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Aiming for FULL HOUSE Turning data into audiences Roger Tomlinson & Tim Roberts

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1 Aiming for FULL HOUSE Turning data into audiences Roger Tomlinson & Tim Roberts

2 Objectives for the Briefing Review the relationship with customers –Where do audiences fit in our mission? –Why is the way we sell tickets and capture data on attenders important? –What are the opportunities to develop attendances? –How can we achieve the most effective marketing, audience development and satisfied audiences? The Search for Shining Eyes Knight Foundation

3 Mission? Is anyones mission: To play to as few people as possible? Are audiences in the mission? Where are we on the spectrum: –Customer-focused? –Product-focused? –Funding-focused? Is marketing enabled to strategically support achievement of your mission?

4 Mission? "The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it." Michelangelo

5 Myths Escape from received wisdom: A balanced programme –There is no such thing as a balanced programme from an audiences point of view. –Very few people see everything you present –Play to your strengths - more of the same can be better Price is the barrier –Perceived value is the problem, not price –Low prices = low quality Print is the answer for communications –Brochures may be the problem not the solution

6 People not Punters Customers not bums on seats –Why do we use derogatory terms for our visitors, audiences and attenders? –What have they ever done to deserve our demeaning attitude? Success = attenders and attendances For return visits we need satisfied, happy, recognised attenders - people made to feel good - and happy Initiators

7 Relate to people ourselves Our people and our customers are important –The way we do business is a key part of relating to customers - reflecting our brand identity –Customer service staff spend all day every day talking to your customers - make sure they speak with your values and your tone of voice –Your organisation should be the first and most important point-of-contact for your customers –Every customer touch-point counts - and is part of your brand experience –One-to-One marketing happens here

8 Accept the cost of sales Every part of production & promotion has a cost –Why do we try and eliminate the cost of sales? –Why transfer the cost of sales directly to the purchaser? –Whats wrong with including everything in the face value? –Why allow ticketing service organisations to inflate the cost to the purchaser? Especially on the web. –Why make purchasers hunt around for the best deal?

9 The beating heart of marketing - 1 21st Century ticketing systems are single source solutions –Combining data on customers on all their activities through all the channels - use everything we know Ticketing Marketing Subscriptions Memberships Fund-raising Donations and sponsorships Media & Corporate contacts Education and Outreach –Dont rely on surveys and samples - use the universe of customer data

10 The beating heart of marketing - 2 Key emphasis in the 21st Century is helping customers understand and make choices –Customer-facing staff are the principal point-of-contact Personify the organisation Listen and collect feedback Capture the key information for the customer record Match communication to the customers and their needs Up-sell according to the customer Lead into fund-raising and donations Move people up the loyalty ladder –Creating a powerful resource from prospects to frequent attenders

11 The right way round? Direction Administration Marketing Box Office & Front-of-House Customers Marketing, Ticketing & Front-of-House Administration Direction CommunicationFeedback ListeningResponding How does your organisation look and think?

12 Converging technologies Converging around the customer –How do customers want us to communicate, send information, interact? –We are into the late adopters of new online channels: Web marketing Emails and eNewsletters RSS feeds and Blogging Podcasting Mobile information and transactions E-Tickets & Mobi-Tickets Converging around the ticketing database



15 Aiming for FULL HOUSE Turning data into audiences Roger Tomlinson & Tim Roberts







22 Understand the attenders Analysis identifies the 15:35:50 Rule: AttendersAttendances per year 15%buy50% of tickets 35%buy35% of tickets 50% buy15% of tickets

23 Understand the opportunity Public Potential Available Capacity Per Annum 15% of current attenders 35% of Current attenders 50% of current attenders 65% Non-attenders 50% of attendances 35% of attendances 15% of attendances Typically35% unsold capacity

24 Understand the issues Not Subscription versus Single Ticket: Do both - even if twice the effort Dont accept low renewal rates and churn Re-think the opportunities 85% of attenders buying only 50% of tickets are a huge opportunity for growth: FULL HOUSES Could the middle 35% be persuaded to attend more or become subscribers? (An easier target than new attenders) Re-think the marketing messages Do the current messages dissuade the 50% from coming back more often

25 Target Marketing to the Public

26 Analyse your customers Understand life-time value and churn Segment by frequency of attendance –Analyse Recency, Frequency and Value –Key action is to identify: Those who only attended once –What did they see? Lapsed attenders –When did they last attend Infrequent attenders –How often and what seen?

27 New opportunities on the web Capture, recognise and track people –Welcome suspects; try and capture prospects –Registration, then sign-ups to simple e-communications –Web-user Self-Service Management - people setting up their own profiles and preferences –Log-ins for returning web-users Track what they look at and click on Identify interests from pre-purchase behaviour –Add the data to the ticketing system Think about how to move people up the loyalty ladder





32 The Loyalty Ladder Develop a strategy to help audiences climb the ladder –Plan the steps to move people up the rungs –Get permission to communicate with people - recognise the implications of the Privacy & Spam Acts –Deploy memberships, loyalty schemes –Develop return again and come back soon strategies –Plan communications and up-selling tactics –Ensure customer-facing staff are trained and loyalty aware –Use all the personalised and tailored direct marketing tools to practice one-to-one marketing

33 The Loyalty Ladder Advocates Clients Customers New Buyers Prospects Suspects Friends Ambassadors Initiators Dialogue Frequency Track Get to know Test Drive Permission Capture

34 Systems are changing - 1 New tools for the 21st Century –Every touch-point linked together, usually on one database –Open, usually SQL, databases, completely customisable, easy to integrate –Unified customer-facing views of transactional history and relationships –Support for CRM, loyalty points, membership schemes, fund-raising drives, donations, etc. –Direct marketing tools straight from the system or through two way inter-faces

35 Systems are changing - 2 New tools for the 21st Century –Easier interfaces with third party solutions, such as Patron Mail and Vital Statistics –Configurable and customisable web solutions linked directly into the system database –APIs (Application Programming Interface) published to enable website development –Internet ticketing engines under your control –Potentially fee-free Internet transactions –Enterprise solutions with new cost equations

36 New solutions make a real difference The beating heart of marketing –At every customer-facing function and touch-point –New integration to drive the web –New tools to support audience development and arts marketing campaigns - such as Orbit & Retriever Post –Not just data mining but starting from Suspects Understanding the real growth opportunities Targeting and personalising and tailoring effectively No longer generic but now specific Handling motivations as well as purchases Delivering on effective web and e-marketing



39 Aiming for FULL HOUSE Turning data into audiences Roger Tomlinson & Tim Roberts

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