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INTRODUCING THE NEW NDR + On-Line Meeting and Conference Call Access Code 4785953# Deb Salinger – Training material available.

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1 INTRODUCING THE NEW NDR + On-Line Meeting and Conference Call Access Code 4785953# Deb Salinger – Training material available at NDR+NDR+ Building bridges between systems

2 Over a year ago we heard you state that NDR was too complex!! We drafted designs… We asked your opinion…. You provided feedback…. We are proud to say that the New NDR+ has been completed.

3 Agenda The New NDR+ –Overview of the TE Process –How this saves time New Functionality in RFQ2.0 –Automated data entry –New TE NEDA Form –Data Requirements –New Screens page 3

4 The NDR+ Process A globally consistent process for NDR Eliminates 90% of the manual processes today Increasing information by incorporating NEDA form into RFQ2.0 Automated processes to speed information and reduce waste Incorporated SFDC for the DMM/DAE to drive the new NDR+ process Interfaces built between multiple systems reducing internal process time and a focal point for information Enabling increased collaboration between Sales and Distribution and between Sales and Pricing

5 How is this SAVING YOU TIME? Entering required information on the front end saves email and calls No longer a need to enter a registration number you receive from Sales More coordination between TE Sales and Channel BEFORE a quote is generated to: –Answer questions –Gather more information Eliminates duplication of NDR New status field in RFQ2.0 identifies if the NDR is with Sales Provides information on partially completed items and those still under review TE Sales notified immediately of a NDR request – faster service

6 Divider Slide Title New Functionality in RFQ2.0 page 6

7 There are Three (3) Options Provided to Enter NDR Data 1. MORE AUTOMATED The Channel can maintain a copy of the new TE NEDA form in their system. When requesting a NDR, the completed TE NEDA form can be uploaded into RFQ2.0. TE will extract the data from the spreadsheet and populate the RFQ2.0 screens. The user only has to validate data and submit the NDR. 2. MANUAL – On-line The new NDR+ request incorporates the information from the TE NEDA form on- line. This information can be filled in on RFQ2.0 providing TE Sales and Pricing with additional/critical information. All information should be completed. 3. EDI The process also has the ability to accept a XML message (EDI) to TE would receive the message, pre-populate the information into a suspended RFQ2.0 NDR. The user only has to log on to validate data and submit the NDR. If interested in this process, please advise your Sales Person for more information.

8 Completing the NDR+ begins in RFQ2.0 RFQ2.0 is the TE site for quotes and special price requests. The NDR is entered by the distributor. He/she is responsible for providing ALL relevant information to TE regarding the new Design request. The more information provided to TE, the faster responses will be received.

9 Under Request a Quote – Request NDR Click on Request a Quote and Select NDR. Click Continue

10 The NEDA form WAS manually communicated No longer a Need to request A registration Number – Saves time

11 New RFQ2.0 Functionality for NDR+ Pop-up screen allows download and upload of new TE NEDA form. Uploading a completed NEDA form will auto- populate the RFQ information…Only need to validate data on-line. Save time! Save keying! Providing TE with more information.

12 Download the NEDA FORM – a Excel Version Upload to auto-populate RFQ2.0 and validate data. When downloading save in the format provided, do not change file format.

13 NEDA Form Download – All areas in Blue should be completed

14 The form has space for 50 part numbers

15 NEDA Form also On-Line for Manual Entry All sections should be completed to provide TE with all information to complete the request.

16 Project Information is critical data Required information will show a Red *. System will show if information is not completed. Drop down calendar assists with dates.

17 New Customer Results Screen – Side by Side

18 New Status – NDR Review = Information with Sales

19 Status on Inquiry Screen Example of one part approved and in-process with pricing. Another part rejected in SFDC by Sales person with comment. Comments from TE Sales after his/her review

20 Validate Data and Continue

21 After Validation You May Add Other Attachments If you had multiple parts, uploading the NEDA form in the beginning would have filled in all part information for you. If you have other attachments they can be uploaded at this point in Attachments

22 You will receive your quote number and track your request in Quote Inquiry

23 Status will show immediately in your review screen NDR Review – Request is with Sales for review In Process – Request is with Pricing Team Completed – Request has been completed

24 Quotation eMail Received with Quote Number

25 The New NDR+ THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENDANCE! QUESTIONS???? Please direct any additional questions to either your TE Sales person or you may contact: Deb Salinger @ Training material is available at

26 STOP Stop here, remaining slides are for Asia Pacific Distributors only.

27 New Results Screen - Enter Sales Person Name Enter Channel Sales Person Name - Distributor is Required to enter the Sales Persons name who is working with them on the design. Easy Search on name is provided for APAC Distributors.

28 Example - New Results Screen - Enter Sales Person Name Enter last name of the TE Sales person you are working with on the design. Pop-up provides those Sales People with that last name. Select correct person.

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