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Will a War between Buddhism and Islam Erupt in Southeast Asia?

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1 Will a War between Buddhism and Islam Erupt in Southeast Asia?

2 Sri Lankas Muslims in the Cross Hairs. - hairs/2/?all=true hairs/2/?all=true Mobs Torch Muslim Homes in Western Myanmar. myanmar/69363 myanmar/69363 Indonesia Buddhist Temple Blast Protests Violence against Myanmar Muslims. blast-protests-violence-against-myanmar-muslims-government-401552 blast-protests-violence-against-myanmar-muslims-government-401552 Thailands Sectarian War Rages Outside Public Eye. - 16526013 16526013 Are Buddhist Monks Involved in Myanmars Violence? - Monks-Involved-In-Myanmars-Violence Monks-Involved-In-Myanmars-Violence

3 In June 2012, sectarian violence between ethnic Arakanese Buddhists and ethnic Rohingya Muslims led to hundreds of deaths and an estimated 100,000 internally displaced. Provincial police did not stop initial violence and supported ongoing attacks by both Arakanese groups and Buddhist monks on Rohingya villages and the denial of humanitarian access to Rohingya areas and camps. In October, sectarian violence erupted again in dozens of coordinated attacks that resulted in beatings, deaths, rapes, the destruction of entire villages, and additional displacement of Rohingya. Rohingya asylum seekers have been turned away from Bangladesh and Thailand, including being forcibly pushed back to sea by Thai military forces. Untold numbers have died attempting to seek refuge in these countries. Despite considerable international attention, the Burmese government, backed by a majority of popular opinion and groups promoting Buddhist Nationalism, continues to restrict humanitarian assistance, sanction clandestine violence through impunity, and encourage refugee flows to other Southeast Asia countries. - United States Commission on International Religious Freedom – Annual Report 2013 -

4 What Is Behind Burmas Wave of Religious Violence? - Suu Kyi Blames Burma Violence on Climate of Fear Religious Extremism: The Case of the Monk Wirathau - extremism-The-case-of-the-monk-Wirathu- 30212037.html extremism-The-case-of-the-monk-Wirathu- 30212037.html Dozens Missing as Rohingya Boat Sinks off West Burma. Jihadists Seek to Open Front in Burma. - seek_to_op.php seek_to_op.php

5 Bangladesh Buddhists Pick Up Pieces after Mob Rampage. - Muslim-Buddhist War of Bangladesh and Myanmar – The Price of Silence - Buddhist-War-Bangladesh-Myanmar-Silence- ebook/dp/B005GFJ3W0/ref=sr_1_fkmr3_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1 383547481&sr=8-1- fkmr3&keywords=war+between+islam+and+buddhism Buddhist-War-Bangladesh-Myanmar-Silence- ebook/dp/B005GFJ3W0/ref=sr_1_fkmr3_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1 383547481&sr=8-1- fkmr3&keywords=war+between+islam+and+buddhism Bangladesh Country Overview - Myanmar Country Overview -

6 Muslim Insurgents Launch 50 Attacks in Thailands Deep South - d/9877429/Muslim-insurgents-launch-50-attacks-in- Thailands-deep-south.html d/9877429/Muslim-insurgents-launch-50-attacks-in- Thailands-deep-south.html Thailand Signs Breakthrough Deal with Muslim Rebels - d/9899300/Thailand-signs-breakthrough-deal-with- Muslim-rebels.html d/9899300/Thailand-signs-breakthrough-deal-with- Muslim-rebels.html Widow Jiaw Pongthawil, the last Buddhist in a Thai Muslim Village. - jiaw-pongthawil-last-buddhist-thai-muslim-village jiaw-pongthawil-last-buddhist-thai-muslim-village

7 Groups espousing religious intolerance under the banner of Islamic orthodoxy repeatedly have targeted religious minorities for intimidation, discrimination, and societal violence. Provincial police and government officials often tolerate these acts, with the government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono coming under increasing criticism for not doing enough to combat the activities of extremist militias, such as the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and similar organizations. U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. October 2012 - Banda Aceh, Aceh: Provincial officials, under pressure from FPI leaders, ordered the closure of six Buddhist temples. Local government officials claimed the religious venues failed to meet permit requirements, although some had been in operation for decades. August 4, 2013 - West Jakarta, Jakarta: A bomb exploded at a Buddhist vihara during a religious service.

8 Buddhist-Muslim Doctrinal Relations: Past, Present, and Future. - /study/islam/general/buddhist_muslim_doctrinal _relations.html /study/islam/general/buddhist_muslim_doctrinal _relations.html Holy Wars in Buddhism and Islam: The Myth of Shambhala. - /study/islam/kalachakra_islam/holy_wars_budd hism_islam_myth_shamb/holy_war_buddhism_i slam_shambhala_long.html /study/islam/kalachakra_islam/holy_wars_budd hism_islam_myth_shamb/holy_war_buddhism_i slam_shambhala_long.html

9 Some troops came back from an expedition and went to see the Messenger of Allah, blessings and peace upon him, his family and companions. He said: You have come for the best, from the smaller jihad to the greater jihad. Someone said, What is the greater jihad? He said: The servants struggle against his lust.

10 Cruel beings are (everywhere) just as is space: It cant possibly come that Ill have destroyed them (all). But if Ive destroyed this mind of anger alone, Its the same as my having destroyed all those foes.

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