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© 2007 Marketwire Agenda History and Experience with Marketwire Your Goals for 2009 New Distribution Options Multimedia, SEO, Social Media Monitoring Custom.

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1 © 2007 Marketwire Agenda History and Experience with Marketwire Your Goals for 2009 New Distribution Options Multimedia, SEO, Social Media Monitoring Custom Wire Easy PR/IR Competitive Comparisons Demo of Account Management & Log-in Page Questions

2 © 2007 Marketwire *New* AP Mobile News Network Feed Real Time News and multimedia to your cell phone 12 Phones are compatible, including iPhone, Blackberry and SmartPhone Included with National and Social Media Distribution Circuits 38.8 Million page views

3 © 2007 Marketwire Reach all the right places… AP satellite delivery All major newspapers across the U.S. Broadcast outlets in all the top Dominant Marketing Areas Direct FTP feeds Web portals (AOL, Google, Yahoo! and more) All major financial newswires (Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Thomson, Reuters) Analyst terminals (Factset, Moneyline, Thomson ONE/ILX) Online Databases (Dialog, Factiva, Lexis-Nexis) Email and RSS feeds Industry trade publications – 137 trade categories, 24 separate industries Distribution

4 © 2007 Marketwire Specialty Markets African American Asia (U.S.) Automotive Hot Spots Biotech Hotspots Capitol Hill & Public Policy Energy Hot Spots Entertainment Hot Spots Collegiate Presswire Financial Hot Spots Fine-tune your news distribution… High Tech Hot Spots Legal Announcements Corporate Social Responsibility Mining Hot Spots Hispanic (North American) Features Sports Hot Spots Trade Shows & Conferences Health Care Hot Spots

5 © 2007 Marketwire Marketwire = Better Distribution $415 $625 $680 $245 Marketwires distribution is more robust than our competitors distribution. Example 1: National Marketwire reaches over 7,900 distribution points Business Wires reaches about 3,900 PR Newswire reaches about 5,100 MW: $460/$150 BW: $675/$175 PRN: $680/$185

6 © 2007 Marketwire *New* Hispanic Newslines: U.S & Top Metro (in addition to North America Hispanic newsline, which includes Mexico & Puerto Rico) U.S. Hispanic -reaches more than 1,800 Hispanic media outlets, Spanish- language websites and financial databases across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Hispanic Top Metro Markets - reaches more than a dozen major U.S. Hispanic metro markets (DMAs). Both newslines include: Guaranteed posting on more than 40 leading Spanish-language websites, such as Notimex, Nosis and Agencia El Universal Distribution through NoticiasFinancieras -- Marketwire's own news distribution and syndication systemNoticiasFinancieras Posting on the NoticiasDigitales digital news network, adding 3 million monthly viewsNoticiasDigitales

7 © 2007 Marketwire NoticiasDigitales Screen Shot

8 © 2007 Marketwire International Distribution Global Packages Canada United States Latin America Africa Middle East Western Europe Eastern Europe Asia Australia Translation by native speakers into more than 27 languages Distribute your news anywhere in the world…

9 © 2007 Marketwire

10 Multimedia: Photo Add company logo – Free Include thumbnail and hi-res photos and graphics Distribute images to photo editors Real time to major media via AP PhotoExpress and European Photo Distribution Give your news greater visibility…

11 © 2007 Marketwire Cost Comparison Unbeatable Value - Photo $75 $295 $275 $50

12 © 2007 Marketwire Multimedia: Embedded Video & Audio Embed video thumbnails and streaming video No outside linking Video distributed to Google Video, Yahoo! Video, YouTube Video ExampleExample Audio Example – include podcasts or audio clips from RHW Fox news/ BNN interviews.Example Bring your news releases to life…

13 © 2007 Marketwire Cost Comparison Unbeatable Value - Video $75 $295 $125 TOO MUCH

14 © 2007 Marketwire Videos are now being optimized

15 © 2007 Marketwire Universal Search The search results for the headline on Google, include links to the video

16 © 2007 Marketwire Search Trends Among the Media… 98% start each new story with a web search 76% of journalists search for sources/experts 73% of journalists search for press releases SOURCE: A joint survey: Middleberg/Ross and the Pew Internet & American Life Project / Expansion Plus webinar series. Why SEO?

17 © 2007 Marketwire


19 SEO Quake Analysis

20 © 2007 Marketwire Get Search Engines to Work for You!

21 © 2007 Marketwire We can help improve the search rank of both your releases and your website in relation to important keywords – driving more traffic to you!

22 © 2007 Marketwire How can your release help with SEO? News Releases are most often best quality and most frequently updated content a company produces SEO Results Depend on fresh new online content Your press releases are new content & become a webpage Wires deliver press releases to online news sites Online news websites repost links and keywords

23 © 2007 Marketwire Soar to the top of search engines… 1.Keyword Placement You: Write keywords into your headline, first paragraph and body We: Place keywords into HTML code 2. Linking The NewsMarket Enhanced Search Engine Optimization

24 © 2007 Marketwire Step 1: Selecting your Keywords Start with Your Source Code. No source code… consider product offeringsSource Code.

25 © 2007 Marketwire Step 2: Research Keywords - Use Google AdWords to figure out which keywords are best fitGoogle AdWords and use them consistently

26 © 2007 Marketwire Step 3: Write Keywords into Your Press Release Headline First Paragraph Body of Release Boilerplate Optimal keyword density is 2-7%

27 © 2007 Marketwire Step 4: Add Anchor Text Link Keywords to Landing Pages on Your Website

28 © 2007 Marketwire Be sure to match the HTML words with anchor linked keywords

29 © 2007 Marketwire Step 5: Make Sure Anchor Text Link Matches Title Tag and Keywords on Page Dedicated Data Center

30 © 2007 Marketwire Another example of how Marketwires links are re-posted downstream using our HTML platform!

31 © 2007 Marketwire LINKS ON YAHOO!

32 © 2007 Marketwire Live Link Distribution Over 100 Top News Sites Display Live Links From Marketwire-Issued Press Releases Google: Webmasters can improve the rank of their site by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their page.

33 © 2007 Marketwire Feature: Benefit: Unlimited Archival Improved Search Engine Rankings Specialized SEO Website

34 © 2007 Marketwire Enhanced News Dashboard Reporting SEO Details

35 © 2007 Marketwire

36 Marketwire Links Go Directly to Clients Webpage

37 © 2007 Marketwire Other wires direct back to their own webpage, eliminating the SEO value for you

38 © 2007 Marketwire SEO Cost Comparison: MW:BW: PRN: 400 Natl Release:$535$875$875 SEO

39 © 2007 Marketwire Websites that Re- Post hyperlinks links Over 200About 20 Websites that re- post anchor text Over 200About 20 Keywords for metadata? YesNo Company name in URL YesNo Direct links – no redirecting YesNoYes Easy to use SEOYes, just add links in word document Several step process takes about 20 minutes Marketwire Business Wire PR Newswire

40 © 2007 Marketwire Adding Enhanced SEO to Your Release

41 © 2007 Marketwire Success: Intersil Client Goal: To be on 1 st page and ahead of their competitors in organic search. Marketwire Solution: Traditional Release upgraded to PR 2.0 with Enhanced SEO Keywords – Keywords in HTML, in headline and in first paragraph of the release Linking – anchor text and URLs live on over 50 top news sites through Marketwire distribution Frequency - 1 press release per week, same keywords every time

42 © 2007 Marketwire Success: Intersil Result: Within 1 month, goal achieved. 4 th organic search result on 1 st page out of over 8 million results for search term power management.

43 © 2007 Marketwire Social Media 2.0

44 © 2007 Marketwire Social Media 2.0 Release Dramatically increase your organizations presence on the internet Boost your SEO performance Real Time Pick-up and online reporting Lenovo

45 © 2007 Marketwire Pheedo Network Pheedo is a marketing/advertising system that leverages RSS Technology. Instead of attaching ads to blogs, we attach relevant press releases. We work with Pheedo to match our industry codes with theirs, so that releases issued over the SM 2.0 product are appropriately matched to the RSS content. 3 Million page views!

46 © 2007 Marketwire SM 2.0 Distribution Options Social Media Online Online distribution to over 2,500 websites (1/2 are specifically optimized for SEO). 1,250 are News Websites 300 Major Blogs via RSS through Pheedo Network RSS trade distribution to over 300,000 subscribers 1 Embedded Video, 1 Photo, SEO Enhanced 60+ Social Bookmarking & Tagging Options Real-Time Performance Monitoring Reach includes social sites such as iTunes, SecondLife, Twitter, YouTube, and Photobucket Basic: $499, Enhanced: $599 Social Media US National Distribution Circuit News Dashboard Report $679 (first 400 words), plus $170 (each addtl 100 words) Social Media North America Includes North American Disclosure Circuit News Dashboard Report $899 (first 400 words), plus $225 (each addtl100 words)

47 © 2007 Marketwire Custom Wire Upload and send custom emails and faxes Include with any circuit or as standalone distribution Get detailed reporting Transmission status Email open rates Detailed failure information Filtered by list, job or contact 3 paths to drill for your reporting data: Individual Contact Contact List Custom Wire Distribute to your own lists of journalists, analysts, stakeholders…

48 © 2007 Marketwire

49 Thank you! Any questions? U.S. 800.774.WIRE (9473) Canada: 888.299.0338

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