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Fire Risk Assessments – Are You Competent?. Fire safety legislation requires that, for most premises except private dwellings, a fire risk assessment.

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1 Fire Risk Assessments – Are You Competent?

2 Fire safety legislation requires that, for most premises except private dwellings, a fire risk assessment must be carried out to determine the risks to people from fire.

3 Do you have to employ the services of a fire safety specialist, such as a consultant, to carry out your fire risk assessment?

4 For small, simple premises, it is often the duty holder that carries out the fire risk assessment.

5 Arguably, in these premises, the duty holder is the best person to do so because of their intimate knowledge of the premises and the activities therein.

6 However, for many premises, the duty holder seeks the services of an external consultant - a fire risk assessor.

7 In the case of larger, more complex or high risk premises, this is often appropriate, as the task might well be beyond the ability of the duty holder.

8 This is not an umbrella!!!!!!

9 Hotel Fire Risk Assessment

10 A manager appointed consultant to carry out fire risk assessment of his hotel Fire Service visited premises and issued prohibition notice No fire alarms, inadequate MOE, blocked exits and other breaches

11 Hotel Fire Risk Assessment 8 months prison



14 How do you know if they are competent?

15 You should demonstrate Due dilligence You took all reasonable measures to avoid the offence There are good and bad fire risk assessors


17 If they look competent are they??


19 Boat


21 Data from the English Fire and Rescue Service suggests that the main compliance failure leading to enforcement action is a failure by duty holders to carry out a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment.

22 43% Unsatisfactory Hospitals 39% Schools 40% Hotels 51% Licensed premises 52% Care Homes 44% Fire and Rescue Service Fire Risk Assessments

23 It is suggested that it would be helpful for those who want to use the services of a commercial fire risk assessor to be able to access information on those with an appropriate level of competency in fire risk assessment to help them comply with the legislation.

24 As a result of these concerns, the Fire Risk Assessment Competency Council produced the core competency standard A benchmark for fire risk assessors to be measured against

25 Its objective has been to establish agreed, industry-wide, criteria against which the competence of a fire risk assessor can be judged.

26 It is anticipated that these criteria will be used by professional bodies and third party certification bodies who register or certificate fire risk assessors and, by commercial companies providing fire risk assessment services.




30 Fire Risk Assessor

31 A person is regarded as competent where they have sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to enable them properly to implement their role.

32 Fire Risk Assessor In the case of simple premises, where the fire risk assessor might, for example, be an employee of the occupier, it is possible that the following attributes of a fire risk assessor might be sufficient in conjunction with a study of suitable guidance documents.

33 Fire Risk Assessor a) An understanding of relevant current best fire safety practices in premises of the type in question;

34 Fire Risk Assessor b) An awareness of the limitations of the fire risk assessor's own experience and knowledge;

35 Fire Risk Assessor c) A willingness and ability to supplement existing experience and knowledge, when necessary, by obtaining external help and advice.

36 Core Competencies

37 The assessment of risk from fire (appendix A) Applicable Legislation (appendix B) Appropriate Guidance (appendix C) Behaviour of fire in buildings (appendix D) Behaviour of people in fire situations (appendix E)

38 Core Competencies Means of Escape (appendix F) Fire Prevention (appendix G) Fire Protection (appendix H – includes Passive & Active) Management of Fire Safety (appendix I)

39 This is the benchmark for the minimum standard for a fire risk assessor


41 NEBOSH Fire Safety and Risk Management – Does it cover ALL the core competencies?

42 Competence – How do you check?

43 Third Party Certification

44 UKAS accredited

45 Warrington certification is a UKAS accredited third party certification body They are completely linking their accreditation process to the core competencies


47 Insufficient time to cover whole syllabus Market forces – companies would not release employees to attend Fire Risk Consultancy Ltd

48 Decided to produce web based training Organised professional studio Fire Risk Consultancy Ltd

49 LABC Consult

50 80 LABC Building Control Officers have successfully completed this online course LABC Consult

51 Benefits of Web Based Training

52 You dont have to leave your workstation Benefits of Web Based Training

53 Allow employees to set their own fire safety training schedule thereby reducing the impact training may have on their day- to-day work schedules Benefits of Web Based Training

54 Reduce training costs by removing the need for expensive centralised instructor-led fire safety training Benefits of Web Based Training

55 Provide essential fire safety training in smaller modules that are proven to help improve understanding and maintain retention levels (20 minutes) Benefits of Web Based Training

56 Access 24 hours a day 7 days a week Benefits of Web Based Training

57 If you cant sleep? Benefits of Web Based Training

58 Holiday

59 You can view modules again and again Benefits of Web Based Training



62 Managing Fire Safety – Core Competence Standards

63 50 hours CPD IFE accredited IFSM accredited Available on Itouch Managing Fire Safety


65 Fire Safety and Timber Framed Buildings

66 Fire Safety in High Rise Residential Buildings

67 Smoke Management Course



70 Fire Risk Consultancy Offer a full range of fire safety training courses to suit your needs Online or in house

71 Online training is the future in training!!!! How do you feel about the online training right now? Fire Service








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