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.. CrownPeak Technology 5880 W Jefferson Blvd, Unit G Los Angeles CA, 90016 Tel: 866-877-5858 Marketing.

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1 .. CrownPeak Technology 5880 W Jefferson Blvd, Unit G Los Angeles CA, 90016 Tel: 866-877-5858 Email: Marketing for Non-profits: It's Quietly Succeeding Robert Rose VP of Marketing & Product Strategy, CrownPeak

2 .. 2 Succeeding in Non-Profit Web Marketing Lessons Learned From Private Industry  Background – CrownPeak and Robert Rose  State of the Business  The Big 5 – Characteristics of Successful Site Management  The Big 3 – What Not to Do!  More On The Big 5…. Lessons from Private Industry  What to Remember

3 .. 3 CrownPeak and Robert Rose  CrownPeak: Web publishing solution provider – all of the infrastructure for web publishing as a service plus expert strategic advice, measurement, and constant improvement  Robert Rose: CrownPeak’s VP Marketing & Product Strategy. 12 years in web marketing and strategy.

4 .. 4 A confusing time for sure….  Some non-profits succeeding wildly with increased donations.  Many smaller non-profits falling behind.  New entrants can develop “mission content” very inexpensively  Technology still seems like a barrier to many non-profits  Non-profits online provides (should provide) a huge ROI  And still… nobody knows how to define Web 2.0

5 .. 5 The Big 5 or…Lessons for Success  Dedicated, Motivated, Team Wins  Subscribers Double Success  Don’t Let Web 2.0 Ruin Your Online Marketing  Reach Out  Sweat The Big Stuff… Then the little stuff…

6 .. 6 The Big 3 or… How to Fail Every Time  Listen to anyone who says “ you have to own it ” or “ open source is free ”  Give Away Valuable Content  Or….. Not at least offer a way to get something extra in exchange for information…  Technologists Have to Run the Web Site

7 .. 7 Lesson #1 From Private Industry: People are the No. 1 Determinant of Success  Key Learning: Our most successful clients have a dedicated team with specific online objectives  Case: A new online GM for a B to B magazine changed sales quotas and spent six months on sales training for online. Result: online revenue rose to equal print revenue in his first year  Applied to Non-Profits: Recognize the potential value of the web site, and invest as much or more in the training and communications within your own team. Understanding and spending time on training people on your outreach efforts is the most important thing you can do.

8 .. 8 Lesson #2 Subscribers Double Revenue  Key Learning :  If your constituents have to remember to visit – they won’t  Capturing subscribers enables outreach  Registration chases away casual visitors. Not core audience  Case : Online Magazine required a simple registration and moved from 7k subscribers to 300k subscribers over 24 months. Result: Traffic more than quadrupled  Applied to Non-Profits : Your greatest asset is your constituency. Providing for a simple registration to access highly valuable content is a great way to begin the dialogue.

9 .. 9 Lesson #3 Don’t Let Web 2.0 Ruin Your Online Marketing  Key Learning: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should… - 1 audio file on your site is not a podcast - 1 rant is not a blog… - Don’t forget the major lesson of web 1.0. Just because you build it does not mean that people will come… - Make sure that you can commit to the web 2.0 efforts you’re about to embark on. This doesn’t mean technically. Applied to Non-Profit: Not every non-profit needs to be a community center. Remember that Web 2.0 is just a number – and that it too will jump the shark.

10 .. 10 Lesson #4 Reach Out  Key Learning:  Remind visitors that you have new content – Email, RSS are critical traffic drivers  Large content sites should be very visible on search engines – SEO experts are inexpensive…remember the 80/20 rule  Be careful with your email subscribers – Set rules and follow them. Provide value or you will lose your subscribers.  Pay careful attention to SEO – not for the top page – for the little pages. Make sure you follow best practices in page/URL design. Remember the long tail – not the head of Google.  Case: Mid-sized web magazine gets ½ of its traffic on Tuesdays – the day it reminds folks to come visit their site via email. Wednesday is the second-largest traffic day.  Applied to NonProfit: Developing a more frequent communication vehicle with your site visitors is critical for learning what they are most interested in, and also for developing your success metrics. Don’t rely on one tactic though as your audiences will vary. If email isn’t working, try RSS.

11 .. 11 Lesson #5 Sweat The Big Stuff…. Then the little stuff…  Key Learning :  Multiple revenue sources add up to a great business. Launch then launch again. Learn From Google. Beta is a good thing. Measure what matters most to your organization – and forget the rest.  Applied to Non-Profits :  Learn From Google. Mini-Launch In Phases  SEO is a journey – not a destination  Get five metrics (not 25) – and stick to them

12 .. 12 Key Things to Remember  Make sure that you’re putting the same care and feeding into your team as you are your technology capabilities.  Concentrate less on how many – and more on who. Capture online subscribers. Reach out to them  Plan on capturing success in many ways  Don’t write custom technology….

13 .. 13 Thank You  Email me:  Additional Information: 

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