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2 Table of Contents Slovakia in the 17th century Arrival of the piarists Slovak piarist churches and monasteries in the Hungarian province Establishment of the Province of Slovakia Today's situation

3 Slovakia in the 17 th century Three important events: 1. Turkish expansion 2. Anti-Habsburg uprisings 3. Conflict between Catholics and Protestants Slovakia: integral part of the Habsburg Kingdom of Hungary.

4 Podolínec In 1642 piarists from Poland came to Podolínec. This first community gave rise to all the current central- European provinces. Piarist schools spread step by step from Podolínec to Prievidza, Brezno, Sv. Jur, Nitra, Krupina, Ružomberok, Sabinov, Senec, Banská Štiavnica, Trenčín and Levice. Their mission was to provide free education for poor children.

5 In 1721 all the houses in the Slovak territory became part of the Province of Hungary.

6 Difficult beginnings Churches or monasteries were often damaged or destroyed by the fire. Lessons used to be cancelled because of epidemics or wars. School facilities and monasteries were usually used as accommodation for soldiers during the war.

7 Age of Enlightenment Reforms of Empress Maria Theresa and her son emperor Joseph II had a significant impact on school system. Maria Theresa founded Collegium oeconomicum in Senec, first higher school of engineering in Hungary and assigned the Piarists to lead it.

8 In Austro-Hungarian Empire 1848/49 Revolution Bachs absolutism Austro- Hungarian Compromise of 1867 The network of pious schools reached its maximum. In total the Piarist order supervised 11 grammar schools and several piarists lectured at universities and seminars.

9 Famous allumni bishops: priests: writers: painters: J. Vojtaššák, M. Bubnič, K. Kmeťko; A. Hlinka, Dr. J. Tiso; J. Nižňanský; F. Belopotocký, Ľ. Fulla.

10 In Czechoslovakia 1918 the end of WWI, establishment of Czechoslovakia 1919 nationalization of piarist schools 1930 foundation of the Province of Slovakia 1938-1944: short lasting revival during the Slovak Republic

11 Under communist regime 1948: Communists seized power in Czechoslovakia May 1950: Barbarous night: Piarist fathers, brothers as well as students were arrested by State Security Service and imprisoned in a concentration monastery in Hronský Beňadik. Due to Provincial Father Jozef Horvátik SchP. and his work in secret, the Piarist order did not perish and could restart the Province after 1989. 1993 Foundation of the Slovak Republic.

12 Today 4 monasteries: Nitra, Prievidza, Trenčín and Svätý Jur 15 priests, 1 deacon, 3 brothers - students current Provincial Father P. Ján Kováč, SchP.

13 Piarist churches Piarist churches in Nitra, Prievidza and Trenčín are listed as cultural sites and belong to the most beautiful structures of the Baroque style in Slovakia.

14 Rich interior decoration Baroque = drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, architecture

15 Illusive paintings

16 Nowadays – 3 schools TRENČÍN Piaristické gymnázium Jozef Braneckého 4 and 8-year grammar school NITRA Piaristické gymnázium sv. Jozefa Kalazanského 4 and 8-year grammar school Primary school - new PRIEVIDZA Piaristická spojená škola Františka Hanáka Primary school, Grammar school, Secondary professional school, Nursery school

17 Statistics 3 schools 140 teachers 1500 students

18 Calasanzian sports games

19 Calasanzian forum Each year one of the piarist school hosts Calasanzian forum – teachersmeeting

20 Piarist order online History of the order in Slovakia. Presentation of the Province of Slovakia. Presentation of all the activities organised by the Piarist order or piarist schools in Slovakia. Planned activities.

21 Kalazans summer camps concerts spiritual events and renewals sports events courses Children and Youth association Lay organization connected with the Piarist order.

22 International community Meeting of piarist clerics from Italy and Central Europe in Dolný Smokovec in 2013 The Piarist Youth Meeting (PYM) 2013 in Kecskemét with the participation of Slovak piarist students.

23 To be continued... "The good education of youth is indeed a most worthy ministry, the noblest, the most worthy, the most beneficial, the most useful, the most necessary, the most natural, the most reasonable, the most pleasant, the most attractive and the most glorious. St. Joseph Calasanz

24 Thank you for your attention

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