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1. 1.Introduction - 3 2.Ways of promotion - 4 a). Online promotion - 4 b). Offline promotion - 15 3. Conclusion - 20 2.

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2 1.Introduction - 3 2.Ways of promotion - 4 a). Online promotion - 4 b). Offline promotion - 15 3. Conclusion - 20 2

3 TGB( TGB is the website which connects the German suppliers with international distributors. The main concept of this website to extends the German companies business globally. And also targets the International distributors to collaborate with German companies. 3

4 Search Engine: Ranking in search engines is a great way to create. Search Marketing can be very slow, but eventually, it can lead to a long, steady line but curve upward. There are three main activities for promoting the website in search engines. 4

5 Key Phrase Research: Selecting keyword that visitors will use and Google/Bing will like. On-Page Keyword Usage: Putting those keywords in the right places the right number of times. IT WILL BE TAKE CARE OF CONTENT WRITERS (SEO TECHNIQES) Link Building: Building up the trust and authority of your site by encouraging other sites to link to you. 5

6 Search engine Advertisement: Pay Per Click Advertising takes a lot of studying to do right, and can cost a decent amount of money, but if the site is well designed and converts well, or if looking for traffic, it can be a very powerful marketing tool when done right. Some of the popular search engines advetisment links. 6

7 Online Directories: By submitting the website for popular online directories can help gain more visibility through targeted searches and increase website search engine ranking. Some of the online directories. Google Local Yahoo Local Bing Business Portal Merchant Circle Classifieds: Classifieds are a common way to easily make posts for free, and reach large amounts. They tend to work better for business or service based websites, but you can also drive traffic to other types of sites as well. 7

8 Social Media: Social Media is a way to grow interest in your website. It can drive traffic and awareness at the top of the funnel, but also to strengthen the middle of the funnel. Content Promotion: Promoting your content directly on social networks and targeted sharing. Research: Finding useful people and partners – host blogs editors, journalists, influencers, and prospects. Also, listening for topics and mentions of your brands. 8

9 Online Networking: Conversation, relationship building, and promoting others content. Few of the mostly used Social media sites are: Facebook LinkedIn Google Plus MySpace Twitter Pinterest StumbleUpon Flickr Netscape Digg StumbleUpon Reddit 9

10 Email Marketing: Email Marketing can be very beneficial if done well. The way to work email marketing is to have an opt-in email form on your website where users can sign up to receive emails and special offers. Offering a free e- book or tips is a good way to get people to sign up. Once they are signed up you can send emails once in a while to bring them back to your site or to promote something. 10

11 Viral Marketing is the hottest new way to market a website. For example, there are a few YouTube videos getting millions of views, and articles on Digg getting thousands of hits. If one can think up a really clever, funny or useful idea and tie it into the website via a link or some other way, it can drive incredible amounts of traffic to your site with very little money or possibly none at all. 11

12 Video advertisment : Creating videos has become very popular since the creation of YouTube and other video-based sites. This ties into viral marketing and is a good way to get people interested in your blog or website. It is most common to show or say the URL of your website at the beginning and/or end of a video, or tie it into your video site profile somehow. 12

13 Blogs: Blogs are a great way to reach a lot of people in a fast manner. They take a lot of work, and to make a blog really effective they need to be updated with fresh content at least several times a week. A lot of websites will have a blog in addition to a main website as a sort of news system for their main site, or just as a way to drive traffic to a website. 13

14 Online Networking: Networking can have many benefits to promoting the site. One can add people on instant messaging services and talking to people related to my field. By networking and making friends in the business you can learn from each other which will benefit the site. The best way to do this is to meet people in forums or on sites related to yours and chat via instant messengers. Skype 14

15 Print website URL and domain mail address on the business cards. Even a thumbnail screenshot of the website on the backside of the card (but it should made sure that it looks fine at that reduced print). On the letterheads and brochures and other printed items should be made sure that the website address is displayed on them prominently. 15

16 In an office that customers visit, it can be used as an opportunity to cross-promote the website. Print the website address on pens, calendars, coffee mugs, shirts, hoodies and other low cost giveaways; and can also produce some more expensive items to use as contest prizes. Promotion by Shirts, T shirts and hoodies can be done by employees by wearing customized wear. It can be especially effective if the employees are wearing it around likely customers. Sponsor a local sporting event, festival, trade show etc. It should be made sure that the event promotes the website.(maybe in an event program or by distributing your giveaways) 16

17 Attendance at events like conferences that are relevant to the business is necessary. At the event being social is necessary and should have plenty of business cards and swag handy to give out to the people whoever you meet. If there is a company car or truck, a logo or website or phone number can be pasted to promote it. Even if there is no company vehicle, there are custom car decals, bumper stickers, and magnets that are easy to apply to a personal car. Otherwise car marketing can be done on local cabs and taxis. 17

18 If possible, an article or opinion piece can be placed in a local newspaper and publication. It should be made sure that, they print the name and website address with the article (a link to the website from the online version of the paper or magazine would be great for Search Engine Optimization too). Print up door hangers and have them distributed in neighborhoods with the target customers. Advertising on local radio and Ad Boards can be very effective, but ROI should be also thought about, as it is one of the costliest ways. 18

19 By using above Online and off line promotion techniques we can promote TGB in fast and effective way. 19

20 20

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