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Immediate Quotes On Time Shipping Competitive Pricing P.O. to Forged Samples in 5 Weeks Maximum 10 Million pounds of Lefere ready to make your.

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1 Immediate Quotes On Time Shipping Competitive Pricing P.O. to Forged Samples in 5 Weeks Maximum 10 Million pounds of steel @ Lefere ready to make your parts 100,000 pounds of die material on hand to immediately make your new dies! Lefere Forge 665 Hupp Ave., Jackson, MI 49203 Phone: 517-787-7665 Fax: 517-784-0929 email Sales: or

2 Lefere Forge Company Profile Founded in 1929 by Alidor Lefere @ current site Started forging Hubs for Budd Wheel later that same year In 1932 the company became debt free and remains financially strong today! In 1933 Lefere developed a patented process for making truck hubs. This technology allowed Lefere to control this market for over 50 years. The company today remains controlled and run by the Lefere family. Senior management experience equals over 150 years. Sixteen Leferes work in management and other internal plant operations. The facility has a total of 180,000 square feet of manufacturing space under roof. 2008 annual sales = $30,000,000 Diversified product and customer mix including: Agricultural, Conveyors Systems, Heavy Truck, Trailer and Off-Highway Products, Mining, Construction, Petrol Chemical, Rail Road and others: Customers include: ArvinMeritor, Axletech, Baker Hughes, Dana, Nat. Oil Well, ZF-Lemforder etc.

3 Lefere Forge Production Equipment (4) 3,000# Power Hammers - Parts from 5# minimum to 25# (2) 4,000# Power Hammers - Parts from 10# to 35 # (1) 5,000# Power Hammer - Parts from 20# to 50# (1) 8,000# Power Hammer - Parts from 50# to 150# (1) 10,000# Power Hammer - Parts from 50# to 170# After forging all cells have conveyors that feed a main conveyor leading directly to shot blast cleaning and inspection. (3) Mechanical Shears (1) Hydraulic Shear (3) Carbide Saws Capable of sawing / shearing steel up to 7 ½

4 Lefere Forge Quality BS EN ISO9001:2008 Registered, Certification # CA 08000522 Current Registration Period: 28 August 2009 to 04 January 2012 Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) Collaboration between all operational functions Engineering, production, purchasing, sales and marketing. Five pieces per hour from every production unit are taken for hot inspection, parts are taken to the quality department and checked attribute data and critical characteristics as specified by the customer. All SPC data is retained in MQ1 database software designed for easy retrieval and use. All parts are visually inspected for attribute data such as scale, non fill and laps. Certified outside sources are utilized for all metallurgical and material testing.

5 Lefere Forge In-House Tooling 100% in-house tooling for fast start up of new parts both symmetrical and non symmetrical. In addition to a complete array of conventional die sinking equipment, we have recently added two new computer controlled CNC Machining Centers. (1) Viper V-1500 Vertical Machining Center (1) Toyoda Vertical Machining Center (1) Okuma CNC Lathe – was added in 2001 for turning All die blocks are also machined and prepped in house prior to sinking impressions 95% of all maintenance machining is also done in house saving time and transportation. 100% of all dies following production are brought into the die room and reworked. When the next order comes in the dies are ready without delay!

6 Lefere Forge Markets Agricultural (Farm Equipment) Construction Equipment Gears Hoist / Crane Industrial Equipment On/Off Highway Mechanical Power Transmission Mining Petrochemical Railroad Rock Crushing Timber

7 Lefere Forge BS EN ISO9001:2008 Certified Certificated by Bureau Veritas Certification number CA 08000522 Date issued 28 August 2009 Valid until 04 January 2012 For Bureau Veritas Certification UK ltd. Great Guildford House 30 Great Guildford Street London SE1 0es

8 Lefere Forge Additional Information Quotes typically in 3-4 days, faster if required Samples from production tooling in 5 week or less Typical lead time to PPAP 4-6 weeks Volumes of 1,000 piece per year minimum up to 30,000 pieces per year, average part volumes are 2,000 to 5,000 per year. The only forging plant world wide with a totally automated conveyor system for material handling. From bar steel to forged and inspected parts, lift trucks are not involved until parts are ready for inventory or shipment. The company and management are committed to quality, if a problem is encountered, Lefere will immediately visit your faculty to review and rectify any issues. Dedication to continuous improvement and capital reinvestment. Most recent investments have been in the die facility with two CNC Vertical Machining Centers. Lefere also maintains large inventories of spare parts for all capital equipment. Deliveries from Lefere are second to none. Large inventories of standard grade raw materials provide fast turnaround and peace of mind to all customers. At any point in time it is not unusual for steel inventories to exceed ten (10) million pounds

9 Lefere Forge Product Examples

10 Lefere Forge Recent Capital Investments and near term plans Most recent investment is another Carbide Saw for cutting steel. Additional investments also continue relating to keeping the forging facility in top operating condition, including building siding and complete over haul of the overhead crane in the forge building. Recent investment also includes a Toyoda CNC Vertical Machining Center in the die room for sinking large dies for non-symmetrical parts. Purchased first Viper V-1500 CNC Vertical Machining Center for the die room. This machine makes smaller to mid size dies for non-symmetrical parts. A new 300 ton press trim press has been purchased for the 10,000 pound hammer to allow for trimming of larger more complex parts. Constructed a new building for the protection of lubricants, drums and steel shavings from rain water run off etc. A third Carbide Saw has been added. Additional capacity required as the cost of annealing bar has rising greatly due to energy costs, making sawing more cost effective. Other capital projects to be reviewed as appropriate.

11 Lefere Forge Personnel Stephen Lefere – President Pete Lefere – Vice President – Production & Engineering Matt Lefere – Purchasing Manager & Secretary/Treasurer Beth Perez – CFO & Controller Terry Lefere – Production Control Jim Olson – Sales Manager or Tim Lefere – Die Room Manager Chris Lefere – Quality Manager Lefere Forge 665 Hupp Ave., Jackson, MI 49203 Phone: 517-784-7109 Fax: 517-784-0929 email Sales: or

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