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Security, Fire Safety and Health and Safety at Central European University.

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1 Security, Fire Safety and Health and Safety at Central European University

2 Please show your ID card to the Security Guards when entering the CEU buildings SECURITYCentral European University

3 Lost / damaged ID cards replacement fee: 10 payment in cash in Budget and Finance Office Cash Desk (Nador 15. 2nd floor) in case students present a police report on stolen / lost ID card, there is no replacement fee Student Handbook pp. 28-29 Lost and Found items can be left and collected at Nador 9 and 11 receptions. SECURITYCentral European University

4 Please pay attention to your private property at all times: -laptops (Laptop area, Library) -mobile phones -bags & luggage & wallets Please take care of CEU property and report damages to the security service SECURITYCentral European University

5 Use cloak room or lockers when you visit the Library in Nador 9 Do not leave bag or luggage without attendance Lost and Found items can be left and collected at Nador 9 and 11 receptions.

6 SECURITYCentral European University Equipment Surveillance cameras are installed for recording at entrances, PhD Labs and Computer Labs Motion detectors are located in the Faculty Tower

7 Opening hours Nador u. 9, Nador u. 11, Nador u. 13, Nador u. 15, and Oktober 6. u. 12. entrances weekdays 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Zrinyi u. 14. entrance weekdays 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. On weekends the entrances are open for shorter periods, depending on the opening hours of the service units (Library and Computer Labs) Please check the Student Handbook for further details. SECURITYCentral European University

8 Bicycles Bicycle storage in Nador 15 Courtyard bike repair station SECURITYCentral European University

9 Bicycles Request access for your ID card: Please validate your card at the Nador 15 bike entrance sensor Take note of time of validation Send an email within 24 hours to: Quote your name, department, time of validation to be granted access SECURITYCentral European University

10 In case of FIRE: Alarm others by turning on the fire alarm system or by calling the security service (emergency phones are available at Faculty Building and at the Dormitory). FIRE PREVENTIONCentral European University

11 What to do in case of fire or emergency? Push the indicator button on the fire alarm Call or report to - Security Guards at the Receptions (please consult Student Handbook for extension numbers) or ext. 2222 at Nador utca 9/11/13/15 buildings ext. 5555 at Kerepesi Residence Center From mobile phones:+36 1 327 2222 +36 1 327 5555 Please also read the House Rules of the Dormitory! FIRE PREVENTIONCentral European University

12 What to do in case of fire or emergency? Report the following: exact place of fire what is burning number of people injured callers name FIRE PREVENTIONCentral European University

13 Elevator Do not use the elevator in case of emergency! In case of emergency you have to use the stairs! FIRE PREVENTIONCentral European University

14 Leave the building through the shortest way, when you hear the alarm sound! Follow the signs to the escape routes and exit! FIRE PREVENTIONCentral European University

15 Maps of escape routes are placed in offices, rooms and corridors. FIRE PREVENTIONCentral European University

16 After leaving the building go to the Assembly Point At the corner of Nador Street and Zrinyi Street FIRE PREVENTIONCentral European University

17 Stay at the Assembly Point and wait for further instructions by the fire wardens DO NOT GO BACK INSIDE THE BUILDING FOR ANY REASON until you are told to do so FIRE PREVENTIONCentral European University

18 Equipment Sensors: Sensors detect smoke or heat. Do not cover sensors! Fire proof doors: Fire proof doors close during fire alarm. FIRE PREVENTIONCentral European University

19 Equipment Hose - for Fire Fighters Sprinkler system, water based. Fire extinguishers

20 The CEU complex is a non-smoking area Designated smoking areas: Nador 9 Japanese Garden and Nador 15 courtyard FIRE PREVENTIONCentral European University

21 within 5m of the Entrance FIRE PREVENTIONCentral European University

22 HEALTH & SAFETYCentral European University Moving and Traffic Do not run on slippery marble floors, stairs or corridors.

23 HEALTH & SAFETYCentral European University Door steps Always look ahead Stairways Never run on the stairs!

24 HEALTH & SAFETYCentral European University Bars and ledges (lower height) Do not lean or sit on them!

25 HEALTH & SAFETYCentral European University Swing doors: Always look behind you before you release the door Automatically operated doors: These doors operate slowly. Be careful when using them

26 HEALTH & SAFETYCentral European University Medical Center: in case of any accident turn to our Doctors. Location: Nador 11 courtyard Phone no: 327-3815

27 HEALTH & SAFETYCentral European University Accidents First Aid Kits are available at all Receptions Please ask the Security Guards and they will take further steps if necessary

28 Central European University Thank you for your attention!

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