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BUSINESS PLAN April 2013– April 2014

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1 BUSINESS PLAN April 2013– April 2014
SPECIAL TACTICAL SUPPORT UNIT B5 Security and Creations cc t/a SECURACO SECURITY cc BUSINESS PLAN April 2013– April 2014

2 Securaco Security COMPANY DETAILS
Enterprise Name : B5 Security And Creations cc Trading Name : Securaco Security Company Registration Number : 2005/002783/23 P.S.I.R.A : VAT Number : Pending Income Tax Reference Number : Pending UIF Number : in Progress BEE Registration : SME Postal Number : Hospital street Parys Office Address : Hospital street Parys 9585 Office Telephone Number : After Hours / Mobile Number : Fax : Website :

3 Securaco Security

4 PARYS Projected Area of operation
Tokoloho Mandela Mefampelong Vuka And immediate surroundings

5 Nature of clients Commercial – Alarms, Guards, C.I.T
Industrial – Alarms, Guards, C.I.T Residential – Alarms, Guards

6 Members Members & Contact Numbers Owner : Stephen Potgieter
Cell: / Web: Fax: P.O Box: Hospital str Parys 9585 Operational Manager: Pieter Brett Cell:

7 Members Portfolio Stephen Potgieter.
In the security industry for 20 years. Started in 1988. Worked for Nelspruit Protection Services where I obtained all my training/knowledge in the security industry. Fields of Service: Guarding , Armed Reaction ; Investigation; V.I.P Protection & Escorting; C.I.T; Tracking and Recovery; Security products installations, Tactical Emergency Response (SRU), Dog Handler DH5 Pieter Brett. In the security industry for over 13 years Fields of Service: Armed Reaction , Physical Guarding , Fire-Arm Instructor, Dog Handler , V.I.P , Investigations, S.W.A.T, Risk Management, Task Force

8 Management Team Managing Director: S.P.Potgieter
Guarding division manager: Operational manager: Pieter Brett Admin: A.J.S. Rogers All management will have relevant experience of their field

9 Employee Team Qualified and registered security personnel which are trained by a accredited Training Centre. TRAINING AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT  Our security personnel are trained from the first (GRADE E) to specialized security personnel (GRADE A). We are personnel at Zimisele Training College Reg no: T817 and our company provide tertiary training to all our employees. We comply with NOSA programs, compliance courses on arrest procedures, firearm and teargas – use competency and security hazard. Training includes the following: Daily administration, Report writing, patrolling (powers of observation), Access control, Self defense (minimum force), Conflict management, etc. All our guards have a minimum of standard Ten (10)/ grade twelve (12) level of education and are security cleared by S.A.P.S and P.S.I.R.A. The above projected figures at startup of company and expansion to be expected with deliverance of excellent customer service

10 Near Term To offer a top quality and well trained Security Service to the community. A service that is affordable to all To reduce the crime in operational area`s. Crime rate exceptionally high for a small community To provide a security service that gives our client the peace of mind in combating crime, losses and other illicit criminal activities. Systematic audits would be emphasized on all security levels rendered. Close liaison with clients in all matters ranging from incidents, service levels and way forward. To addressing the causes of crime in the community, and to carry out our commitment and to uphold the constitution and the LAW, to take into account the needs of the community.

11 Long Term Alleviation of unemployment in the Security sector by employing underprivileged and unemployed registered and trained security personnel The upkeep of the quality of security staff with regular training and incentives To be a reputable crime fighting company for the community To strive for a crime free society

12 Mission Statement Yearly Projection
To enable every household to have a affordable yet reliable security system/service in place Due to the high crime rate in SOUTH AFRICA it is prevalent to have a home based security company focused on first and foremost being instrumental in assisting the S.A.P.S in reducing the crime rate by at least 25% or more on a yearly basis To be of assistance to the S.A.P.S in whatever manner possible, enabling a lighter workload on the S.A.P.S and therefore a more comprehensive community service on their part Becoming a company known and respected for it's values, honesty, top quality service, highly trained and motivated staff members, above average client service, yet affordable and accessible to every citizen or company that requires the services or assistance of a security company Co-operation with fire/medical institutes, i.e. netcare 911, E.R 24 ,Langamed and government fire/medical services Co-Operation with vehicle tracking and recovery agencies

13 Opportunities Problems
Inadequate property security measures i.e. Walling, Burglar Bars, Fencing, Alarm Systems, etc Reaction companies operating in the area are inadequate to cover the whole area. Green fields/ River side poses a danger to all. (Tree line, etc) To many dwellers at night

14 Problem Solving Dependable and up market alarm systems are needed to alleviate break-ins Adequate patrol vehicles and staff to patrol areas needed Assisting with emergency/medical call-outs after hours essential as a live saving measure. Employment of staff to work foot patrols in hot-spot areas. Patrolling of green area`s & River side. Removal of dwellers

15 Risks & Rewards Basic security risks Addressing of risks
Staff training regularly Accurate communication with employees Community and S.A.P.S co-operation i.e. Security meetings on a community basis Security and S.A.P.S meetings on a weekly basis. Sharing crime stats Joining the Sector Policing Forum (Neighborhood patrols)

16 Rewards Reducing the crime rate. Safer community
Co-operation between S.A.P.S, community and security companies

17 Physical Guarding Division
Supervisors monitor the progress of Officers at all sites then report to an Operations Manager whom is in charge of the particular section. The Operations Manager is in constant contact with the supervisors through radios /mobile communication to access the effectiveness of the service provided by our officers on duty.  We have a complemented incumbent who is responsible for operations as well as services and he/she ensures that there is ongoing communication with the client throughout the terms to access and address the client`s needs. Retail Commercial Industrial Hotel Special Events V.I.P Protection Escorting Sporting Events Projects Cover Parking

18 References Sasol Junxion :Carl Meerholtz 0823825095
Sasol CBD/Stadium: Linkie / Marlene Heleen Bezuidenhout Andries Venter Mev Joubert

19 Why Securaco Security ? Both the Owners and Operational managers have either more than 10 years security, SAPS or SANDF experience Director team are involved in the company. Each branch operate individually by the owner Management trained to handle every situation professionally Owner settle in town to insure the company operates fully and to the best of it`s ability and problems are solved immediately Securaco Security Moto: PROTECT AND SERVE We get involved in the community by joining the local policing forum ,CPF, and local SAPS co-operation. We also patrols the School surrounding on a regular basis to ensure safe entry and exit from and to schools. We also recently joined forces with the Bidvest Magnum group

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