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1 719.637.8495 www.

2 719.637.8495 Introduction The Hire Talent is a Pre-employment assessment and testing company. We specialize in uncovering the intangible qualities that make people successful in the work place. We measure job fit Aptitude, Emotional Competencies, Core Abilities and Basic Skills The Hire Talents mission is to provide business leaders the tools to recruit and develop top performers within their businesses. Human capital is the number one driving factor in business growth, higher sales production, overall productivity and customer loyalty. Our sole desire is to deliver a service to our clients that creates significant and measurable growth for their businesses.

3 719.637.8495

4 719.637.8495 Services Offered Aptitude and competency testing for Leadership, Sales, Customer Service, Management, Technical and all individual contributor roles. Basic Skill testing for Sales, Detail ability, Math, Writing, and Critical thinking skills. Retained recruiting services include: Job ad writing, Postings, resume screening, pre-screening, assessment and in depth interviewing. We consult our clients for no charge on best recruiting practices from A to Z. We are partners with our clients, helping them select top talent. Our partnership often includes tools and advice on how to attract talent, job ad writing, resume screening techniques, Interview questions, Interviewing strategies and other best practices

5 719.637.8495 Assessment Results Do you have trouble understanding the reports provided with other assessment tools? Is it clear what areas you should be concerned with or what interview question to ask next? Our reports break it all down for you in color coded easy to understand terms. Makes it clear where candidate is strong and weak. Because our assessments are 92% accurate in double blind studies we can actually predict on the job success after 6-12 month when the honeymoon period is over.

6 719.637.8495 Makes Areas of Concern Clear

7 719.637.8495 How do you take advantage of the Information provided? Everything in our reports are hyperlinked to interview questions and more information. Helps you focus on the information you need most. Most assessments are 12 pages or longer Some require manuals to reference Other require expensive multi day training sessions to understand Click these for a test run Attitude Competency Personality

8 719.637.8495 Benchmarks How do you know which traits are the most relevant for the position you are hiring for? Easy, all major job categories from technician to top level executives are benchmarked for you making it easy to see how your candidate compared to top producing candidates in a similar role. Customized benchmarking is available to all our clients at no additional cost. Its simple we want you to get all of the benefits from your assessment service so we encourage companies to benchmark their people. CANDIDATE The purple is the candidates score BENCHMARK The yellow bar shows the lowest scores for top performers. The green bar shows the average top performer.

9 719.637.8495 Lowest a top sales producer ever tested. Highest a top sales producer tested. The tan is the sales candidate. The ideal candidate will have traits between the minimums and maximums. Benchmarks

10 719.637.8495 Have you ever had a competent person who became a problem generator causing havoc in your company? We all want the most talented people on our team. When talented team members become problem generators we reassess their value. Our assessments are particularly sensitive to attitude and integrity issue that commonly plague businesses.

11 719.637.8495 The Attitude Traits Constructive verse Critical Optimistic verse Negative Responsible verse blamer Trustworthy verse Dishonest Team Player verse Unsupportive

12 719.637.8495 Emotional Competency Does this person have the soft skills to get things done effectively? We have all met someone with spectacular training and education who is ineffective and struggles delivering results.

13 719.637.8495 Traits measured in the Emotional Competency section Motivation- The ability to have enough energy and interest to get things done Focus- Ability to put one's attention on the most important priorities and get them done Communication- Ability to talk and get ideas across to people. It also indicates the ability to effectively start conversations with strangers Concentration- Comfort and ability to be able to focus one's attention on a particular task Work Ethic/ Ability to apply- The willingness and energy to do things and work hard Self-Confidence- Ability to believe one can do something and actually do it Analytical intelligence- Ability to read and comprehend word problems

14 719.637.8495 Aptitude- Behavioral Work Traits For over 2,500 years psychologist and others have recognized that we all have unique personalities. The key is finding candidates natural strengths and measuring their inclination towards certain behaviors. Our aptitude assessment help you make sure you have someone who will be happy and productive in their role.

15 719.637.8495 The Behavioral Quadrants

16 719.637.8495 Analyzer/Logical Quadrant The Analyzer/Logical Quadrant is also known as the Analyzer, Melancholy, or Thinker Quadrant. These people tend to be interested in being methodical, organizing things, being thorough, being exact, being structured, and paying attention to detail. They usually would rather not focus on the big picture, take risks, be flexible and they tend to say the bare minimum and make phone calls only if they have to (sometimes these people talk a lot to make sure you understand all the minor details). In a team, this person will want to remain quiet and try to organize or systemize things with an emphasis on accuracy. Essence: Exacting. Fears: Mistakes. Under Pressure: Pulls back.

17 719.637.8495 Controller/Assertive Quadrant The Controller/Assertive Quadrant is also known as the Driver, Choleric, or Director Quadrant. These people tend to be interested in getting things done (especially their own way), taking control of other people, winning games, speaking up, stating their opinions, asking for money and confronting people. These people are usually poor at caring about pleasing others outside the people who are close to them. They are also usually poor at listening, having patience, teaching one on one and praising others In a team this person wants to run the meetings and make the decisions. Essence: Commanding. Fears: Failure. Under Pressure: Confronts.

18 719.637.8495 Expressive/Social Quadrant The Expressive/Social Quadrant is also known as the Expressive, Socializer, Sanguine, or Promoter Quadrant. These people tend to be interested in talking about their interests, having lots of friends, talking about problems, discussing their opinions, being fashionable, going to social events, making lots of phone calls, talking at length on the phone, small talk, discussing the big picture and repeating themselves. These people are usually poor at listening, doing paperwork, structuring things and being exact about details. In a team they are good at announcing or expressing information. Essence: Promoting. Fears: Boredom. Under Pressure: Ridicules.

19 719.637.8495 Supporter/Empathy Quadrant The Supporter/Empathy Quadrant is also known as the Supporter, Amiable, Phlegmatic, or Relater Quadrant. These people tend to be interested in pleasing and caring for others, reconciling differences, working out disagreements, smoothing people, supporting others, helping, consensus building and keeping the peace. These people are usually poor at asserting themselves, getting involved, pushing to get things done if it may upset someone, controlling others even when it is important, standing up to negativity, disciplining others and taking charge. In a team they will tend to want to get agreements between those involved. Essence: Pleasing. Fears: Confrontation. Under Pressure: Agrees.

20 719.637.8495

21 719.637.8495 Analyzer/Logical and Controller/Assertive

22 719.637.8495 Analyzer/Logical Traits Organization- The willingness and interest to arrange things in a structured manner Attention to detail- The desire or willingness to check and recheck one's work for the smallest mistakes or do the minute yet important aspects of a task Confront Paperwork- The willingness and preference to get needed paperwork (i.e. reports, record keeping, etc.) done

23 719.637.8495 Controller/Assertive Traits Assertive- The comfort one has to express oneself boldly, persuade, persist, or to speak up Competitive- The desire to prevail over others or win business opportunities Self-Esteem- A person's subjective opinion, usually a good opinion, of his/her own worth Confront People- The willingness to face and deal with perceived situations with others without outside motivation

24 719.637.8495 Expressive/Social and Supporter/Empathy

25 719.637.8495 Expressive/Social Traits Impulsive- The urge to spontaneously make decisions or act Calling comfort- Willingness to make outbound phone calls with the intention of marketing Talking- The willingness and comfort to verbally express oneself to others Warm & Sociable- Ease one feels to meet and socialize with others, especially strangers or a large team

26 719.637.8495 Supporter/Empathizer Traits Appreciation- Focus on the positive side of people Empathy- How well one can emotionally get into another's shoes Patience- The inner calm a person feels when others or things prevent them from taking immediate action Listening- The interest a person has in what others have to say

27 719.637.8495 Special Traits Reliable- The willingness and urge to be on time, keep one's word, be honest, and deliver what has been promised Personal Honesty- The willingness to answer the assessment questions honestly even if the applicant thinks the answers will put them in a poor light (even though it doesn't) Cold calling- Willingness to make telephone calls to complete strangers with the intent of marketing or selling something Assessment Honesty- Willingness to answer the assessment questions honestly even if the applicant thinks the answers may put him/her in a poor light

28 719.637.8495 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Measures a person ability to understand, interpret others, and manage personal emotions in order to have more effective social interactions. We measure aspects of EQ through a variety of traits throughout our assessments. When using our aptitude and competency assessments you will get a good measurement of your candidates EQ.

29 719.637.8495 EQ Traits Personal Honesty- The willingness to answer the assessment questions honestly even if the applicant thinks the answers will put them in a poor light (even though it doesn't). This indicates a persons willingness to be honest with themselves about emotional and social deficiencies. How well does the individual to reflect on their own personal preferences accurately. Understanding human nature- Knowledge, insight, or understanding of how people will respond to situations in general or what is likely to happen to people if they follow certain paths Know how to deal with others- The knowledge of how to deal with or influence people in a positive way

30 719.637.8495 EQ Traits (cont.) Empathy- How well one can emotionally relate to others. Self Confidence- Ability to believe that one can do something and actually do it Self Esteem- A person's subjective opinion, usually a good opinion, of his/her own worth Motivation- The ability to have enough energy and interest to get things done Blame- Willingness to take responsibility for ones own actions even if it produces a negative result.

31 719.637.8495 Contact Us 719.637.8495

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