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Panasonic Communications Solutions Group

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1 Panasonic Communications Solutions Group
Why Panasonic?

2 Panasonic – A Household Name
The 47th largest company in the world We spend $5 billion annually on research and development We design, build and sell over 14,000 products worldwide

3 Panasonic – A Commitment to R & D
The World Intellectual Property Organization, which tracks the number of patent applications filed around the world, reported that Panasonic ranked Number 1, as the world’s top filer for patent applications in 2007.

4 Panasonic Small Business Telephone Systems Market Share – North America
Panasonic Is #1 The Market Leader in Small Business Telephone Systems (2-40 extensions) for North America #1 market share in (1) #1 Choice of Integrators Eight Years in a Row Custom Electronics Industry’s Top 100 Integrators Rank Panasonic Business Phone Systems Well Ahead of Competing Brands at 66% of respondents (2) “Panasonic was a dominant force in the North America small PBX market handily leveraging the company's favorable brand recognition on electronic products” according to Eastern Management Group (3) 26.7% 11.9% 11.2% 10.6% 9.8% 8.5% (1) T3i Group (sum of key/hybrid, PBX and converged business telephone systems) (2) CEPro Magazine’s CEPro 100 Brand Analysis, published June 2011 by EH Publishing (3) “2010 PBX Sales in North America Grew 16 Percent”, by Eastern Management Group, published by

5 Panasonic Small Business Telephone Systems Market Share – Global
WORLD CORDED PBX/IP PBX MARKET Manufacturer Market Shares, by Volume, Extensions Sold, Below 100 (excl Micro PBX) Panasonic Is #1 According to MZA Ltd., The World PBX/IP-PBX Market Competitive Environment 2011, published July 2011

6 Legacy of Enhanced Communications Solutions
z Manufacturing communications products since 1986 U.S.-based engineering team, plus in-house technical support Produced over 100 million phones Design, Engineer, and Manufacture 80% of Components ISO9001 Certified Factories

7 BTS Low Failure Rates – Comparison Chart

8 A Commitment to Environmental Sustainability
ISO Certified Lead-Free Production Process Leaders in the eco movement since 2003 RoHS Compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

9 Answering the Call for the Business World
Backwards-compatible technology provides businesses with the flexibility to grow at their own pace Leading Provider in North America (< 40 Exts) Business Phone Systems market (full year 2009 and 2010)* Total Solutions for the Small Office: Print, Fax, Phone, IP Camera, Digital Signage Best in Class Wireless Solution Dedicated to the development of core technologies * Per T3i Group (sum of key/hybrid, PBX and converged business phone systems)

10 Panasonic – Focused on the Customer
Customer-driven product development Rapid response to engineering issues Problem resolution to the component level Guaranteed rollout schedules Long-term parts supply, product lifecycle and service and support One point of contact for quality and support

11 Solutions Provider for some of the World’s Most Successful Companies

12 Panasonic – Best-in-Class Technical Support
Access to Priority Technical Support from Experienced and Professional Panasonic Qualified Support Specialists Priority Technical Support and placement in queue for qualified Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond Dealers Priority support for Panasonic VoIP solutions (Configuration Support – Pre-installation) Troubleshooting Solution and Product Support for complex IT environments

13 Panasonic – Best-in-Class Technical Support (Continued)
Significant Technology Investment for Online Knowledge Base and Call Logging and Tracking Systems Streamlined support processes being implemented, improved service levels Access to for Online Diagnostic Tools, Software, Tech Notes, Manuals, Webinars and Product Information Average # Calls Taken by Metal & Diamond Dealers: 590 per month YTD 2008 Average Wait Time for Metal & Diamond Dealers: 13 mins YTD 2008

14 Dedicated to providing the Best Customer Experience
Product Is Sold Through Distribution Master Distributors and Systems Integration 300 Contract Integrators and Over 2000 Certified Dealers Sales Engineering Supports Field Sales. Problems Are Escalated to Headquarters, Engineering Team or Factory Engineers.

15 Panasonic Business Solutions – A History of Innovation
10 10 16-port to 512-port ISDN Digital PBX and Voice Mail 16-port to 1024-port Converged IP PBX and Voice Mail 3x8 / 6x16 / 12x32 / 336-port Analog PBX

16 Launch Schedule – BTS 2008 Large Medium IT / Server Looking
Model Name Small & Residential Medium Large TDA100/200 TDA50 MPR V. 5 July March January TDE100/200 2008 December NCP1000 October TDE600 SLC24 (KX-TDA6178), 8-Ch DECT Cell Station (KX-T0158) ESVM4 on OPB3(w-Music improvement, KX-TDA0194) NT300 Compatibility w/IP EXT16 Same as TDA600 IT / Server Looking Pure IP-PBX 8-Ch CS (KX-T0158, ESVM2 card (w-Music improvement, KX-TDA5194) DISA-AA /Queuing MSG, High Density CS TDA600 TAW848 KX-NT700 MPR V.2 (Ver. 1.1) April DECT Wireless (KX-T0155, T0158, TD7685, TD7695) ESVM4 on OPB3 (w-Music improvement, KX-TDA0194) DISA-AA /Queuing MSG Support NT300 w/ IP EXT16 Communication Assistant NCP500 February SIP Trunk IP Conf.SP-Phone TD7696 TDA0156 November DECT Wireless TD7696 : New DECT Wireless Handset w/ IP54 standard and shock resistance. TDA0156 : 4ch Cell Station with Interface (TDA0144) TD7685/7695 T0155 Phone Assistant June Ver.1.7 256 clients, Voice Mail Assistant

17 Panasonic PBX Portfolio – a Winning Strategy
Model Name Small Medium Large TDA100/200 TDA50 2009 - 2007 X7/S8 MPR Ver. 4.0 TDE100/200 2008 IP Enhancement w/New MPR Card DHCP Client SNMP SVM function TDE600 4Q Pure IP-PBX X5/S6 IP-EXT4 TDA600 TD500 TAW848 TA824 X6/S7 4-VM Port Ver. 3 CSLC16 X5/S5 ICD Group Log when Answer

18 Desk Phone and Voicemail Portfolio
CATEGORY 2007 Voice Mail DPT Wireless 2009 - APT T7600 Series T7700Series TD7690/TD7680 Scheduled Back-up NT136 Ver.2 System Telephone IP-PT TD7896 NT265 2008 TVA50/200 X6/S7 T7667 NT300 Series TD7694/TD7684 X7/S8 Firmware Update for TDE TD7695 /TD7685 S3 S11 2.4G US DECT Compact / Standard Ver.2.1 VM Assistant T0141/TDA0142 T0151/TDA0152 T0155/T0158 TD7690 Compact /  Low price DPT 2ch / CSIF 3ch DPT 2ch / High Density 8ch IP 8ch X11/S >A2/X3 Under study WiFi soft-phone For PDA Multi-site support

19 Panasonic – NetCam Market Leadership
Source: NPD, Retail & DMR Channels, Dec 2007

20 Panasonic – NetCam Transition (Residential)
Pan/Tilt C131A: $299 Wireless MPEG4 C30A: $299 C111A: $199 MPEG-4 C10A: $199 C1A: $99 Basic Fixed Camera C101A: $129 I/O for Integration ProprietaryPoE C121A: $199 I/O ports for integration C20A: $199 Outdoor Fixed C160A: $299 Sensor Light Proprietary PoE C140A: $199 2007 2006 2008 2009

21 Panasonic – NetCam Transition (Box Commercial)
2009 2008 2007 2006 M511A: $599 MPEG-4 Power Over Ethernet M531A: $899 Outdoor M371A: $1099 Wireless M331A: $899 M515A: $799 Megapixel M311A: $599 Basic Model Pro-Line $999 $499 $799

22 Panasonic – NetCam Transition (PTZ Commercial)
2008 2007 2006 PTZ E481A: $1499 PoE M580A: $999 SD Card 21x Zoom M581A: $1399 21x zoom $1299 $1249 M381A: $1499 2 Way Audio

23 Panasonic – NetCam Transition (Dome Commercial)
2009 2008 2007 2006 Varifocal Pan/Tilt M527A: $899 2.3x Auto Varifocal Rotation / Tilt Wide Angle Fixed Dome M403A: $649 Power Over Ethernet SD Card recording M547A: $1,099 Outdoor

24 Thank You

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