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New Virtual Call Centers Powered by Microsoft Lync ®

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3 New Virtual Call Centers Powered by Microsoft Lync ®

4 MS Lync ® – a solution for you…. But first we want to know who you are. IT managers? Business users? Call center owners? What are you hoping to learn from this session. Lync as telephone substitute? Lync as call center? Lync as a travel substitute?

5 5 Eric Bailey Senior Travel Manager Strategy and Technology – MSTravel Microsoft Kathy Brennan Global Director Service Delivery Leader American Express Global Business Travel


7 60,000 Travelers >80 Countries $800m Annual Spend LYNC ® CALL CENTERS MOVING TO SINGLE ONLINE BOOKING TOOL ACCESS THROUGH FAMILIAR TOOLS Outlook ®, Lync ®, Sharepoint ® 5,000 Employees everyday

8 Employee Benefits Simpler - one Lync/phone number for all types of phone reservations and travel agency support previous itineraries had 7 numbers and 100+ numbers globally Efficient - automatic identification– resulting in faster routing, added security and easier access to your travel profile. Business Stakeholders Reduced telecom costs- Calls can be made via wifi or routed as incoming to mobile phone Improved support model – virtual dedicated agents Consistent global service- SLAs can be measured globally

9 Email Q4 2014 Voice NA launch Q413 Routing Routing MS Network: Communication AMEX Network: Reservation/Desktop Tools Create booking on AMEX Network Interact on MS Network Travel 2015 leads innovation in the industry, seamless travel experience, enhanced shareholder value and showcasing Microsoft platforms. Lync ® Service Delivery Platform IM Q1 2014

10 Lync ® Access Todays Tomorrows Transformation Yesterdays Paradigm Traditional local telephone service Two-dimensional communication Specialized service from a virtual environment Automatic recognition and Intelligent call routing based on identity Accessible transparent communication 24/7/365 Seamless Lync ® experience ; intuitive modalities including voice, IM chat, email integration, streaming video, screen sharing Lync ® Access Today

11 2013 Apr Jun Aug Oct Dec 2014 Jan Mar Jun > Clarity Connect TM POC Clarity Connect TM UAT Peak Season Volume Launch Lync ® US 15-Oct Solid Foundation Enhanced Solution Launch Lync ® Canada Launch Lync ® VIP Launch Lync ® UK / IE Launch Lync ® AU / NZ Launch Lync ® IM Chat Providing a predictive, seamless and intuitive travel experience across locations and devices Global Lync ® Service 24/7 Scalable Technology Lync ® server build Define business requirements 2015 US Virtualization

12 Supervisor Dashboard View of all queue statuses Benchmark measures KPI alerts Real Time SLA Monitoring

13 Information instantly accessible for service delivery end-users to view themselves Self-provided behavioral feedback Immediate leadership consultation Customer research tool

14 Caller Recognition Else, system lookup to match Employee ID System checks for SIP address or known phone

15 Call Session Transparency Agents retrieve calls from queue within seconds Agent participation details provided in real time Recorded sessions readily available for review


17 17 Exact location and time integrated into the search Targeted choices based on smart profile Hotel suggestions based on relevant schedule, location, CRM intelligence, price, and policies Social interaction and coordination among meeting participants Connect with Coworkers and peers based on proximity and shared itineraries










27 Roadmap to 2015 Info-graphic Current Projects Overview Launch Performance Metrics – US First 4 Weeks Clarity Connect TM Employs Native Lync ® Microsoft Designed Redundant Infrastructure

28 28 Jan 2012 Jan 2013 Dec 2013 Jan 2014 Jun 2014 Jun 2015 MS Travel Virtual Team US Facility Closure Phase 1 LYNC DEPLOYMENT US – 15-Oct UK / IE – 12-Nov Executive – 12-Nov Canada – 10-Dec Microsoft Roadmap 2015 Customer Focus - Exclusive configuration employs virtual workforce to deliver integrated service via MS network. DTR Next generation real time data integration fuels Global Notification Amex Travel App & DTR integrate itinerary data with MS Office Exchange. Real-time information in one click. Jan 2015 CRM Deployed LYNC GLOBAL DEPLOYMENT Expanded to regional markets Enhanced modalities opening communication to IM chat, email 24/7 Online, Offline, After- Hours Microsoft Roadmap to 2015 Shared mission to create an infrastructure through functional excellence that supports a seamless travel experience and enhanced shareholder value, showcasing Microsoft platforms. FULLY INTEGRATED TRAVEL EXPERIENCE BY 2015 MSTravel and Amex innovation together transform the business travel experience Current Date Amex and MSTravel begin shared collaboration to design new model for enhanced traveler experience. Jun 2012 Jun 2013 Global Consolidation Continues Online tool GDS Global Profile

29 29 AMEX MSTravel Is The Largest Venture Yet To Use Clarity Connect To Route Lync ® Contacts Team Performance – Clarity Connect Reporting First Four Weeks of US Experience Week Queue Count Service Level*AHT 15-Oct to 20-Oct62290% 21-Oct to 25-Oct74956%622 28-Oct to 01-Nov90564%518 04-Nov to 08-Nov86963%551 Week Average Attendant Seconds Average Queue Seconds Average Accept Seconds Total15-Oct to 20-Oct30.4215.53.45 Lync SIP22.574.912.36 Total21-Oct to 25-Oct32.0749.742.5 Lync SIP29.6933.431.81 Total28-Oct to 01-Nov30.3537.573.28 Lync SIP24.722.132.21 Total04-Nov to 08-Nov27.3743.992.54 Lync SIP Service Levels Compete With Office Closure 15-Oct – Deploy Lync / Clarity technology for all call contact service in US 21-Oct – US migration to @home begins – accelerated effort needed to meet deadline Average Handle Time not affected by TC use of Lync solution Lync Users May Experience Faster Access Attendant Seconds – time user is in automated IVR – 10-25% faster with Lync SIP calls Queue Seconds – time user is waiting in queue before serviced – 30-70% faster with Lync SIP calls Accept Seconds – time agent took to accept call – 25-35% faster with Lync SIP calls * Contract SLA suspended during Lync deployment

30 Employs Native Lync ® 30 Integrated Contact Routing Flexible design Operates within native Lync ® environment Leverages Lync ® status for queue assignment Technology To Route Contacts Intelligently

31 Microsoft Designed Redundant Infrastructure Dedicated Instance Hosts MSTravel Application 31 Microsoft Builds New Model for MSTravel Service Contacts Contacts route through redundant instances to ensure continuity for all users Dedicated instance of Lync ® utility built upon CSS model Counselors using Enterprise Version of Lync ® via MS Corporate Network Call flow between sub-teams and/or markets can be set up or changed at a flip of switch

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