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Agenda Rob Zigmann – Why we are here today Lawrence Diamond - An overview of the journey from a supplier perspective Michele Airs – The GS1net Journey.

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3 Agenda Rob Zigmann – Why we are here today Lawrence Diamond - An overview of the journey from a supplier perspective Michele Airs – The GS1net Journey GS1 – explaining What, Why and How Michele and GS1 – Questions

4 Outcomes of this seminar To discuss some of the challenges regarding Master Data Provide documentation to support Supplier internal discussions Provide an opportunity to help you start your GS1net journey Meet and greet & an opportunity for questions

5 Store Network 8 2 4111 1 135 Officeworks 3 Harris Technology 5 Fulfilment Centres 3 Service Centres Retail Stores Business 4211 2 2611 12 1 1 1 3

6 Master Data - Suppliers Retailer Current Challenges… Multiple Requests Multiple Formats Difficult to Broadcast changes Security of sensitive data

7 Master data - Officeworks Supplier

8 Why choose Data Synchronisation? Improved Master Data integrity Reduction in POAs & Claims/Adjustments Reduction in CODB Efficiencies (speed to market) & security Reduction in out-of-stocks Ordering efficiencies (inner, outer, carton, pallet) Shared benefits for Suppliers and Officeworks

9 Michele Airs & Catherine Koetz The GS1net Journey

10 Officeworks Journey OW Call to Action July 2010Feb 2011 Commence On Boarding Industry Sector Pilot Industry Data Set Defined Jan 2010 OSGaG Industry Sector Group Formed Oct 2009July 2011 Full Implementation Oct 2011 Supplier Seminars OW Internal Piloting & Training Officeworks Data Set confirmed M2M Interface devt Oct 2010Jan 2012

11 Not-for-Profit Global organisation Member based, standards organisation Over 1 million member organisations globally across more than 24 industry groups Work with our members locally and globally to develop & maintain standards and solutions to common business challenges Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) and GS1net is one such solution Who are GS1?

12 GS1net is the GDSN certified data pool for Australia & New Zealand Enables a data synchronisation solution for Suppliers and Trading Partners GS1net lets you enter, validate, store and maintain all your product, pricing and other related trade information in a single location You can then easily share this information with the trading partners you work with, across all industry sectors, both in Australia and around the world Hosted by GS1 Australia What is GS1net is NOT? What is GS1net?

13 Supplier What is GS1net? Supplier Notification AcknowledgementConfirmation Master Data/Price Trading Partner B Trading Partner C GS1net Registry GS1net Data Pool GS1net Data Validation

14 What next? The GS1net Journey

15 Source relevant information Understand the data requirements relevant to your catalogue including product hierarchy Attend training as required Compare requirements against the data contained within your own database Get assistance from GS1 Register as user of GS1net Where do you start?

16 3 main options –Online method for small suppliers (less than 10 GTIN) –GS1net Browser Template/spreadsheet loader –Integrated Solution from Certified Solution Provider Loading data into GS1net

17 Officeworks –GS1net Alias: OFFWORKS –GS1net Standard Pricing GLN: 9377779187470 –GS1net Special Pricing GLN: 9377779252352 Supplier –GS1net Alias: Set up at registration –GS1net GLN: included in your membership of GS1, if you do not have contact GS1 –Officeworks Supplier Number: Contact Officeworks eCommerce Preparing to load

18 All products in range Complete product hierarchy identified ( Base Unit/Inner/Carton/Pallet) Classification of products Branded & Private label Source data to fill any gaps Clarify pricing requirements, allowances and charges Preparing to load

19 Populate GS1net with your data Essentials program with GS1net Services Support –Final validation against Industry & Trading Partner requirements –Review of all pricing, community visibility, relevant dates –Publication of data to trading partners Load your data

20 Ready announcement Commence Live process with Officeworks Build post Live processes as part of business as usual processes Once Live ensure all products and pricing are maintained in GS1net Ready to synchronise

21 Build understanding within the business Ensure support from management Source all the relevant information Determine if any other trading partners have similar requirement Get assistance where needed from GS1 or Officeworks Review your options of how to load your data Preparing your project

22 Go LIVE with Officeworks Officeworks will be informed once a Supplier has reached GS1net Ready status. To obtain GS1net Live status the following steps are taken by Officeworks: Conduct a Master Data Validation process to remove any discrepancies Confirm that data has been published for all items on range Data Synchronised Certification & Go Live with Officeworks All new products and ongoing pricing updates sent via GS1net

23 GS1net Item Publication/Subscription GS1net Vendor A Upload Data Publish Highest Level in Hierarchy Trading Partner A Subscribe GLN / GTIN Item/Price Data (Hierarchy) Item Data Confirmation Global Registry

24 GS1 membership Registration Ready process – including Essentials program Connection Ongoing costs/Capping Training Assistance Solution Providers Requirements & costs

25 GS1net Implementation Presented by Lawrence Diamond E-commerce Manager Energizer Australia

26 More Customer Service people were employed to fix orders. Order dates were missed. Wrong deliveries – wrong product –wrong pack size. Heightened tensions between trading partners. Claims, claims and more claims. Resources wasted in all the above. We did not know how good our data was - or not !!!

27 Forced to verify data in back office systems – How bad was that !!! – six months to clean up First GS1net customer – painful to get on board –the amount of work to get it right !!! Live with first GS1net customer – all subsequent customers – a breeze. GS1net ready with Officeworks. 20 Minutes Data align with customer - a must (now we are speaking the same language)

28 Energizer uses fully automated systems – good orders produce a pick in remote warehouse – 3 mins from order receipt – faster order to pick. Reduced resources dealing with claims, less Customer Service fixing orders. Warehouse has longer lead time to pick and deliver – no last minute panics. Officeworks love us even more !!!

29 We thought our data was so good – it was not. We thought that Officeworks had the same data as us- they did not. Data alignment through GS1net is a must. Publish once share with all. Forces internal processes to ensure clean – correct data. Once the pain has gone more gain.


31 Ethical Sourcing Distribution Centre presentation and tour Warehouse Management System Process Efficiencies in Replenishment Including POA/POC improvements Order release time improvements Other Officeworks updates



34 More information Officeworks eCommerce/GS1net team Phone: 03 8575 1745 Email: GS1 Industry Engagement team Phone: 1300 366 033 Email: or GS1 Services Support/GS1net Team Phone: 1300 366 033 Email:

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