Framework Individual work: Strategies reviews for regional libraries, collection of documents required for the next meeting, a report regarding the conditions of regional libraries – data collected for analysis Individual work: Formulating the list of projects for each detailed goal Individual work: Formulating the list of projects for activities in the years 2011 – 2012 Working on a strategy draft

7 7 Deadline for strategies submission December 31, 2010

8 8 Fixed hours of the beginning and of the end of each three- day workshops 3 – dniowych warsztatów Day One :12.00 – 18.00 Day Two: 9.00 – 18.00 Day Three: 9.00 – 14.00

9 9 Additional information (1) The participants will receive a full support from trainers who will be running the workshops. In between workshops, the participants will be able to send questions and drafts for consultations Final drafts of strategies will be consulted with trainers During the workshops, there will be teams of three people working on strategies, however it is important, to have more employees involved in this process. We suggest that each library have a steering committee that would work on development, consultations and data collection.

10 10 Additional information (2) Three day workshops will be our method of work on strategies. Each team consisting of three members from the library will collaborate with a trainer who will guide them through the process. All solutions will be developed by the whole team. Each group should choose a coordinator who will be supervising the teams work in between workshops, he will be responsible for contacts with the trainer and the collection of all information regarding the project (taking notes and keeping flipcharts).

11 11 Product or Process? It is important to have a product while building a strategy; in this case a final document will be our product. Teams work on this document, so called process of building a strategy, is equally important. It allows us to analyze together the situation our library is in and what the librarians would like the library to be like in the future.

12 12 Rules of Work What rules do we want to follow while working together?

13 Day 2: Session 2 My Librarys Vision Libraries in Knowledge Society – Strategies for the Future

14 14 How will our library look like in five, in ten, in fifteen, in twenty years? Please prepare three descriptions. It can be a written description or graphic one. The key is not to limit your creativity!

15 15 What is a vision? Vision is a picture of our institution in 15-20 years Some examples of vision: The Polish Librarians Association provides partner space in the library development in knowledge society Library as an accessible and comfortable place to work, relax, self- develop and promote long-life education (Adam Mickiewicz County Public Library in Vilnius) Samsung company executes one vision: to lead changes in digital convergence Where are we coming from? Who are we? Where are we going to? Paul Gauguin

16 Day 2: Session 3 My Librarys Vision Libraries in Knowledge Society – Strategies for the Future

17 17 Which values do we choose? In your own words, please say: What is the main goal for which a regional library exists? What are the most important values that guide us in our library? Its important not to cite any written laws

18 18 What is the institutions mission? Mission is a goal exercised by an institution. The mission of an organization is shaped by the vaules we believe in, the institutions history, management, environment, resources and competence. My life is my mission. I must observe how I live my life, how I eat, I sit, I speak and how I behave. The sum of all my actions constitute my mission. Mahatma Gandhi

19 19 What is the institutions mission? The mission should: define the meaning of institutions existence and presence, express values and challenges that the employees identify with, it is general and able to sustain the passage of time and changes that occur in our environment, employees should know the mission and the process of its development should be visible in everyday work, the text of the mission should be simple and short, a mission full of sentimental generalization demonstrates that the organisation doesnt have a clear goal and doesnt know its strengths A good mission motivates employees to act and lets them view the organisations vision as their own.

20 20 Examples of a Mission How to formulate a mission - examples: Work on libraries development, building librarians identity, community integration and promoting a positive image of libraries and librarians profession (Polish Librarians Association). Supporting information society development, providing access to information, freedom of expression and services offered by the library to all citizens of Vilnius in order to help public libraries in East Lithuania to integrate multinaltional communities in this region. (Adam Mickiewicz County Public Library in Vilnius). In Samsung all activities are based on our mission: to be the best digital e-company. Both librarys vision and mission can be an element used for its promotion

21 Day 3: Session 2 The Structure of the Strategy The Team Working on Strategy Libraries in Knowledge Society – Strategies for the Future

22 22 Documents Structure vision and mission short description and analysis of the current situation of your library; analysis of the librarys strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats caused by librarys surroundings (SWOT analysis) strategic and detailed goal activities and strategic development projects implementation plan (timeline and budget) monitoring and evaluation A good example of the strategys structure is the Strategy of The Polish Librarians Association for years 2010 – 2021

23 23 Who else should we invite to collaborate with us? In your groups, please think who else from your library could join you in your work on strategy Please suggest who should be in the team that will work on strategy in between workshops (15 – 20 people) Please choose one person who would be responsible for work coordination and collection of the reports regarding the groups progress

24 24 Individual work before the next workshop Please form of group of people willing to work on the strategy Read other regional strategies which may refer to a regional library; collect data and documents regarding your library and bring them to the next meeting A report about the condition of the regional library – data collected as requested and described in SWOT analysis

25 See you on April 28 in Cracow Libraries in Knowledge Society – Strategies for the Future

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