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Phones or shoes? Double the 2-5 year olds can play with a smartphone app (19%)… …than can tie their shoes (9%) 2010 AVG study.

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1 Phones or shoes? Double the 2-5 year olds can play with a smartphone app (19%)… …than can tie their shoes (9%) 2010 AVG study

2 Mobiles and Tablets: A new interaction and revenue stream … lessons from the news publishing industry Mark Challinor, Director of Mobile and Interactive Services, Telegraph Media Group

3 We envision literally, a billion people getting inexpensive, browser-based touch-screen devices over the next few years Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google, 2011

4 1

5 UK quality newspaper market Source: NRS Oct 09 – Sep 10

6 North America Newspapers: 1,577 Latin America Newspapers: 1,400 Europe Newspapers: 2,398 Africa Newspapers: 400 Middle East Newspapers: 272 Asia Newspapers: 5,071 South Pacific Newspapers: 89 2

7 INMA: Our members 400 top newsmedia companies worldwide 5,000 executives 80 countries Strong in elite, market- leading companies Key channels of members: audience, advertising, strategy, marketing

8 INMA: Our focus in 2011 1. Culture change, processes to support transition 2. Paid content opportunities in passion niches 3. Integrating advertising sales 4. Reallocation of marketing 5. Revenue opportunities with mobiles/tablets Theme: practicalities of transition from news on paper to multi-media

9 Background (The market) Five years ago, the mobile landscape was, a world apart from where we are today. While smartphones existed, the devices were really more like PDAs with a phone built-in, rather than mobile computing devices as we know them today. There were mobile phone apps, but the app store concept as we know it now was still years away. And while many mobile phones had the ability to access the web, the experience was far different in speed and in scope than it is today.

10 Background (The market) Now? We ve transitioned from keypad to touchscreen, from 2G to 3G broadband, from social as an afterthought, to social as an intrinsic part of the mobile web … and to a world full of apps. Whilst it s almost impossible to predict the next five years, we can imagine that mobile devices will continue to get faster, more complex and slowly but surely replace workstations and notebooks in a range or portable/wireless devices.

11 Mobile advertising is growing exponentially Total UK mobile advertising revenues: Source: First partner 2010 2009 20102011 Mobile advertising revenues (m) £38m £50m £86m +31% +72% £83m ???

12 UK mobile internet market maturing rapidly August 2010 data. SIMs = comScore; users = Nielsen; others = IAB. 23% UK popn with smartphone (11m/up 70% in last yr) 31% Regular users of mobile internet 41% Retailers with mobile site/app in the next year 37% Consumers have made purchase via handset with payment going directly to their mobile bill 27% Consumers have made purchase via their handset using a credit or debit card




16 Background (The market… …and The Telegraph) Some of our audiences have never engaged with us in the mobile arena. We need to have a range of services and products to bring those audiences to the game: some basic, some more rich, but ultimately, a mix strategy … … incorporating interaction tools, database builders, content distributors … and revenue generators.

17 Todays environment: multi channel Desire for new interaction/revenue streams PrintOnline Mobile Advertiser demands Customer expectations Increase the number of brand touchpoints… profitably

18 Telegraph mobile strategy Build customer interaction Data collection opportunity Generate new revenue Facilitate content collection & distribution Added value to advertisers Provide bridge to younger audiences Brand association new technology Objectives/Advantages to mobile marketing strategy

19 Strategy Review existing mature platforms and services. Increase amount of user generated content. Create a dialogue! Get readers familiar with using mobile with TMG Introduce advertisers to a range of relevant, mobile/phone services (including and beyond apps). Have the internal structure to deliver the above. Identify best services and service providers to deliver the maximum profitability Under take market research/ focus groups to determine future focus.

20 Mobile at The Telegraph 2010 into 2011 Free mobile internet site ( Free iPhone apps (e.g. News, World Cup, Crosswords Lite) Paid apps (e.g. Fantasy Football, Crosswords Full) Sponsored apps (e.g. F1, TaylorMade Golf, Jaguar) 2m unique users a month 300,000+ News app downloads 280,000+ World Cup app downloads Fantasy Football app #2 in the paid download chart (250,000+ teams) Commercially-lucrative potential Tablets: iPad v1 Free. 126,000 downloads. Sponsored

21 Compare the no. of days it took to reach 1m units sold! iPad 2 sold ½m in first weekend!

22 Interactive (mobile) advertising

23 Location services across platforms/devices

24 Sponsorship formats -Home page takeovers -Integrated adverts -Icons -text links -in-movies -news or ent sections

25 Overlays: Rich media

26 M-commerce

27 Mobile video

28 Next generation mobile web Platform Agnostic: Fully integrated into internal CRM system

29 Importance of SMS still! The first commercial text message was sent in December 1992. Today, the number of text messages sent and received everyday, exceeds the population of the planet!

30 Mobile advertising Mobile ads: Many choices: SMS, rich media/video … Education is key: getting on the media plan, education of agencies/clients All about engagement: mobile v online = mobile advantage due to engagement people have with mobile (Frequency, depth, duration, download rate, users … ) Need for creativity: consumer expectation is more on mobile

31 We know all this due to analytics


33 Key takeaways/lessons? Think about your future audiences and where they will be! Talk to mobile experts who can guide you. Remember its a new space for everyone. Dont be afraid! Have a mobile strategy Keep abreast of new developments: new ideas/trends Dominate your market with relevant apps/mobile services Focus on mobile optimisation of all the content in your ecosystem. Be relevant! Do something!

34 An exciting time… to be in an exciting space… within an exciting environment

35 Thanks for listening!


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