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2 is virtually guaranteed B.Iuris, LL.B, H.Dip Bus Mngt
Success With us your success is virtually guaranteed These words made such a big impression on Denton that he made it one of his missions in life to help others succeed. DENTON GOODFORD Founder & CEO B.Iuris, LL.B, H.Dip Bus Mngt For things to Change You need to Change!

3 Who we are What we do About Us a 100% South African company
in business since the year 2000 registered with the Department of Trade & Industry underwritten by two Insurers registered with the Financial Services Board thousands of members to date unique concept solid infrastructure with advanced IT system progressive, forward looking and dynamic leadership What we do We provide legal and funeral cover plus the opportunity for each policy holder to promote our products to others and Earn More from the referral fees we pay to them for helping us grow our business.

4 What makes us different
About Us What makes us different Our ultimate goal is to Improve the Lives of others. We provide them with much needed cover which will save them thousands of rands in the future and in addition to this we help them earn an unlimited income if they promote our in-demand and affordable products to others. The harder they work at promoting our products and helping us get more policy holders the more we pay them through our network marketing system. An absolute win-win situation.

5 Without Legal Cover Legal Cover
When you need legal assistance it is going to cost you a lot of money if you don't have some form of legal cover. Our legal cover product provides you with the following benefits in return for a small monthly fee of R68: Telephonic Advice and Consultations Face-to-Face Consultations Review of Legal Documents Letters and Phone Calls on your behalf Drafting of Wills Application to Restore Credit Rating Small Claims Court Assistance Maintenance Matters Civil Claims by or Against You Criminal Matters Bail Applications Quarterly Newsletter Without Legal Cover You may try to handle legal matters yourself. You are likely to receive as much justice as you can afford. You will pay hundreds of rands for ONE HOUR of a lawyer's time.

6 With Legal Cover Legal Cover You know who to call.
You are treated like the company’s most important client. You are empowered by knowing your legal rights. One hour of a lawyer’s time costs more than a year’s membership.

7 Funeral Cover Options Available

8 We’ll care for and assist your family as if it is our family
Funeral Cover We’ll care for and assist your family as if it is our family Main features of funeral plan: Low premiums Minimum administration No medical examinations Claims attended to within 24 hours Complete peace of mind to members

9 The Big Question Why? But How it Works
Are you satisfied with your financial position? Most people answer NO Why? Most people work for other people Other people determine their income Most successful people in the world own their own businesses or have substantial shares in big companies But Not easy to start your own business or buy shares in big companies Most people lack finances, know-how and support

10 The Solution How it Works A network marketing business
It offers everyone the opportunity to have their own business without the problems Fastest growing industry in the world With our opportunity you earn money by introducing others to our products and income opportunity If they subscribe to our products we pay you for as long as the policy is paid What’s more – if they also start introducing others to our products we pay you even more

11 1 Recruiting & Extra Bonuses
How it Works 1 Recruiting & Extra Bonuses Earn R50 (once-off) per paying application. Recruit 5+ paying applications and earn Extra Bonuses: These members have to be signed up by you personally (but can be placed on any of your first 4 levels) and they must pay their first premiums in the same month as the one in which they joined.

12 2 Recurring / Passive income
How it Works 2 Recurring / Passive income You are paid monthly Income for each of your subscribing TEAM members on Levels 1 to 4. Take a look at this earning example. NB: You can sign-up as many people as you want on each level.

13 How it Works 3 Once-off Bonuses
As your team grows you earn Once-off BONUSES based on the total points on Level 1 to 4 in your team. Legal Cover and Funeral Cover R = 40 points Funeral Cover R3 000 & R = 20 points

14 How it Works 4 Monthly Bonuses 5 Monthly Bonuses
PLATINUM TEAM LEVEL - Earn more... Get 5 Level 1 team members to Gold Team and you join the PLATINUM TEAM! Earn on an additional level - Level 5! (R2 per member*) PLUS: Company Car + Travel allowance + Cell phone allowance. DIAMOND TEAM LEVEL - Earn even more... Be PLATINUM TEAM & ACHIEVE points on level 1-4 and you join the DIAMOND TEAM! Earn on an additional level - Level 6! (R1 per member*) PLUS: Company Car + Travel allowance + Cell phone allowance + Annual Vacation! 5 Monthly Bonuses MASTER TEAM LEVEL - Earn a lot more... Be DIAMOND TEAM & ACHIEVE points on level 1-4 and you join the MASTER TEAM! Earn on levels 1-6! PLUS: Company Car + Travel allowance + Cell phone allowance + Annual Vacation + Company Shares *Based on Legal Cover or R Funeral Cover (40 points each)

15 Your Benefits Annual Events Live the Life
Work from your home or office Part-time or full-time Do what you want, when you want No commuting to and from work Work around your family Market products that everybody must have - easy to sell Go on holiday when you want Increase your income as and when you want Become part of a dynamic team of achievers Achieve Success! Annual Events We have annual events for which our Independent Consultants can qualify for and attend together with other Top Performers, management and staff. Qualification criteria are announced annually.

16 Complete Application of your choice & Fax to 041 581 0746
The Next Step Complete Application of your choice & Fax to MultiSure will sms/ your IC Number. Pay your 1st premium + R80 admin fee by direct deposit or EFT at ABSA. MultiSure account: Use IC, ID or Mobile phone number as your reference. Fax your deposit slip to Obtain a full Business Kit for R298 or a mini Business Kit for R90 (excluding postage) Attend Events and get connected to learn how to succeed. Stay up to date - check out Events, Presentations & SUPER SATURDAYS at or call the office for further information. You can also do your training at home in your own time. Keep your monthly payments up to date. Teach others to do the above. Continue Working & Realize you Dreams!

17 Q and A How can I make payment? All payments can be made via debit order, paid at the office or any ABSA. Are there any extra costs? For Policy holders only, none. You only pay the monthly premium on your own policy. For business owners a R25 per month is payable to cover costs of business building events like training & live presentations. Can I start working my business immediately? Yes, you don’t have to wait for your first payment to go through. You can however, only start earning once your own policy is paid. When do I get paid? We pay commissions not later than the 15th of the month based on the previous month’s premiums received. How long do I get paid? For as long as premiums are paid. In fact it is paid even longer than your lifetime as your children (or whoever you choose) can inherit this business & therefore continue to earn the income you have built up! When do I receive my policy contract? Under normal circumstances, it is mailed to you 4-6 weeks after your first premium and once off admin fee were received. Will my team grow? Yes, everyone who wants to earn on levels 2-4 must do 80 points / 2-4 sign-ups per month or they will only earn on level 1. Platinum Team members don’t have to do 80 points and automatically earn on all levels. Must everyone buy the business kit? People only interested in the cover do not have to purchase the Business Kit. They must only complete the application form for the cover they want and pay the once-off admin fee (R80) and monthly premiums

18 This is a company with no real competitors operating
Success is Yours This is a company with no real competitors operating in a market place that is ready to EXPLODE! A solid, debt-free business offering remarkable, in-demand and affordable products at the right time! Regardless of your background, circumstances, education or experience, you can achieve financial freedom ... with us!

19 Today it is time for Change!
Join Now Today it is time for Change! Complete the application of your choice Obtain a Business Kit Start Making Money and being Successful

20 Need help? Contact us. Join Now Cape Town
Nobel Park, Cnr Old Paarl Road & Du Toit Street (Opposite Sunbell Building), Bellville Port Elizabeth 1st Floor, 6th Avenue Centre Cnr 6th Ave & Heugh Road, Walmer Johannesburg 2nd Floor, Benmore Gardens Centre Cnr Grayston & West Street, Sandton Tel | Fax . A n A u t h o r i s e d F i n a n c i a l S e r v i c e s P r o v i d e r

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