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International Parts Distributor

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1 International Parts Distributor

2 VISION STATEMENT Optimum Vehicle Logistics (OVL) is dedicated to customer service excellence by providing the defense market with the highest quality OEM parts and support services.

3 Optimum Vehicle Logistics
Professional U.S. owned small business with extensive U.S. and foreign government sales experience. Warehouses in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Dubai, UAE. Automated distribution center with state-of-the-art supply chain management system. Company with 30+ years of experience in warehousing and logistical support.

4 Global Spare Parts Distribution Network
OVL Offices Warehouses in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Sharjah, United Arab Emirates ITAR and EAR compliant: registered as exporter Cage Code: 50YK9

5 OVL Operations

6 Exclusive Distributor
OVL is committed to providing new genuine OEM parts and products in an efficient, cost effective, and professional manner. Stocking distributor. Large fleets of US manufactured military vehicles in Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Direct access to OEM technical support and engineering expertise.

7 Platforms supported Wheeled Vehicles Humvee® (HMMWV) M35 M813
M911 (HET) M915 M977 (HEMTT) M1070 (HET) 5000 & 7000 Series Haulers Fire Rescue and Buses Tracked Vehicles M113 M60 M88 M109 Other Equipment Forklifts, scissor lifts, telehandlers, and other material handling Generators M1101/1102 Trailers Vehicle Intercoms Maintenance Tools

8 OVL Capabilities Distributor and Third Party Logistics(3PL).
Integrated Logistics Support. Kitting solutions. Engine/Transmission re-power solutions. Training and maintenance support. Re-set and re-cap support.

9 Bogus Parts Within the Region
Substantial amount of bogus parts and accessories are penetrating the market place. These parts negatively impact life cycle and operational capabilities of the OEM platforms as well as our soldiers’ safety. The only guaranteed process to eliminate this problem is to purchase quality parts directly from exclusive OEM approved distributors.

10 Customer Tailored Solutions
We create unique processes to manage and optimize the flow of products and information, providing the most efficient solutions possible. JIT programs to meet customer requirements. Develop in-country organic capabilities. Consignment stock at customer site. Develop in-region comprehensive logistical support originating from Sharjah. In theater logistical support.

11 Value Added Services Prevent the customer from carrying the burden of an extensive inventory. Proximity of parts within the region. One stop shop; bumper-to-bumper parts support. Simplified supply chain ordering process. Extensive face to face marketing campaigns. 24 hr response time for customer RFQ’s. Access to technical manuals.

12 Value Added Services (cont.)
Extensive experience with foreign government contract administration processes. Proactively collect market intelligence. Access to the OEM FSR’s for engineering and technical assistance. Expedited deliveries. Stringent quality control processes.

13 Customer Benefits Increase operational readiness.
Proximity of warehouse in region. Decrease operational cost. Reduce order to delivery time. 24/7 customer service. Customized inventory through forecasts. Reduce inventory cost. Quality assurance. We strive to delight our customers!

14 Contacts Headquarters/Warehouse 6110A Flint Road Milwaukee WI 53209
Corporate Office: Corporate Fax: SharjahOffice/Warehouse Sharjah Intl Airport FZ Warehouse Q4-177 Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Stephane J. Dermond President US Cell: UAE Cell: Douglas L. Olson Executive Vice President Middle East & Africa US Cell: UAE Cell: David Bell Regional Director Middle East & Africa UAE Cell: US Cell: Mark Kimmitt Senior Advisor US Cell:

15 OVL Alliances DJM Manufacturing

16 About AM General ISO 9001:2000 Certified
Headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, AM General operates manufacturing facilities in Mishawaka, Indiana, and an Engineering and Product Development Center in Livonia, Michigan. HMMWV has proved itself as the most versatile, dependable, and mobile tactical wheeled vehicle in the world. The company also provides spare parts, field service and training support for all its products. Their Engineering and Product Development Center provides integrated logistics support and systems technical support for a variety of military systems in addition to the HUMVEE® HMMWV.

17 About Amtech Corporation ISO 9001:2000 Certified
Recognized as one of the fastest growing, and most innovative, small businesses in Washington, Amtech Corporation is a diverse manufacturer of composite-based products and parts. Amtech Corporation is the OEM of molded composite products, known as Helmet Hardtops®, which provide a permanent roof top solution for the HMMWV. Available in a multitude of configurations, including custom solutions for unique requirements. Functions include: mobile command and control (TOCS), maintenance contact vehicles, communications, fire control, mobile dental clinics, electronic attack, medical purposes including ambulances, convoy escort duty. Amtech’s shelters are the only product of their kind, tested by the military at Aberdeen Proving Grounds and are an authorized replacement for canvas on various HMMWV variants.

18 About Schutt Industries
Schutt Industries was established in 1998 in Clintonville, WI. Schutt produces high performance military trailers and custom engineered ground systems. Years of product longevity and the "need it, get it" customer service attitude have made Schutt a leader in the defense market. Schutt operates a full service facility operating within 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space in which we fabricate, weld, machine, assemble and paint, all in-house.

19 About SuperFlow SuperFlow Technologies Group provides the most complete selection of dynamometers and test equipment for the entire drive train. SuperFlow equipment is used to test or rebuild every component of the drive-train from the engine and transmission, to the torque converter, axles, drive shaft and brakes. The SuperShifter, a revolutionary tester/controller for today's complex electronically controlled transmissions. This rugged unit isolates a transmission from a vehicle's controller and harness, allowing direct solenoid testing and shift control. Designed for in-vehicle use, the SuperShifter can also be used on a test bench or dynamometer to automatically measure and display solenoid impedances and show whether the results are within spec, eliminating the need for an ohmmeter or pages of lookup tables and data sheets.

20 About Warn Industries Warn Industries is the world's most recognized brand in off-road products such as hub locks and vehicle recovery winches. The company designs, manufactures, and markets a full line of off-road equipment and accessories that enhance the performance of four-wheel-drive and power sport vehicles. Warn’s Industrial Division specializes in severe duty winches for the defense market.

21 About DJM Manufacturing
The Scorpion Run flat Extraction Insertion Device is a newly developed technology (patent pending). The Scorpion product was designed for the utmost safety,speed, mobility, and reliability. Scorpion product highlights include: 24VDC, 110 VAC charger and 24V NATO plug for extended field use Portable 90% cycle time reduction

22 About Advanced Input Systems
New technology Advanced Input Systems has developed thousands of custom input systems for more than 1,000 companies in the medical, industrial, defense, gaming and aerospace industries. Established in 1979, their full-service culture and distinctive operation competencies help customers stay at the forefront of user interface technologies. The new master vehicle light switch (MVLS) replaces a mechanical design from the 1950’s era for improved reliability in all combat and non-combat vehicles. Old technology

23 Parker Hannifin

24 About Parker Hannifin PARKER HANNIFIN’S is the world's leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. The company's products are vital to virtually everything that moves or requires control, including the manufacture and processing of raw materials, durable goods, infrastructure development and all forms of transport. PARKER HANNIFIN’S Hydraulic Pump/Motor Division is a world leader in orbit-style low speed, high torque (LSHT) hydraulic motors. From its legendary Torqmotor™, offered since 1964, to its compact, straight-shaft Nichols™ hydraulic motor, Parker is the expert in hydraulic power. The company also offers a variety of other hydraulic systems-related products to fit a variety of needs.

25 About Truck-Lite Since 1955, Truck-Lite has been providing the highest quality lighting products and accessories to the transportation industry. Truck-Lite is a market driven manufacturing company providing the highest quality lighting and mirror products and accessories to the transportation industry. Truck-Lite provides original equipment and aftermarket replacement parts.

26 About David Clark In the air, on the ground or in the water, David Clark Company has the capability of providing unsurpassed noise-attenuating headsets and communication systems for virtually any environment the military forces may encounter. Crisp, clear communication between crewmembers is essential to their saftey and situational awareness. Lightweight, under-helmet earpieces allow full-duplex speech in high-noise environments (to 125dB). Compatible with most commercial and military radios, including SINCGARS and MBITR, their intercoms are simple to operate and maintain. A wireless state of the art solution

27 About LRAD LRAD Corporation produces a range of devices branded as LRAD®. The system is a breakthrough hailing and warning, directed acoustic device designed to communicate with authority and exceptionally high intelligibility. LRAD® is superior to megaphones or cruiser speakers. LRAD ensures you will be heard and helps to prevent unnecessary escalation of force. Ideal for: Search and Rescue Lost Child Crowd Control Mass Evacuation Mass Notification CBRN Incident Perimeter Humanitarian Relief Maritime Interdiction Operations

28 About Oshkosh Defense Oshkosh Defense designs, tests, builds and supports a full range of vehicles and technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of the armed forces. Heavy 8x8 Heavy Load Handling System Global HET (Heavy Equipment Transporter HEMTT A3 Hydrid (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck ) HEMTT A4 (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck) HET A1 (Heavy Equipment Transporter) LVSR (Palletized Load System) Wheeled Tanker Medium 4x4 Lightweight Cargo FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles) MTT (Medium Tactical Truck) MTVR (Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement) Light MATV (MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle) Tactical Ambulance 2.5 Cargo SandCatTM Protected Multi Role TPV (Tactical Protector Vehicle)

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