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Open House 2013 Grade 4 Mrs. Beck & Mrs. Darnley

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1 Open House 2013 Grade 4 Mrs. Beck & Mrs. Darnley

2 Study Skills/Organizational Skills:
Notebook: Important Resource Lists goals/skills in unit Vocabulary included (in study format) Test Times Color Coded Folders Printed Schedule Locker Stops

3 Math Program NYS Standards Based & Core Curriculum
Common Formative unit assessments (CFAs) modeled after the NYS test Part 1: Multiple Choice Part 2: Short Answer and Written Response

4 4th Grade Math Concepts Unit #1 Place Vale / Addition & Subtraction
Unit # Multiplication Unit # Division Unit # Equations & Word Problems Unit # Measurement Unit # Fraction Concepts Unit # Fractions & Decimals Unit # Geometry

5 What to do at home … Refer back to listed skills & assess … remediate with IXL Practice math facts (should be automatic) Fast Math Program Use notebook as a resource Class website Talk math

6 Components of ELA ELA consists of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Reading, Writing, Spelling and Grammar will all be included in the ELA Grade Grading is based on classroom work, tests/quizzes, homework and participation Instruction will be driven through the use of novels, anthology, non-fiction materials, and materials from the Engage NY ELA modules.

7 Components of Writing Writing Genres Narrative Informational
Persuasive Comparative

8 What to do at home … Make sure your child is reading on a daily basis
Consider reading with your child and discussing books together Visit the local library to sign out books on tape/CD to allow students to enjoy more challenging reading material. Read the newspaper or magazine articles with your student and discuss main points. Have your child write at home; thank you notes, phone messages, diaries, to-do lists, etc.

9 4th Grade Science Curriculum
Living Environment Life Cycle/Life Span of Plants/Animals Water Cycle Food/Energy Chain Sun’s Earth’s Movements and Seasons Physical Setting Energy Matter/States of Matter Magnetism

10 4th Grade Social Studies Curriculum
New York State New York State Geography History of New York State Native Americans Explorers Colonial America Revolutionary War A New Nation Industrial Revolution/Immigration/Erie Canal State & Federal Government Lancaster History

11 What to do at home - Study vocabulary on regular basis
Stay aware of quizzes and tests (test time) Keep an organized and up to date notebook Read the newspaper and magazines for related articles Go to classroom website for enrichment or extension activities (where available)

12 Homework There will be some homework most days.
Homework is given as practice and reinforcement. Homework is expected to be completed on time. Failure to complete homework on a regular basis can have a negative impact on quarterly grade. Students who do not complete hw will lose a chip.

13 Student Expectations Students will develop study skills
Students will positively interact with all students and learn how to deal with conflict. Students will follow classroom rules and procedures Students will learn responsibility by communicating with team teachers Students will become independent using agenda planners

14 Grading: Grades are based on: class work assignments & projects
quizzes & tests homework classroom participation

15 Chips & Parent Communication Folder
PCF (Parent Communication Folder) Chips Fun Friday Friday Letter

16 Classroom Codes and Interventions
Verbal warning to student Conference between teacher and student Phone call/note to parent (in PCF) Parent conference Administrative action/disciplinary report

17 Other Information … What’s on the website? Snacks Birthdays
Band/Lessons PTO Membership/Apparel/Sale Items Parent Portal Absences Student Handbook & Team Guide Scholastic book orders Extra supplies Academic Intervention Services

18 Thank you for attending!
We look forward to a rewarding year with your child! Please sign up for a conference with your child’s homeroom teacher (outside classroom door.) Please fill out the Open House survey (in your packet)

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